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Chapter: 272

At the time of the war of liberation, the heartless cannon could only be regarded as a native weapon, but for people of this era, whether European colonists or more primitive and backward North American Indians, it was a "black technological weapon" to the letter.

Even the stone bear underestimated the deterrence of heartless guns to people in this era, especially the Indians who love this God and that God.

When five heartless cannons "shells" weighing nearly 20 kg exploded in the middle and overhead of Yuchi people's team, Shi Xiong suddenly found that his gang didn't even have to fire a second gun.

The heartless cannon used by the stone bear is more earthy than the heartless cannon used by the soldiers in those years. Of course, this earthy cannon mainly refers to ammunition.

When the soldiers used heartless guns to bomb the enemy, they used serious medicine bags. But what kind of ammunition did the stone bear get? That is to put black powder into a large pottery jar, and then wrap it with cotton cloth.

The weight of a large pottery jar is close to 10 kg, and then fill it with 10 kg of black powder. The weight of a "shell" alone is close to 20 kg.

In order to launch such a big guy to the area 200 meters away, the stone bear just used the black powder as propellant, and they filled two Jin!

It's not a random number of propellants. Shi Xiong remembers very well that when the soldiers used heartless guns, they had to put a kilo of propellants into a ten kilogram cartridge. The weight of the shell he made is twice as heavy, so is the propellant.

Although black powder can not be compared with smokeless powder, it is enough as propellant. The charge of up to 2 kg is also enough to send a projectile weighing nearly 20 kg to an area 200 meters away.

The specially made fuse can also ensure the complete explosion of this kind of ceramic cannonball. In the absence of mercury and cap this kind of thing out before the stone bear can only use this most primitive fuse detonating way.

However, this kind of conscience gun has been tested before the actual combat, and the effect is very good.

So when these five heartless guns were carried here by the stone bears and then took part in the first actual combat, the effect was far more than that of the experiment.

In the experiment without conscience gun, because the detonating of the shell depends on the fuse, and the firing also needs the fuse, so when the shell is fired, it needs to ignite two fuses at the same time.

The fuse inserted into the unconscionable artillery shell is slightly longer than the fuse inserted into the propellant. When the burning speed of the two fuses is almost fast, the explosion time of the shell can be guaranteed to be a little longer than the ignition time of the propellant.

The time difference is about five seconds.

When the unconscionable cannon was half buried in the ground, it was buried at an angle of 45 degrees. Under the impetus of black powder, the muzzle speed of this kind of shell, which weighs nearly 20 kg, was estimated by Shi Xiong to be at most 100 meters per second. This figure is also estimated from a high angle. You should know that the muzzle speed of mortars in World War II was so fast.

Moreover, the shape of this kind of shell is irregular, the conscience gun has no rifling, and the air resistance is added. Anyway, in the initial test, it took nearly five seconds for this kind of shell to fly in the air to hit the area 200 meters away.

When everything depends on estimation, the stone bear can only find a way on the fuse. The fuse installed on the shell should not only ensure that the shell does not explode before it comes out of the bore, but also try to make the shell explode when it falls on the top of the enemy's head, so as to cause the greatest damage.

After many experiments, it finally formed the present situation.

The stone bear's experiment was not wasted in vain. With five earth shaking explosions, five black shells, with the speed visible to the naked eye, slowly crossed a parabola in the air, rolled and fell into the area where Yuchi people were.

Three of the shells exploded after landing, while the other two happened to explode above Yuchi's head.

Standing on the top of the mountain, the stone bear can clearly see the effect of the three shells that exploded after landing.

Only one of the three shells landed in the area where Yuchi people were concentrated, so when the shell exploded, the dust created an obvious shock wave. All Yuchi people standing within a radius of about 10 meters were torn to pieces by the explosion, while Yuchi people within a radius of 20 meters were all blood gourds, The blood and don't want money as deadly spray out.

As for the area 20 meters away, at least more than 20 Yuchi people were blown up by the shockwave, and it is estimated that they will not survive after landing.

Just a glance, Shi Xiong judged that the shell had killed at least 40 Yuchi people.

The other two shells that exploded after landing didn't kill so many people, but one shell killed 15 or 6 people.

The most terrifying thing is the two empty and heartless artillery shells. Especially one of them exploded in the area where Yuchi people are most concentrated. The effect will be more spectacular and tragic.

The explosive height of this shell is five or six meters high. Although the power of black powder is far less than those of later generations, the charge of ten kilograms is also terrible.

Then, when the shell exploded, a small sun appeared above the heads of the Yuchi people

And because there is no absorption of shock wave from the earth, the stone bear can even see that the air near the explosion point has formed a visible ripple. All Yuchi people within a radius of 30 meters below the frying point were instantly crushed into meat mud by the visible shock wave. The fragments produced by the volley bomb also swept the surrounding area of 50 meters in a few seconds.

There are hundreds of Yuchi people who have been scraped into blood by fragments.

This unconscionable artillery shell exploded in the air directly made the dense Yuchi people below empty a circle with a radius of about 50 meters

Another air burst Shell did not cause such a terrible effect, but in a certain range of Yuchi people were killed by the blast, and more of them were shocked by the shock wave.

After the explosion of these five sudden heartless artillery shells, the original noisy bottom suddenly became dead and silent.

For the Yuchi people, although these five sudden explosions have completely calmed them down, what they fear more is the ten blasts

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