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Chapter: 289

The stone bear was taken away by Jorah krulu.

Well, to be exact, it should be the stone bear who took the initiative to follow jorak Rulu. The main reason is that he wanted to visit the Cherokee royal court.

Of course, if the stone bear doesn't want to go, jorak Lulu is absolutely not qualified to take the stone bear. Anyway, the stone bear is also the guardian of high priest kabulu. In principle, he only obeys the orders of high priest kabulu, and even chief junaruska of Cherokee can't command the stone bear.

Hongyun really reprimanded jorakuluru. As high priest kabulu, she has the right to reprimand the leader of the red city alliance. Although jorakulu is the leader of the powerful crooked ear tribe and even the leader of the red city alliance, in front of high priest kabulu, he has no choice but to bow to reprimand.

If it wasn't for the stone bear's initiative to follow jorak Rulu, Hongyun would not have let jorak Rulu take away.

Even so, when Jorah krulu walked out of the chamber with the stone bear and saw the tall tree tribe soldiers lined up outside with Ferguson rifles, his cold sweat came out.

It was only at this time that jorakrulu understood the strength of the gaoshu tribe. What he saw before turned out to be just the other side of the gaoshu tribe. When the gaoshu tribe showed its hidden strength, jorakrulu realized the strength of the tribe.

It's no exaggeration to say that if the big man around him insists on not going, he really can't take the big man away. If you really want to take the order of the chief, they will definitely be left here, and none of them can run away.

I'm kidding. Although they all come here on horseback, how many horses are there in gaoshu tribe? What's more, people's soldiers are armed with guns and steel knives on their backs! When Jorah cruro saw the guns that had been specially illuminated, his eyes almost glared out again.

What kind of monster tribe is this tribe?

They even have muskets and artillery. What else do they not have?

"Jorah cruru, if my guardian suffers any accident or humiliation in the court, I promise to take someone to destroy your crooked ear tribe." Before leaving the tribe, Hongyun threatened fiercely again.

Although she doesn't know why her guardians want to go to the king's court with jorakroulu, she knows that the guardians must do so for a reason. Since they can't stop them from taking their guardians away, the necessary threat posture must be made.

After seeing part of the hidden strength of the gaoshu tribe, Jorah krulu completely put away his contempt when he first came here. He could only claim that he was right about the words of high priest kabulu.

Having seen the power of muskets, jorakrulu naturally knows that the words of high priest cabulus are not just to scare people. If there are 200 Musketeers in the gaoshu tribe, then it is definitely not the crooked ear tribe that can resist them.

So when the 50 heavily armed soldiers of the gaoshu tribe followed in the name of escorting the guardians, jorak roulu had no courage to refuse.

According to the Cherokee rules, the guardian of high priest kabulu is qualified to lead the guard, but the equipment of these 50 soldiers is a little too strong.

Qingyishuier's steel sword and spear are made of steel plate. These precious steel knives, spears and small steel axes are rare even in the Royal Court of the tribe. These soldiers have one set of hands.

The most important thing is the muskets they carry. That thing is the weapon that makes people envious and frightening. Well, what are those two black pimples? However, what can be so valued by these fully armed soldiers must also be a wonderful weapon!

Ah? What's the guy with the big man's legs?

The great river god is on the river. This big man doesn't have a bear, does he?

It's really a bear, a bear who will only be coquettish to this big man.

Although the bear looks like a bear cub, but when the bear cub turns to his fierce roar, although the roar is still very young, the ferocity of the top predator is revealed.

Damn, what kind of monsters is this tribe?

At this time, Jorah krulu even began to regret accepting such a task. If you had known that all the people in high priest kabulu's tribe were monsters, you wouldn't have come. Just send a messenger.

Now, even the 20 powerful soldiers brought by themselves have changed their attitude. They began to try to talk with the soldiers of gaoshu tribe.

You are all the most powerful soldiers in the royal court. How can you make such a gesture?

Although Qiao laculu ten not angry, eight not satisfied, but he still had to honestly look at. Because he clearly felt a strong murderous atmosphere from the 50 soldiers.

That is definitely a kind of murderous spirit that can only be possessed by elite soldiers who have killed at least five people. That is to say, these 50 soldiers have lives in their hands. They have seen human blood, not ordinary soldiers who only know hunting.

It's just that the gaoshu tribe is in the hinterland of the tribe. They should have little contact with the enemy. Where did they kill people? Is it true what the Kerry messenger said? They killed more than 1000 Yuchi people in a team of only 100 people?

If all this is true, then these soldiers are the real elite and the real enviable men.

It is such a group of elite soldiers who are extremely respectful and obedient to this big man. Obviously, this big man is their core leader.

All of a sudden, Jorah krulu even felt a little envious of the big man. As the leader of the red city alliance, he doesn't have so many well-equipped elite soldiers.

Just when Jorah cruru sighed, the stone bear over there had completely pacified trump. As the cub grew older, he became more and more dependent on the stone bear. Now seeing his father leaving again, cub was not happy.

"Dear chief jorakroulu, let's go! We are hundreds of miles away from Monongahela. We need to walk for several days on the road After giving trump to Gao Niu, stone bear rides the fire wind and comes to Qiao lacrulu.

Jorah krulu took a deep look at the big man, with a smile on his face, nodded and said, "OK, we're going!"

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