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Chapter: 288

After entering the gaoshu tribe, jorak Lulu understood why these people in the gaoshu tribe didn't care about the 20 horses they brought.

Looking at the large group of horses not far away who are eating grass leisurely, jorak Lulu's eyes almost stare out.

"How could this little tribe have so many horses? And it seems that these horses are better than those given by the royal court! " Jorah cruru murmured in his heart, and then he was shocked by the population of the gaoshu tribe.

"Isn't there only about 300 people in this small tribe at most? Why does it look like there are seven or eight hundred people now? How can their population increase so fast? "

That busy crowd, let Jorah krulu again in the heart murmur.

However, before he thought about it, the four big waterwheel on the bank and the farmland on the other side of the river almost made jorakulu's eyes stare out again.

From childhood to such a big age, Jorah krulu had never seen such a large area of farmland. The most important thing is that the crops that are being harvested in the farmland are piled up in piles on the ground. How much food is needed

And the driven and obedient bison! Damn, when can this Bison be tamed? There is more than one domesticated bison in this tribe. Roughly speaking, there are hundreds of domesticated bison

"Is this still a Cherokee tribe?"

With such an idea in mind, Jorah krulu met the young high priest kabulu.

At the funeral of the last high priest kabulu last year, Jorah krulu met the new high priest, so he bowed respectfully to the young woman wearing a seven color feather headdress.

Although there are all kinds of resentments against the gaoshu tribe occupying the territory under the jurisdiction of waier tribe, when he stands in front of the real high priest kabulu, he must maintain enough respect.

"Chief jorakrulu, don't you know what you want to do with our tribe this time?" After a while of greeting, Hongyun asked directly.

Now is the critical moment of autumn harvest. Hongyun doesn't want to waste his limited time on these useless things.

As a matter of fact, since they left the Cherokee court to live at the foot of Dawu Mountain, the connection between the royal court and the tribe has become much less. In addition to the annual Green Valley Festival, the royal court will send envoys to visit, other times the royal court almost will not send people to come.

However, in the past, all the messengers sent by the royal court were from the royal court. This time, all the leaders of the red city alliance were sent. Obviously, there is something important. After all, the red city alliance is in charge of the whole foreign war power of the Cherokee people.

"Dear high priest kabulu, I'm here on behalf of chief junaluska. I really want to consult you about something." Jorakrulu said directly that the chieftain junaruska in his mouth is the chieftain of the whole Cherokee people. Junaruska means "guardian of the vast land" in Cherokee language, which is the name used by all the chieftains of Cherokee people.

"Oh? You mean you're here with the will of the chief? "

"Cough, Reverend high priest kabulu, you misunderstood. I mean, the great chief junaruska wanted to find out something, so he sent me to consult you

Hongyun nodded noncommittally and motioned to jorak roulu to continue.

"It's like this. Some time ago, the envoys of the Keri royal court in the South came to monongahira. The Keri people protested solemnly to us. They said that we Cherokees led a group of chekasa people over the blue fog, and then attacked the Yuchi royal court, not only killing the chief of Yuchi people, but also burning the Yuchi royal court. "

Hongyun "very interested" interrupted jorakrulu, "this is very good, Yuchi people are our enemies of Cherokee people, our people can kill their chief and burn their royal court, this is a great good thing!"

This almost choked Jorah cruru, but after biting his teeth, he continued: "Dear high priest cabro, chief junaluska is shocked by this. As you know, although Yuchi people don't deal with us, they are quite honest these years. They haven't bothered us since we drove them to the south of blue fog. Moreover, Yuchi people are a branch of Kerry people after all. Our people suddenly treat Yuchi people like this, and Kerry people will definitely not do it. "

"What can we do if we don't? If not, how dare they fight with us Cherokees? " Red cloud said with indifference.

This made jorak Lulu a little sad.

"Dear high priest kabulu, the chief didn't mean that. He just wanted to find out who did all this. The Kerry emissary said that it was a very tall man who led the chekasa people to do all this. Our chief is very strange. How can our people lead the chekasa people to fight the Yuchi people? But Kerry insisted, and said that he had seen this man in person from a distance, and that it was a big, frightening man who led the chekasa people to do it. "

Jorah krulu said, but his eyes fell on the stone bear.

As for the size of the stone bear, you can't even hide. At the funeral of Hongyun's mother last year, Jorah krulu, who was then the leader of the red city alliance, also noticed this amazing man. Naturally, he knew that he was the guardian of the new high priest kabulu.

Red cloud is very dissatisfied to ask a way: "Qiao lac Lu leader, you this is to regard my guardian as the big man that invades Yu Chi person?"

Jorak Lulu said with a smile: "Dear high priest cabro, I'm just guessing. In the words of Kerry emissary, the big man who took the lead was more than one head taller than ordinary people, and he was very, very strong. I think that if we can count the whole Cherokee race, I'm afraid only your guardian has this kind of body? "

At the end of his words, Jorah krulu almost directly questioned the stone bear.

Red cloud also asked directly: "chief jorakroulu, what do you mean?"

"Ha ha, Reverend high priest kabulu, I don't mean anything else. I'm just following the chief's orders. Before coming here, the chief himself told me to take the big man to the king's court after he found him. The chief wants to see the big man with his own eyes

As soon as his face changed, he patted the table, stood up and said impolitely, "it's impossible! My... "

Seeing that the atmosphere became tense, Shi Xiong knew that he couldn't do without showing up. Since people could find him here, they obviously got the exact information. At this time, there was no need to cover up. On the contrary, it might make the relationship stiff.

So the stone bear stood up happily, shook his head at the red cloud, and then said: "Dear Leader jorak Lulu, yes, I am the big man you said..."

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