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Chapter: 27

Although Hongyun is a noble sacrifice to kabulu, her power is relatively small in terms of manpower transfer. If there is no extremely special situation, as a sacrifice, Hongyun can not mobilize too many people.

To mobilize all the people is a power that only the leader can have.

This kind of power is sacred and unshakable, otherwise a tribe will be in complete disorder. This is the experience of the North American Indians after not knowing how many years, so in a tribe, the leader or chief is definitely the most powerful person.

Sacrifice or high priest can only be said to be the spiritual leader of a tribe.

Stone bear is very clear that Hongyun's support is not enough to develop gaoshu tribe. Now that leader Li Lei admits his so-called "son of God", let him help him while he can give orders.

Hearing what Shi Xiong said, Li Lei was stunned for a moment, and then nodded: "now you need the help of the people, so you can say it. As long as it's a reasonable request, I'll try my best to satisfy you. "

"Chief, actually, there is nothing difficult. It's trivial and needs more manpower. Now I need to look for a kind of white and delicate soil. In addition, I need to look for a kind of white stone. This kind of stone should be very common, but that kind of white and delicate soil should not be easy to find, so I need help from the people. Of course, it would be better to find a kind of stone with metallic luster. "

After a pause, Shi Xiong continued to explain: "the first two things are the key things needed for steelmaking. Without these two things, steel is difficult to produce. With these two things, we can have our own steel as well as those vasichus."

Li Lei seemed very interested and asked, "what are these two things for? What's the use of the last stone with metallic luster you mentioned? "

It's not easy to explain. I can't tell Lilei that kaolin clay is needed to make both the crucible and the refractory bricks used in the steel-making blast furnace? As for limestone, it is an indispensable slagging agent in blast furnace steelmaking. Without this, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of steel.

So the stone bear said vaguely: "the great sun god told me that if I want to make my own steel, these two things are indispensable. As for the last kind of stone, it is actually an iron ore. If the white soil and white stone in front are indispensable auxiliaries for steelmaking, then the black gray, dark red or earth yellow stone is the direct source of steel. This kind of stone is called iron ore. only in this kind of stone can steel be made

"There should be white soil, white stone and iron ore around our tribe, but the supreme Sun God didn't tell me where they were buried, so I need the help of the tribe to find these three things. As long as we have these three things, plus the coal I found this morning with Kuaima, we can make our own steel. In the future, the weapons in our soldiers' hands will be changed into steel weapons, and we will no longer need to exchange those beautiful fur with those vasichus for iron pots. "

Li Lei was a little excited when he heard the explanation of Shi Xiong. "Dali Xiong, as long as we find these three things, we can really have our own steel weapons?"

"Yes, I can assure you that. Well, one thing needs to be said is that although most iron ores are buried under the ground, there is an obvious difference in places with iron ores, that is, as long as there are iron ores under the ground, the trees and plants will not grow too luxuriant. If the iron ores are buried very shallow, there will even be no grass. This is very helpful for looking for iron ore

Li Lei definitely nodded, "I remember, I will tell the people."

The stone bear is not worried about whether the people can find kaolin, limestone and iron ore. The whole Appalachian Mountain range is said to be a treasure mountain. According to the calculation of later generations, this mountain range, which does not look high now, was probably as high as the Rocky Mountains 480 million years ago, but after hundreds of millions of years of weathering, this mountain range has been flattened a lot.

But even so, this folded mountain range, which runs through the east coast of North America, has a length of more than 3000 kilometers from north to South and an average width of more than 400 kilometers, and contains a huge amount of mineral resources. Not to mention coal. The Appalachian coalfield in the north of the Appalachian Mountains is the largest coalfield area in the world. It contains enough coal for hundreds of years in the world.

There is also iron ore, which can be mined in this mountain range. Even in this mountain range, there are rich precious metal mineral resources such as gold and silver. As for limestone, marble, kaolin and other non-metallic minerals, in this mountain range is everywhere.

Why is the United States so competitive? One of the big reasons is because of these huge mineral resources in the Appalachian Mountains. Especially in the vicinity of the Great Lakes region, it has become a steel manufacturing base of the United States, which is the fundamental reason why the United States can rise rapidly in the future.

Although the gaoshu tribe is located near Dawu Mountain, which is close to the south of the Appalachian Mountains, and its mineral resources are not as rich as those in the north of the mountains, for the small gaoshu tribe and even the whole East Cherokee people, these mineral resources are enormous.

In terms of the current size of the gaoshu tribe, we only need to find a small iron ore and coal mine near Dawu Mountain, which is enough for the gaoshu tribe to use for hundreds of years.

Leader Li Lei is a very active leader. Even though he is critically ill, he still has a vigorous style in doing things.

It was in the afternoon when Shi Xiong told Li Lei about these things, but in the evening, Li Lei sent someone to invite Shi Xiong to his wooden house.

When Shi Xiong entered the wooden house, he found that in addition to leader Li Lei and the two men who took care of him, there were three other people. Shi Xiong knew all of them, but he couldn't name them. After all, it was too short for him to come to gaoshu tribe.

The three men had an old man, a middle-aged child and a boy of thirteen or fourteen.

The old man is almost forty years old, which is considered a long life among the North American Indians. His name is "grey moose"; The man was in his twenties, and his name was "big spear"; As for that young man, he also has his own clan. His name is "sharp stone".

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