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Chapter: 268

Stone bear sitting on the back of Huofeng with a big bow, looking at the slaughter in front of him coldly, without any fluctuation in his heart.

Yes, this is actually a one-sided massacre!

Although the number of soldiers of Yuchi royal court and the two guard tribes exceeds the expectation of Shi Xiong, and these 500 or so Yuchi soldiers can be said to be the most elite soldiers in the whole Yuchi tribe, these Yuchi soldiers with primitive bone knives, bone spears and bows and arrows are slaughtered in front of real hot weapons.

And this slaughter reminds stone bear of the famous Markham heavy machine gun.

Stone bear was a semi army fan in his previous life. He learned about Markham heavy machine gun from various materials.

Before the emergence of Markham heavy machine gun, people have used muskets for hundreds of years, but all guns are non automatic guns, and each bullet needs to be loaded and fired. At that time, the decisive power of war victory depended largely on the speed of loading ammunition. Many people were killed inexplicably before they could fill in the second bullet.

The reason why stone bear let Ferguson develop a new rifle is that the range is only one aspect, and the key is to improve the loading speed.

Hellam Stevens Markham is an inextricable name in the history of human war. Born in the United States on February 25, 1840, the inventor of the heavy machine gun came from a poor family. At the age of 14, he became an apprentice to a carriage manufacturer.

Born in a poor family, the child does not have much culture, but is born with an inventive mind. With his inventive mind, he obtained a patent for a perm and iron in the United States, and later invented a gas generator for lighting and a locomotive headlight.

In 1883, he went to England.

At that time, when the war was raging in the European continent, Markham turned to the study of rapid fire weapons. In 1884, Markham made the world's first machine gun that could shoot continuously and automatically. This is a fully automatic machine gun in the true sense, which can fire more than 600 bullets per minute.

The description of this mechanical movement is complex and abstract, but if you take a look at it for yourself, you will immediately admire its delicacy and ingenuity. In Markham machine gun, for the first time, human beings have used such mechanisms as compound feed spring, reliable shell throwing system, belt feeding mechanism, acceleration mechanism, reliable adjustment of bottom clearance, shooting speed adjustment of hydraulic buffer, etc.

Even in the 21st century, professional gun developers still follow the three basic principles of automatic gunpowder gas energy shooting initiated by Markham - recoil gun barrel, recoil gun and air guide.

As soon as the Markham heavy machine gun was born, it immediately showed excellent performance on the battlefield.

The first application of Markham heavy machine gun in the battlefield took place in 1893 in Rhodesia.

Rhodesia was later Zimbabwe. At that time, the country was a colony of the British, but the local Zulu people were very unfriendly to the British. A war broke out between the colonists and the colonized.

Perhaps it is not appropriate to use war to describe the conflict, because although there were more than 5000 Zulu people with bone knives, spears and bows attacking the British garrison at that time, the British soldiers defending the garrison were only 50 infantry.

If we only compare the number of people, it should be a one-sided massacre. Fifty people can't be a match for five thousand in any case.

But the conflict really turned into a one-sided massacre. But it wasn't the Zulu who slaughtered the British soldiers, it was the 50 British soldiers who slaughtered the Zulu.

Because the 50 British infantry had four Markham heavy machine guns. This kind of big guy can fire 600 bullets a minute. Once he fires, no matter who is on the opposite side, as long as he is exposed to the muzzle of the gun, there will be no way out.

As a result, in less than half an hour, the more than 5000 Zulu warriors who attacked the British garrison threw down more than 3000 bodies and fled in a hurry.

For the first time, the Markham heavy machine gun showed its great dominance on the battlefield.

In 1895, in the battles of Chitral and Sudan in Afghanistan, the soldiers of the offensive side were killed and injured under the heavy machine gun of the defensive side.

In 1898, in the battle of ntuman in Sudan, 20000 mendicant monks of the Communist Party of China fell in front of the position of the Markham heavy machine gun during the attack.

In the Boer War, which began in 1899, Boer people were devastated by Markham heavy machine gun when charging, and the loss was more than 70%.

The battle that really made the Markham heavy machine gun famous was the battle of Somme River during the first World War.

In the largest battle of the first World War, the British Army invested 54 divisions, the French 32 divisions and the German 67 divisions.

However, at that time, although the Markham heavy machine gun had already emerged in many small-scale battles, for the armies of various countries, this kind of heavy machine gun was just put into use, and did not get the attention of various countries.

However, in order to prevent the advance of the British and French allied forces, the German army deployed a Markham heavy machine gun every 100 meters in positional warfare. Under the popular "group charge" at that time, facing such a dense firepower configuration, it was undoubtedly a large-scale suicide. At that time, because of Markham's vitality on the battlefield, more than 60000 people were killed and injured by the British and French allied forces in one day. It created the largest number of casualties in a single day in the first World War.

Stone bear has not witnessed the killing of Zulu people in Rhodesia by makchin heavy machine gun, nor has he witnessed the great power of makchin heavy machine gun in the battle of SOM river. But today, he witnessed the result of heat weapons against flesh and blood.

In contrast, the previous massacres of the five small tribes of Yuchi people were not on the table at all. This contrast is like the gap between the single shot rifle and the automatic Markham heavy machine gun.

The ratio of the number of soldiers on both sides participating in the battle is 85:500. The number of stone bear's side is superior and absolutely inferior, but they have muskets in their hands, and they can fire six rifles in a minute!

In the case of firing in turn, the 85 soldiers can theoretically fire 510 rounds a minute, which is almost as dense as a Markham heavy machine gun.

Although the lead bullets fired by Ferguson's rifles are far less powerful than the copper coated steel core bullets fired by Markham's heavy machine guns, this level of bullet density can not be stopped by only 500 Yuchi people with original weapons.

Yuchi people have no horses, and although they rush up like a noisy swarm of bees, they do not disperse according to the line of scattered troops. The intensity of the troops is comparable to that of the Spanish Dafang formation.

So although the 20 soldiers on the stone bear's side can only cover a short distance, once this row of guns goes crazy, the massacre like makchin will inevitably fall on the head of Yuchi people

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