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Chapter: 287

When more than 20 people on horseback appeared in front of the stone bear, the stone bear clearly heard the gray moose behind him muttering: "Damn, how is this guy?"

The tone of the grey moose made the stone bear turn his head curiously. When the grey moose saw the inquired eyes of the guardian, he immediately explained in a low voice: "this is the leader of the red city alliance, and also the leader of the crooked ear tribe, jorak lulu. He is a very unreasonable guy. But the strength of other people's tribe is strong, and he has been the leader of the Red City Alliance for five or six years, so no one wants to offend him. "

Although grey moose is stubborn and deeply prejudiced against the chekasa people, it is undeniable that this guy is really a good man. Even when gaoshu tribe held a high-level meeting last time, he angered the stone bear, and finally was reprimanded by Hongyun, and was fined a year's reward, but the old soldier still had great respect for the guardian.

The stone bear can also understand what grey moose, an old soldier with high prestige, thinks. The old man asked for less, and his children died in the hands of the chekasa people, so the stone bear had no other opinion about the old soldier.

"Uncle grey moose, isn't this Jora krulu a little different from our tribe? There seems to be something wrong with this guy's expression. " Stone bear asked in a low voice.

The grey moose nodded, "their crooked ear tribe is the most powerful tribe in this area, and also one of the most powerful tribes of our Cherokee people. According to the verbal agreement of that year, this area should be their crooked ears' sphere of influence. Of course, as a price, they should also stay in the West all the year round, which is the first line of defense against the chekasa people. But then the high priest led the people to come here, and settled down here, so the crooked ear tribe lost jurisdiction over the area we occupied. But will they be able to drive us away? After all, this is the place chosen by high priest kabulu himself. So... "The grey moose shrugged and made a" do you understand "expression.

When the grey moose said that, the stone bear understood what was going on.

It should be that when the Cherokee moved to the south to monongahira, they dispatched the powerful tribes out of the tribe, just like the feudal officials. These powerful tribes have great autonomy, but they must be responsible for the security of the whole tribe.

Powerful tribes like waier tribe are within the scope of this tribe.

In those years, the Cherokee people drove away the chekasa people, but the chekasa people didn't give up. They always had to find fault, so the powerful outer ear tribe was assigned to this area.

It's worth mentioning that the outer ear tribe, in Cherokee, is called tanasee, the Tennessee tribe. Later, after the founding of the United States, Tennessee was named after the crooked ear tribe.

Tennessee is actually named after the crooked ear tribe. This is enough to prove how powerful waier tribe is in this area.

However, no matter how powerful waier tribe is, they can't offer sacrifices to kabulu. Therefore, gaoshu tribe and more than ten small tribes separated around them become an enclave within the jurisdiction of waier tribe.

Even the crooked ear tribe can't help it because it's the noble high priest of kabulu. How to manage? This is the most honorable high priest of the whole Cherokee tribe. Even the current chief of the Cherokee tribe has to respect the high priest quietly. Fight but dare not fight - joking, if waier tribe dares to fight against gaoshu tribe, other Cherokee tribes can join hands to destroy waier tribe without fighting back from gaoshu tribe.

So, for the crooked ear tribe, the high priest kabulu is here, which is really like a thorn in the throat

It's strange that people from the gaoshu tribe can look good when they see them.

Of course, Hongyun will not come to meet him personally. The whole Cherokee people, except the chief and the current high priest, are not qualified to be welcomed by the high priest of red cloud. Even the top leaders of the red city alliance or the white city alliance are not qualified for this.

As the current tribal leader of the high priest kabulu tribe, Bigfoot's task to meet the jorakulu naturally falls on him.

Although the leader of jorakrulu was not happy, he still managed to squeeze a smile on his face when he saw the big foot wearing the colorful feather headdress coming out to meet him.

Because gaoshu tribe had just changed its leader, jorak Rulu didn't recognize it as Bigfoot. But this kind of five color feather headdress can't be fake. The only person who can wear this headdress is the leader of the tribe.

Moreover, because gaoshu tribe is the high priest tribe of kabulu, Dajiao's identity is even higher than that of the leader of the crooked ear tribe, jorakulu. If it wasn't for jorakulu who is also the top leader of the red city alliance, Dajiao would not even have to come out to meet him personally.

Bigfoot obviously knows the name of jorakulu. Jorakulu is the leader of waier tribe, which means "river god messenger" in Cherokee language. When the Cherokee people lived in the Great Lakes region before, the waier tribe was located next to the St. Lawrence River, and they always regarded themselves as river god messengers.

After moving southward to the south of the Appalachian Mountains, waier tribe was stationed near the Cumberland River near the Great South Fork, which deserves the title of "river god messenger".

Jorak Lulu, with twenty soldiers on horseback, looked majestic.

However, the tribal people who are used to war horses don't feel much about this battle. It's funny. Major hank, who just came here a while ago, brought another 30 mares to the tribe. Now there are more than 110 war horses in gaoshu tribe, which is even more than the number of war horses owned by the Cherokee royal court.

In the eyes of the Cherokee people, the war horse, which used to be extremely precious, now seems to be the same thing in the eyes of the gaoshu tribe.

Originally, I expected that the people of gaoshu tribe would be shocked by so many horses they brought. As a result, jorak Lulu was very sensitive to the indifference of these people in gaoshu tribe.

This makes jorak Lulu very depressed, a face that just started to smile also quickly pulled down again.

After meeting with Bigfoot, jorakroulu said with a overcast face, "Bigfoot leader, I have something important to consult with the great chieftain junaruska. But this is not a place to talk. Can we find a quiet place to have a close chat?"

Bigfoot nodded with a gentle smile, and then waved his hand. The crowd immediately scattered around, protecting the 21 Wangting visitors to the tribe. You can't lose the necessary etiquette

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