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Chapter: 262

Looking at the 100 fully armed soldiers in front of him, Shi Xiong was also full of pride.

This is absolutely fully armed. Even the regular troops of Britain or France may not have as many weapons as the soldiers in front of them.

Each of the 100 soldiers carried a Ferguson rifle, and in their ammunition bags, they were equipped with enough ammunition to fire 300 rounds.

In addition, each soldier is also equipped with two native grenades and torches. Each soldier is also equipped with a bow made of fine steel. Although the bow is far less than the big one of the stone bear, its range is much longer than the one they used before.

This bow is made of oak and the arrow is made of refined steel. It is enough to shoot the arrow 150 meters away after the bow is opened. This range is twice as long as the bow and arrow commonly used by Indians now!

In addition to firearms and bows and arrows, each of them was equipped with a one meter long mountain knife made of fine steel. In front of this kind of mountain knife, bone spear and bone knife are useless. If you go down with one knife, you can make sure that the weapons like bone spear and bone knife become two pieces.

As for defense, everyone has a large wooden shield more than one meter high and half a meter wide, covered with a layer of iron. When the enemy doesn't have a musket, the wooden shield covered with a layer of iron is enough to resist the enemy's arrows and spears. And this kind of big wooden shield can form a shield wall more than two meters high when necessary! Excellent defense!

There are muskets and bows in the long range, powerful grenades in the medium range, mountain knives in the short range, and wooden shields in the defense. These soldiers are armed to the teeth!

Among the 100 soldiers who are going to fight, 70 are full of murderous spirit. Needless to say, these are the surviving soldiers of Xiaohe tribe. The remaining 30 soldiers, though much less murderous, were more capable.

This time I went to Yuchi people's territory to seek trouble or revenge. Xiaohe tribe and gaoshu tribe formed an expeditionary army composed of 100 soldiers. Among them, 70 soldiers were selected from more than 100 surviving soldiers of Xiaohe tribe, and the other 30 soldiers were soldiers of gaoshu tribe.

The people of Xiaohe tribe are puzzled by the arrangement of the guardian. It's our soldiers of Xiaohe tribe who go out for revenge. What do you gaoshu tribe come to join in? Besides, you gaoshu tribe not only sent 30 elite soldiers, but also your tribal leaders to participate in the expedition.

Although you guys are very grateful for your help, it's better to do it yourself, isn't it?

Not only the soldiers of Xiaohe tribe didn't understand, but also Dashan.

Sixty three war horses and forty tamed bison will allow up to 103 soldiers to March. If this amount is given to Xiaohe tribe, almost all the surviving soldiers of Xiaohe tribe will be able to participate in the expedition.

But with the involvement of gaoshu tribe, Xiaohe tribe can only give up 30 places. Although there are ten other domesticated bison idle, but the ten bison are specially used to carry ammunition and supply food, can not be occupied.

No one is willing to take revenge. Everyone wants to kill the enemy himself, but the guardian insists that the soldiers of gaoshu tribe participate in it. Finally, the soldiers of Xiaohe tribe can only recognize it.

There's no way. The situation of Xiaohe tribe is almost created by the guardian. Although the tall man is the guardian of gaoshu tribe, he is also the guardian of Xiaohe tribe.

Dashan was puzzled to ask why the stone bear wanted to involve the gaoshu tribe. The stone bear gave him a very clear and irrefutable answer - you want revenge, the gaoshu tribe wants to expand, and this expedition can just meet the requirements of the two tribes. The soldiers of gaoshu tribe participated in this expedition to test the expansion plan I proposed. Therefore, the soldiers of gaoshu tribe must join in this expedition. Of course, if you really disagree, they can also withdraw.

Dashan is not stupid. He naturally knows what the guardian means. So he took the initiative to talk with the soldiers in the tribe, and finally persuaded 30 soldiers to give up their quota for the expedition.

"My people!" The stone bear stands on a stone platform. As soon as he opens his mouth, he connects the two tribes closely.

"Yes, the soldiers who are going on the expedition with me today are all my people, the closest people who can give each other their backs. Although you may not know each other before, from today on, you must remember my words. You are the closest people from today on. Do you understand? "

A hundred soldiers below roared in unison - understand!

"Well, remember what you just said, and remember it all the time!" Stone bear nodded with satisfaction.

"More than a month ago, our tribe was attacked by the shameless Yuchi people. My love and your relatives died in that attack. So, we want revenge! Blood debt can only be paid with blood! "

"Revenge! Revenge! Revenge The soldiers roared together again.

The stone bear raised his right fist, and the soldiers immediately stopped and looked at the guardian.

"You know, it's not so easy for us to take revenge this time. Our 100 people are going to face a tribe with a population of 7000, not a certain tribe. Therefore, the danger we are going to face in this expedition will be great."

"Guardian, we are not afraid! We want revenge Bellowed a strong soldier below. Stone bear knows him. He is a famous soldier of Xiaohe tribe. His name is "giant axe". He has great power. He uses a huge stone axe in both hands, which is a human meat grinder.

In the recent attack, his family died under the butcher's knife of Yuchi people, and he also killed more than ten Yuchi soldiers in that war, even his two stone axes were chopped to pieces, and he himself was also seriously injured.

This is a very strong fighter in melee.

For this expedition, Shi Xiong specially made a pair of steel axes for him. Although they were not as big as the two stone axes he used before, they were much more powerful. Giant axe also liked this pair of steel axes.

Stone bear pointed to the axe and laughed, then said: "I know you all have the same determination and courage as the axe, but you have to understand that you have to remember that the first thing we need to ensure in this revenge is our own safety. If we can't even protect our own safety, what can we take for revenge? Would you like to see your enemy killed by other brothers instead of dying in your hands? "

The soldiers shook their heads in unison. Obviously, they prefer to kill their enemies by themselves.

"Therefore, in the course of this expedition, you must strictly obey my orders. I want you to charge. Even if there are 1000 enemies ahead, you must charge without hesitation. But if I ask you to withdraw, then even if there are only a few enemies ahead, you should withdraw without hesitation, instead of disobeying orders to kill those enemies. "

The words of the stone bear made these soldiers a little confused. They couldn't figure out why the guardian said that.

The stone bear saw the look on their faces and knew that this kind of thing could not make them understand completely for a while. Fortunately, it's still a long way to go from Xiaohe tribe to Yuchi people's territory. It takes at least seven or eight days just to cross Dawu Mountain. Taking advantage of this time, they can fully understand what it means to "obey orders".

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