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Chapter: 278

The merciless fact proves once again that as long as there is no restriction of terrain, cold weapons are slag in front of hot weapons.

Even if the Yuchi people summoned up the courage and gathered nearly 1000 people to encircle and intercept the expeditionary team this time, and the number of troops invested this time was even close to ten times that of the expeditionary team, they still could not fill the natural gap between cold weapons and hot weapons until the number comparison did not break through a certain limit.

Thermal weapons, even the primitive muskets used by expeditionary teams, are far beyond the capability of long-range weapons such as bows and arrows, bone spears and so on. As long as this kind of firearm doesn't explode and has enough ammunition, the expeditionary team can rely on the advantage of long range of the firearm to suppress the Yuchi people within a limit.

Of course, the expeditionary team may not be able to suppress the crazy attack of Yuchi people regardless of casualties, but the problem is that the decisive battle site chosen by the expeditionary team is too favorable for the expeditionary team.

Although the wide tagalu river is not deep, the width of the river more than one meter deep is at least more than 20 meters. In particular, the 20 meter wide river is only about 140 meters away from the expedition team, so it is almost impossible for the Yuchi people to pass the 20 meter wide river quickly.

As long as the Yuchi people dare to cross the river by force, then the soldiers of the expedition team can call names one by one with muskets. Yuchi people who are slow in the river are the best targets. The expeditionary team doesn't even have to fight in line. It only needs accurate free shooting to stop Yuchi people in front of the beach of the tagalu river.

The expedition team reversed the situation of being "abused" in the mountains and forests a few days ago. Compared with the narrow terrain and dense forests in the mountains, this large river beach is a paradise.

The only thing the expedition team needs to pay attention to is to get around to the 200 or so Yuchi people who were intercepted ahead of time.

However, the 200 or so Yuchi people are more than 300 meters away from the expedition team. If they want to break through the defense line guarded by Shi Xiong, a "humanoid precision guided missile", it is impossible for them not to drop dozens of corpses.

This is the battle plan that Shi Xiong has worked out, and the "Duel" that lasted only more than ten minutes is just the right way to develop according to Shi Xiong's expectation.

There are many Yuchi soldiers who took part in the battle of defending Yuchi court a few days ago. But the ghost knows how these guys remember to eat or fight. They have already experienced a profound lesson, but they still don't understand that the best way to do in front of the salvo fire is to pull the line of scattered soldiers or crawl forward.

Don't think about crawling. The water in the tagalu river is enough to make those who dare to crawl breathless. But you always pull the line.

This Yuchi people will not, so a one-sided massacre began.

This time, Yuchi people's strategy of encircling, chasing and intercepting the expedition team is actually very good. Shi Xiong estimates that after Yuchi people died for two consecutive terms of chief, they found a very strategic leader.

But then there is strategy. For the Yuchi people who have never fought with heat weapons, they still lack effective methods and tactics to deal with heat weapons, which leads to the current situation of being slaughtered.

Yu Chixin, who did not know his name, did a good job in front of him. At least he did a good job in the siege and interception of the expedition team. Even Shi Xiong praised this guy he had never met.

But it was because of the lack of experience in dealing with heat weapons that Yuchi people didn't take advantage of the night to attack after gathering. This is the first fatal mistake.

If Yuchi people had taken advantage of the night to raid last night, the expedition team would never have been able to hold on to the beach. Dim environment is the biggest limitation of musketeers in this era. The Musketeers don't have a clear line of sight. They aim for nothing.

Fortunately, Yu Chi didn't know this, otherwise the expedition team would definitely suffer a big loss.

As for the second fatal mistake, the new leader of the Yuchi ethnic group chose to fight in this terrain and the expeditionary team with muskets.

"No wonder you were so easily rushed to the south of Dawu Mountain by us in those years. With your eyesight, who don't you abuse?" While muttering, Shi Xiong shoots an arrow to kill a Yuchi man who is trying to break through.

Stone bear didn't use his big bow. The main reason is that there are too few bows and arrows. Stone bear doesn't want to cast arrows after he goes back.

Now he is using an ordinary iron bow, which can also have a range of 150 meters in his hand, and it is no burden for the stone bear to open this bow. He can open it dozens of times in a row without feeling tired.

So, with him leading ten soldiers to guard this side, those blocked Yuchi people couldn't rush in at all. Within 150 meters, as long as the Yuchi people dare to show their heads, they will either be hit by a firegun or shot by a stone bear.

The water of the tagalu river was soon dyed red. It was this short ten minute charge that made Yuchi people at least throw 100 bodies in the tagalu river.

There are lots of corpses floating on the surface of the tagalu River, which makes Yu Chi people who charge behind scared. Especially for those Yuchi soldiers who participated in the battle of defending Yuchi court a few days ago, the area of psychological shadow is estimated to have expanded at least several times.

As for the 200 or so Yuchi people intercepted in front, they also dropped 50 or 60 corpses, but they were still kept 150 meters away by the stone bear, so they could not get close to the expedition team.

Yuchi people began to be confused. From the position of the expedition team, we can see clearly that the formation of Yuchi people began to be confused.

Some Yuchi people are still waving their weapons, whining to charge, but more Yuchi people are slowing down, and even some of them have begun to run back.

Yuchi people are not fools. The corpses of more than 100 compatriots in front of them have already shown that this river is an insurmountable natural moat. If you dare to rush, you will end up with only one death

After more than ten minutes silence, the bugle sounded again, but this time it was no longer the bugle of attack, but the bugle of full retreat. It is obvious that the new leader Yu Chi has also found out what can not be done.

Continuing to charge may eventually be able to cross the river, but the question is how many people can cross the river? Even if they rush, they will still face the fireguns and bows of the demons, not to mention the demons who can erect a solid and heavy shield wall.

Therefore, such a hard rush is obviously to die! The most important thing is that many ethnic groups have been afraid, and many of them have begun to run away without command.

Perhaps to understand this, the Yuchi leader decisively gave the order to retreat.

It's better to save the lives of the people and try to do it again.

Looking at Yu Chi's retreating slowly, the axe laughed: "brothers, those Yu Chi bastards are scared by us. They run away! We can go home... "

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