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Chapter: 280

Stone bear didn't stay long in Xiaohe tribe. After a day's repair here, he would return to gaoshu tribe with green Skylark sister and brother, Bigfoot and gaoniu.

Because on the second day after the expedition team returned, the Bobcats came from the gaoshu tribe on horseback.

"That major hank is here again, and has brought a lot of things. He also said that there is something important to discuss with you, so you have to go back to our tribe. There are many things that major hank brought. We don't know how to use them... "

The news from SM made Shi Xiong realize immediately that major hank should have made a choice, and the last time this guy went back, he should have brought the things he entrusted him to look for.

So I have to meet the British major anyway.

As for the Xiaohe tribe, there is basically nothing wrong with the stone bear. Although Xiaohe tribe is still called Xiaohe tribe, everyone knows that this tribe has become a part of gaoshu tribe.

Especially after these murderous stars came back from the expedition, they all admired the stone bear. They also think that the Xiaohe tribe is no longer suitable to be a hermit tribe. The Xiaohe tribe should follow the steps of the guardian to invade the disobedient tribes around, and should follow the steps of the guardian to conquer this continent!

Therefore, with the strong support of Dashan and Jufu, Xiaohe tribe began to transform from a reclusive tribe to a militarized one.

The 70 soldiers of the Xiaohe tribe who participated in the expedition were the best kindling. They had practical experience and realized the power of heat weapons. The most important thing was that they had the confidence to win. This was the key factor for the smooth transformation of the Xiaohe tribe.

After tasting the delicious fruits of victory, who is willing to be ordinary?

It's green Skylark. She doesn't need to be persuaded by Shi Xiong. She wants to go to gaoshu tribe with her. She looks like a married daughter-in-law

And just as the stone bears return to the gaoshu tribe, a thin but capable man is standing in front of the burned ruins of Yuchi royal court in the south foot of Dawu Mountain, looking at all this with a gloomy face.

"How can you be defeated by a hundred or so people? They also let people burn your royal court. Even the chief you just elected was shot and killed! What do you think you people are for? " The emaciated man reproached several men around him with an ugly face. Although the men were tall and strong, they did not dare to talk back in front of the emaciated man and could only bear the man's anger in silence.

"Respected bighorn sheep leader, when those guys came, we didn't think they were looking for trouble. Our chief even thought they were coming to congratulate, so we didn't have any defense. As a result..." one of the men who were reprimanded finally stood up and wanted to explain something.

This thin man's name is bighorn sheep, and he is the leader of a tribe.

However, the leader of this tribe is not the leader of the Yuchi tribe. The identity and status of the bighorn sheep leader is even more noble than the chief of the Yuchi people, because he is not only the largest tribe of the Kerry people, but also the leader of the "big river at the foot of the Mountain" tribe, the first guard tribe of the Kerry royal court. He is also the right arm of the chief of the Kerry people, and has a very high status in the Kerry people.

Although the Yuchi people separated from the Keri people long ago, they always accepted the protection and jurisdiction of the Keri people. If Kerry is a kingdom, then Yuchi is a territory under the kingdom.

Bighorn sheep was invited to the ceremony, which is the ceremony of Yuchi people's new chief humazulu taking office.

As a result, when he arrived here with people from the Kerry territory in the south, he found that the Yuchi royal court had been burned down, and the new chief humazulu had also been shot.

This is the second chief who died in a short period of more than one month.

That's great.

As the leader of the first tribe of the Cree nationality, although the bighorn sheep could not directly lead the Yuchi people, he did not allow his younger brother to be so abused. I'm kidding. Two successive chiefs of my younger brother were shot and killed by the same person. Although this makes Yuchi people lose face, if it's spread out, other tribes don't think it's Yuchi people's disgrace, but they are Kerry people's disgrace!

Even your younger brother is not well protected. Do you CREIS have the face to claim to be the most powerful tribe in this area?

So let alone Yuchi people can't bear it, Kerry people can't bear it anyway!

We have to find that guy and that group of people.

Of course, when the big horned sheep came, it was the time for the expedition team to leave. After knowing something, the big horned sheep resolutely organized Yuchi people to encircle and intercept the expedition team.

As a result, after hundreds of people died, the cunning and powerful expedition team still escaped.

This is also a disgrace for bighorn sheep, so today he vented his anger on these Yuchi tribe leaders who came to watch the ceremony.

Yes, these people who are being reprimanded by the big horn sheep are the tribal leaders of the Yuchi people. They all came to watch the ceremony, but what they didn't expect was such a tragedy.

"Which tribe are those guys from? Huh? Now that they're running north, it's either the chekasa or the Cherokee. If it's a Cherokee, you can't resist it. But if it's a chekasa, you're a joke The bighorn sheep turned and scolded the tribal leader who was trying to explain.

The leader was a little embarrassed, so he continued to explain: "Dear chief bighorn sheep, the guns in those people's hands are too powerful, and they also have a way to control the thunder. The people we pursued that day died under their thunder. Chief bighorn sheep, those people are demons... "

Hearing this, bighorn sheep said nothing. Although he didn't catch up with the battle of Yuchi people encircling the hill, he also heard about the battle. Those damned guys not only had guns with a very long range, but also had a terrible way to control thunder.

Later, although he organized the Yuchi people to pursue the team, he was defeated in the end, and hundreds of people died, and finally people escaped.

"Look! Start all your Eyeliner immediately! I want to know the origin of these people! Only know the origin of these people, we can revenge! Whether it's the chekasa or the Cherokee, you have to make sure for me! "

Bighorn sheep's eyes stared at the leaders of these Yuchi tribes, with an expression of no rejection on their faces. Those tribal leaders could only bow down and say yes.

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