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Chapter: 270

Although Yuchi people, gaoniu and Dajiao will not fight with the stone bear, they are not idle. After all, although the expedition is small, it is also very important for the gaoshu tribe.

The experience gained in this expedition is not something that can be obtained by talking and laughing at ordinary times. In particular, the application of firearms in formal combat has never happened before in gaoshu tribe or even the whole Cherokee tribe.

Therefore, Gao Niu and big foot have been watching silently, and actively participated in the discussion after the battle.

Of course, in addition to these things, Gao Niu and Da Jiao also served as logistics officers of the expedition team, including evacuation arrangements in extreme cases.

It's like this fight against King Yuchi is the last moment of this expedition. Yuchi royal court is located in the hinterland of Yuchi people. Besides the two guard tribes, there are many other tribes around Yuchi royal court.

Because of the unequal intelligence information, they can't know the specific situation of other tribes of Yuchi people, and they don't know whether other tribes will come to "King Qin" after the Yuchi court is attacked.

But whether you know it or not, the necessary evacuation procedures must be set before the battle starts.

Dajiao and gaoniu led ten elite soldiers of gaoshu tribe to stay on the top of the hill. One was to ensure the safety of the evacuation route, and the other was to monitor the situation around Yuchi court.

As the saying goes, although the hill they occupy is only tens of meters high, it is also one of the commanding heights around it. Standing on the top of the hill, with the telescope in hand, Gao Niu and Da Jiao can easily see the situation within a radius of five or six kilometers. As long as other Yuchi people come, they must be the first to find out.

In fact, what neither Shi Xiong nor Gao Niu Dajiao knows is that there will be another two days, that is, the day after tomorrow, when Yuchi Wangting's new chief humazulu will take office. On this day, the leaders, sacrifices and some elite soldiers of Yuchi tribe will gather in Yuchi court to witness the inauguration ceremony of the new chief humazulu.

The last Yuchi chieftain was shot and killed by the stone bear when he attacked the Xiaohe tribe. The leaders of the seven largest Yuchi tribes were also shot and killed by the stone bear. The whole Yuchi tribe immediately appeared a power vacuum.

Whether chief Yuchi or the leader of the seven tribes, they are very attractive. Therefore, around these eight positions, the whole Yuchi people did not know how many dirty things had happened in the past month. This is why the new chief has not been determined until now.

The day after tomorrow is the day when the new chief humazulu takes office, so according to the regulations, people from all the Yuchi tribes have to come to celebrate.

Today, at least half of the leaders of Yuchi tribe will come to Yuchi palace with their elite soldiers.

Then, gaoniu and Dajiao saw the army of Yuchi people in the distance on the hill.

Although it is not sure how many Yuchi people have come, it is undeniable that the number of these people is no less than the enemy Shi Xiong has just faced.

If you are alone with five hundred Yuchi people, they have proved the power of muskets in their hands. But if the enemy doubles, it will be hard to say.

The huge disadvantage in weapons can sometimes be eliminated by the number of people

Up to now, the whole expeditionary operation is progressing smoothly. There are 103 expeditionary troops in total. Up to now, no one has died. So no matter big foot or Gao Niu, they all want to take everyone back after today's battle.

Now the Yuchi King court below has been shrouded by the fire, and the two Guardian tribes have also fallen into the sea of fire. In fact, the combat mission has been completely completed. As long as the safe evacuation is made, the Revenge of Xiaohe tribe will be successfully completed.

Therefore, Gao Niu did not hesitate to blow the evacuation horn. He doesn't want the stone bears to be surrounded by the army of Yuchi people at the last moment.

Two short, one long and three short horn sounds are the evacuation signals agreed in advance. Once this kind of horn sounds, no matter what the situation is, the stone bear must lead everyone to evacuate quickly.

Because once this kind of horn sounds, it means that there are uncontrollable accidents around the battlefield.

So although the stone bear didn't know what was going on outside, he didn't hesitate to call out the soldiers of the Xiaohe tribe to gather together, and then quickly retreat to the hills on his mount.

Just as they withdrew from the Yuchi court, they also saw a large area of Yuchi people in the distance.

The number of people coming here is a little more than Gao Niu estimated. It is estimated that there will be at least seven or eight hundred people. This may be more than ten soldiers from Yuchi tribe.

This kind of situation also lets the stone bear in the heart call fluke. If Gao Niu hadn't discovered these people in advance, and his soldiers were scattered around the Yuchi court, once they were surrounded by these sudden Yuchi people, the result would be very bad.

These soldiers under his command gather together to use muskets. As long as the distance is enough, it will be difficult for the enemy to get close.

But if it's scattered and can't form an array of guns, these brothers are very dangerous.

These new Yuchi people obviously found the gang who burned their royal court, so they immediately screamed, waved their weapons and chased the stone bear.

But after all, two legs can't be compared with four legs. Even though nearly half of their soldiers are riding tame bison, bison can run very fast.

So they ran in front of the stone bear, and about a kilometer behind them, the seven or eight hundred Yu red men were frantically chasing. The soldiers of Yuchi royal court, who were broken up by the stone bear's firegun array before, were reunited because of these later Yuchi people and soldiers. They followed behind these compatriots and chased the stone bear.

Stone bear they quickly ran back to the hill, Gao Niu and big foot met, big foot seriously asked: "guardian, we have to retreat, the number of enemies is much more than estimated."

The stone bear got off his horse, turned and looked at the black Yuchi people in the distance. After calculating silently, he said, "no, we won't retreat first. Since these Yuchi people have come, if they don't leave something behind, wouldn't they be sorry for the dead people of Xiaohe tribe?"

With that, the stone bear said to Dashan: "line up and watch out, quick horse, you lead your people to unload the things we brought, and then dig a hole to install these things. We're going to let Yuchi people taste what thunder and anger are

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