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Chapter: 265

Yuchi people have been living in the southern foot of Dawu Mountain since they were driven to the south of Dawu Mountain by Cherokee and chekasa people.

The rivers are crisscross and the terrain is very complex, so the Yuchi people can't form a big tribe. Even the Royal Court of the Yuchi people is only a tribe of more than 600 people. Most of the Yuchi tribes are small tribes with a population of less than 100.

Dozens of Yuchi tribes are distributed in the southern foot of Dawu Mountain. Along the way, Shixiong met five Yuchi tribes before they arrived at Yuchi people's court.

Without exception, these tribes were slaughtered by the avenger expeditionary army full of hatred.

If you have an accurate map at this time, you can find that the stone bear team has been heading southeast since they entered Dawu Mountain along haiwoxi river.

Today's haiwoxi river is different from that in the future. Later generations of Americans built two dams on the upper reaches of haiwoxi River, which bound the manic haiwoxi River and formed two large artificial reservoirs deep in Dawu Mountain.

One of the two large artificial reservoirs is called haiwoxi lake, and the other is called chatuji lake.

However, at this time, there are no two reservoirs, so when they march in the fog mountain, they go along the valley of haiwoxi River smoothly.

However, after arriving at Lake chatuji, the road became difficult. However, the early nighthawks didn't go out in vain. After wandering in the fog mountain for a month, they naturally found the most suitable way to March.

In fact, the route they are taking now almost coincides with that of later generations' No. 76 interstate highway.

When they killed five Yuchi tribes on the road, they came to the tagalu river.

This river is one of the two tributaries of the Savannah River, and also the boundary river between Georgia and South Carolina. Follow the river downstream, you can directly reach the location of Yuchi people's court.

This route was found by the Nighthawks after wandering in the fog mountain for nearly a month, and the five nighthawks did follow this route to the Yuchi people's palace

The Savannah River with abundant water flow is formed by the confluence of two rivers originated in the deep of Dawu Mountain. One is the tagalu river which stone bears are walking now, and the other tributary is the Seneca river. After the confluence of the two rivers, the Savannah River is formed.

Later generations of Americans built a hatwell dam at the downstream of the confluence of the two rivers, and formed a huge artificial lake, hatwell lake, at the upstream of the dam. Yuchi people's court is located near the great lake.

Of course, there was no Hartwell lake at this time, but the location of Yuchi people's court did not change. So they just need to walk along the tagalu River, and then cross the Seneca river at the intersection of the two rivers, so they can directly face the Yuchi people's court.

In summer, the Savannah River is manic, especially when it comes to the hilly area where the terrain begins to flatten after breaking away from the shackles of fog mountain.

After arriving at the confluence of the two rivers and walking more than ten kilometers upstream along the Seneca River, they found a natural wooden bridge in a deep valley and were able to cross the Seneca river.

This wooden bridge is actually a big tree that fell to the ground after being struck by lightning. This big tree is very big, and the diameter at breast height should be at least eight meters. Although the tree has been burned so that it can't see its original appearance, but from the straight and thick trunk of the tree, the stone bear can still judge that the tree should be a huge world God before it fell to the ground.

When the lightning struck World God fell to the ground, it was just on both sides of the cliff of the valley, forming such a natural wooden bridge. The diameter of nearly three meters is enough for the stone bears to lead horses and bison across the single wooden bridge.

After crossing this single wooden bridge, you can continue to walk south along the Seneca River, and you can directly reach the location of Yuchi people's royal court.

In this area, the terrain has become much more gentle. There are no tall mountains here. There are only some hills tens of meters high. The terrain is similar to that near the gaoshu tribe.

However, the distribution of these hills are relatively scattered, with a large area of flat land between the hills. Yuchi people's court is located in a flat land between hills near the East Bank of Savannah River.

"Is this the Royal Court of Yuchi people? It doesn't look good either. " Gao Niu put down his telescope and said with disdain on his face.

Bigfoot said with a smile, "how big do you think Yuchi's court can be? Yuchi people are Yuchi people after all. They are very small compared with the Cherokee people, even compared with the chekasa people. It's good that their royal court can have such a scale. "

The Nighthawk pointed to the other two directions and said, "in the South and east of Yuchi people's royal court, there are two royal court guard tribes, each of which has more than 200 people, but the number of soldiers in the tribe seems to be quite large."

Dashan said, "it's inevitable. The Royal Court of each tribe has a guard tribe. It's like we have four guard tribes in the court of chekasa. No matter how small the Royal Court of Yuchi people is, it's a tribal royal court after all. It's necessary to protect the tribe. "

Stone bear said: "anyway, we must move the court of Yuchi people. But it's a hard nut. There are at least 400 soldiers here, right

The Nighthawk said, "guardian, the number you estimated is similar to the number we observed last time. The number of soldiers of Yuchi people's royal court and two guard tribes is about 400. And the last time we came, we saw that they had more than 30 horses. "

Bigfoot was a little worried and said, "guardian, we only have 100 people. Can we deal with more than 400 Yuchi soldiers? They still have more than 30 horses and women in the tribe. We have to think of a safe way

Stone bear shook his head and said: "Uncle foot, our weapons have an overwhelming advantage. The advantage of weapons is enough to make up for the gap in the number of people. One hundred of us should be able to deal with 400 of them. As for the war horses, our soldiers are short of 40. I think it's a good choice to bring them here. "

Looking at the stone bear said relaxed, several people laughed.

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