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Chapter: 277

To his surprise, Yuchi did not attack at night.

However, the next morning, when Shi Xiong saw the dense Yuchi people on the other side of the tagalu River, he understood what Yuchi people thought.

This group of silly than originally want to play "Duel".

In this era, the North American Indians still retained many customs handed down from their ancestors, among which there was such a way of fighting, which was jokingly called "Duel" in later generations.

Before the Europeans discovered the new world, the Indians living on the North American continent often fought with each other.

However, compared with the large-scale wars in the old world and the Far East, the Indian wars were much more "moderate".

Whether it's a war between European countries or a war far away in China on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, every time a war breaks out, it's almost a fight to the death. If we don't maim, maim, abolish or even annihilate the enemy, we will never stop.

From the killing of 400000 Zhao soldiers in baiqikeng to the fighting of dog brains in the period of the Three Kingdoms, to the rebellion of an Shi, the destruction of Song Dynasty by Mongolia, and the western expedition of the great army, the dead are calculated in 100000 units.

In Europe, the same is true of the wars that have taken place in the past and in the future.

The first World War, the Second World War, the Russian Civil War and the Napoleonic War, which have not yet happened, are not to be mentioned. Even the seven-year war that has just ended, as well as the previous hundred year war and the Crusade, the number of deaths is calculated in 10000.

However, in the new world of North America, although wars often break out between tribes and between tribes, compared with the wars in the Far East and the old world, the wars between Indian tribes in the new world of North America can only be described as "family wars".

The war between Indian tribes in North America, even if the number of participants of both sides exceeds 5000, is a very large-scale battle rarely seen in the world. In general, the number of fighters of both sides in the war between Indian tribes can exceed 1000.

And the causes of tribal wars are often ridiculous.

Let's not exaggerate - what are you looking at? What's the matter with you? Try again! Just try

This is enough to trigger a war between the two tribes.

As for the way of fighting, it is generally this kind of "Grand Duel" that looks ridiculous in later generations.

The soldiers of the two tribes gather and stand at a certain distance, and then when the chief or tribal leader gives an order, the two groups rush up, whistling and waving weapons, just like the little gangsters fighting in the street.

But the problem is that the street thugs of later generations still have weapons such as watermelon knives in their hands that can really kill people with one knife, but what weapons do the North American Indians of this era have?

Bone knife? Even if it cuts you in the head, it won't kill you. At most, it will give you a concussion.

Bone spear? It can stab people to death, but few of the warring parties stab directly with a bone spear. They usually use it as a stick.

As for stone knives and stone axes, they are not as sharp as bone knives. Usually, Indians use them as hammers to hit people.

How many people do you expect to be killed by such weapons?

Moreover, there are few wars between Indian tribes in North America that result in life and death.

Generally speaking, there is a war between the two tribes. A group of people with primitive bone knives, bone spears, stone axes, stone knives, bows and arrows fight with each other like rookies pecking each other.

"Report to the chief, the enemy is powerful, we can't hold on."

"Can't hold it? If you can't hold it, surrender and retreat... "

Then the chieftain of the weak side will surrender and admit defeat, then withdraw with the soldiers of his tribe, and give up a certain range of territory for the victorious side to occupy.

That's right. That's what the fighting among the North American Indian tribes of this era is like. I can't beat you, I can surrender, and I'll let you occupy the unearthed land. And the winner will not kill the loser. As long as the loser gives up the territory, then a war is over.

In those years, the Cherokees were driven out of the Great Lakes region and came to monongahira in the Appalachian Mountains. In order to get enough territory, the Cherokees began to fight with the Powhatans.

As a result, the Cherokees were more powerful. The Powhatans couldn't beat the Cherokees, so they had to move eastward and ceded the territory near Monongahela to the Cherokees.

In the same way, after the Cherokees beat away the Powhatans, they also beat away the Yuchi and the chekasa, which occupied nearly 100000 square kilometers. But the Cherokees didn't say that they would wipe out all the defeated enemies as they did in Europe. They just drove them away.

Generally speaking, there are few wars between the North American Indians in this era, except for the kind of death feud.

For example, in the war between the Xiaohe tribe and the Yuchi people, as long as the Xiaohe tribe surrenders, the Yuchi people will not wipe out the Xiaohe tribe. Even if there is such an unexpected factor as Shi Xiong who directly shot and killed the chief of Yuchi people, if Yuchi people retreat, both sides will not die.

As a result, the stone bear didn't have the common idea of the Indians in this era. In his opinion, his lover was killed by the Yuchi people, and the two sides were immortal enemies! That's why the stone bear took a hundred soldiers to the Yuchi tribe. Up to now, it's the situation.

It's clear that you've been feuding endlessly. Both the former and later chiefs of Yuchi people died under the hands of an Laoshi, but you still want to play this kind of "Duel". Is your brain in the water or trapped by your mother-in-law's ditch?

Shi Xiong really can't figure out how long the brain circuits of those Yuchi people opposite him are. However long they are, since they are willing to play duel, they can play it!

Anyway, no matter how you play, I will accompany you to the end.

The trumpets and drums sounded across the river, and then the Yuchi people began to prepare to cross the tagalu river.

The sound of drums and horns also made the mountain forest on this side of the expedition team's evacuation route noisy, and more than 200 Yuchi people began to emerge in the dense forest on this side of the river. These Yuchi people appear about 300 meters away from the stone bear.

No wonder Yu Chi people still want to play duel at this time. It turns out that they have already set up a net here and are waiting for the stone bear to enter here.

With a cold smile, the stone bear said in a loud voice: "ten brothers, come with me to deal with the more than 200 Yuchi people behind us. The others follow Gao Niu. As long as the Yuchi people on the opposite side start to cross the river, they will shoot and fire in four rounds. If the Yuchi people cross the river, they just need to break the 70 meter limit, 30 people will build a shield wall, and others will use bows, arrows and grenades to deal with them! "

Everyone responded with a bang!

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