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Chapter: 28

"On the blue fog hillside in the south, I once saw the white fine soil as the leader said. When I went hunting in the mountains with my companions, I dug out that kind of white soil when I was resting and cooking The young man said first.

Kaolin is obviously different from ordinary soil. Since big spear said so, it is enough to prove that there is a kaolin mine there.

In the future, according to the survey, the distribution of kaolin in the United States is very wide. The area with the highest kaolin production in the United States is located around dawushan National Forest Park. It is even reported that there are several kaolin mines with very rich reserves in dawushan National Forest Park. It's just that because it's a key forest park in the United States and the world, no one can mine mineral resources here.

But in this era, even the United States does not even have it. Who will take care of this?

"Big spear, is that place far away from the tribe?"

"It's not too far. Start from the tribe and then climb the mountain. You can reach that position within half of the mountain."

"Well, let's go there tomorrow." Stone bear is very sure to say, and then he turned his eyes to the young man named sharp stone.

Although the young man looked very good physically, he was actually a little shy. When he saw the guardian's eyes, he was a little shy. He bowed his head and said, "guardian, I've been to the place that big spear said, and I found some white stones on the way to that place. At that time, I thought those stones were very beautiful, And one more. "

The sharp stone said and took out a blue and white stone the size of a fist from his pocket.

The stone bear took it, and at a glance he could judge the identity of the stone, which was a piece of limestone.

Even if Shi Xiong is a museum associate researcher in later generations, mainly studying historical relics and doing cultural preservation work for them, he has seen too many limestone. Apart from other things, there are a lot of limestone in the stones used to build the courtyard wall in my hometown.

Limestone is calcium carbonate. Its reserves on the earth can only be described as numerous. There are many limestone mines in the Appalachian Mountains. It's not surprising to find one in Dawu Mountain.

Only in this era, the North American Indians did not know that this kind of stone is an excellent building material. It's no wonder that most of the North American Indians lived in animal skin tents, while a few lived in wooden houses. Except for making stone knives or stone arrows, no one likes to play with the stones that can be seen everywhere.

Stone bear satisfied with the hefty hefty stone, smile to sharp stone said: "tomorrow with me to go there to see good?"

The boy nodded happily.

The boy's name is worthy of being called "sharp stone". It is estimated that it has a lot to do with his love of playing with stones since he was a child. That's why he was given the correct name of such a clan. People who like to play with stones usually take them home to play with when they see some special stones. It is estimated that this limestone was brought back by him because of the habit of sharp stone.

This is a great contribution.

When the stone Bear looked at the last old man named grey moose, he nodded consciously and said, "it was in a hunting process a long time ago. I remember seeing a place where almost nothing grows. The reason why I remember that place is that the hunting happened in July. At that time, it was the hottest time of the year and the most vigorous time of vegetation growth. But in that place, there were no trees, and even the weeds grew very small. I remember the Bighorn leader said at that time that this place was cursed by demons. There was even a demon buried there, so there was no vegetation there. "

Hearing the name of big horned ox, leader Li Lei was slightly dejected. Big horned ox leader was the leader of gaoshu tribe and the father of him and the deceased kabulu.

The stone bear asked, "grey moose, is that place far from the tribe?"

"It's not far. It's just at the foot of yeniushan mountain to the north of the tribe. It's a long way from the big bend to the north."

Hearing the words of the grey moose, the stone bear was more or less relieved. According to the position of the gaoshu tribe in later generations, the bison mountain mentioned by the grey moose is the parallel fold mountains between the Dawu Mountain and the South Bank of the Tennessee River. The distance from the tribe there is about four or five kilometers, which is really not far.

The three people who provided the information were all rewarded - the deer meat of the big red deer. As the person who hunted the big red deer alone, the stone bear had half the right to distribute the deer.

The three people who got the reward happily went home with venison. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, they will lead the guardian to those places to have a look.

Although it is still the month of beaver (November), the temperature drop makes many prey hide, and it is difficult to capture prey on a large scale, so these venison are a valuable reward for the three.

And the weather is getting colder and colder, the tribe has rarely held large-scale hunting activities. The people in the tribe have started the cat winter, and they have plenty of time.

The next morning, four horses left the tribe. Stone bear, fast horse, sharp stone and big spear rode toward Dawu Mountain in the south.

The tribe is at the foot of Dawu Mountain. It hardly goes far and starts to climb.

After climbing up the mountain for about an hour, the spear pointed to a forest ahead and said, "that's where the white soil was found."

This is a large oak forest. At a glance, you can't see the marginal oak trees growing crazily on this hillside. You can see tall oak trees with a height of more than 30 meters and a diameter at breast height of more than 1.5 meters everywhere.

After walking into the oak forest, a few people came to a relatively flat and spacious place, where traces of cooking can be seen everywhere. Obviously, this spacious area is where the hunters of the gaoshu tribe often stop.

Then the stone bear began to dig on the ground. Soon, when the surface soil was dug down about 20 cm, a layer of white and delicate soil appeared in front of the stone bear.

Bent down to grab a, stone bear slightly rubbed, feel very soft, at the same time a little slippery hand, yes, it is the kaolin I have seen before.

Stone bear's hometown was in the mountains. Not far from his village, there used to be a kaolin mine. When he was a child, stone bear and his friends were in trouble in that mine. Naturally, he knew what kaolin was.

The white delicate clay in hand is kaolin!

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