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Chapter: 29

Seeing that the stone bear's face showed a satisfied look, the heart that the spear had been hanging was also safe.

Although this big man has only joined the tribe for a short time, he is already the guardian of the new kabulu sacrifice. This kind of identity is not comparable to that of an ordinary tribal soldier.

The most important thing is that people in the tribe knew the whole process of the big man hunting the red deer by himself yesterday through the rabbit's mouth. For the big man who can nail a deer weighing more than 1000 kg on the ground with a spear at such a long distance, this kind of man is absolutely beyond the ordinary soldier's ability.

Therefore, unconsciously, the stone bear has established a certain prestige in the gaoshu tribe.

"Big spear, you go back now and bring more people here. The earth needs to be taken back. I will find limestone on my way back later. If limestone is found, I will take as many of these two things as I can. When we find all the things, the soldiers of our tribe will be able to use the weapons made of steel, and our people will also be able to use the iron pot. "

The speechless spear nodded heavily, turned the horse's head, and rushed to the tribe quickly.

Stone bear stood up straight, looked at the surrounding environment, and finally nodded slowly.

As a cultural protection expert who can become an associate researcher at the age of 36, although Shi Xiong is relatively homely in his previous life, he also has his own characteristics, that is, he is well-known and knowledgeable. This word can't be used in him at all.

Although the stone bear in his previous life didn't like to move much, he liked to read books and read all kinds of materials. Moreover, he was very strong in his memory, so he could get a lot of knowledge at his fingertips.

At the beginning, the staff of the museum, including the curator, nicknamed the stone bear "humanoid computer"!

It can be seen how extensive the knowledge of stone bear is.

Although he is a museum worker, he also has a wide range of knowledge about other aspects. Especially before he came to Tennessee, he had a lot of knowledge about Tennessee. In addition, there is a kaolin mine near his hometown, so he can easily distinguish whether the white soil in front of him is kaolin.

This is absolutely kaolin, and it's very good quality kaolin!

It's no wonder that the kaolin they discovered at the beginning was in a kaolin vein zone. In fact, the largest kaolin reserve in the world is the United States. In the United States, kaolin is concentrated in this part of Georgia.

Here, there is a kaolin vein belt stretching for more than 800 kilometers, and the ore content is more than 70%. It is a high-quality vein with rich reserves and high grade.

Although it is not located in later Georgia, it is still in the vein zone, so it is not surprising to find such high-quality kaolin.

With this high-quality kaolin vein of unknown reserves, no matter whether it is kaolin clay crucible or refractory brick, you don't have to worry about it.

Take the fast horse and sharp stone to start the return journey. In the process of the return journey, when you come to the foot of Dawu Mountain, the sharp stone leads the stone bear to a weathered hill.

This mountain is very strange, because it is not long at all!

This is Dawu Mountain. Especially in this era, the vegetation coverage is not 100%. 90% is absolutely there. Even now it is late autumn, most of the places are covered with dense vegetation.

But this hill is very special, because there are almost no plants on it.

If it wasn't for the wrong color of the hill, the stone bear really thought that the mountain was an iron mine!

"Guardian, I found those stones at the foot of the hill to the west of this hill."

Looking down, the stone bear's face immediately became very wonderful, because they all saw that at the foot of the hill, there were many animals "gnawing the mountain"!

Yes, most of these animals are herbivores such as red deer, bison and wild goat, with a number of more than 100. These animals are quietly there, head down, as if on the ground gnawing grass roots.

However, not far from this hill, there are many withered and yellow weeds. These herbivores do not eat the weeds, but come to grab some stones to nibble. This phenomenon is really strange.

The sharp stone worshipped the mountain for a while, and then said: "the kabulu sacrifice once said that this hill is the shelter of the God of the earth. Every day, many animals come here to worship the God of the earth. Even many wild wolves and black bears come here. Sometimes wild wolves, wild goats and bison will worship the God of the earth at the same time. So the people of our tribe never come here to hunt. "

The stone bear burst out laughing, patted the sharp stone on the shoulder and said, "boy, you have made great achievements!"

This sentence blurs the sharp stone and the fast horse, but when they see the stone bear rushing towards the hill, they immediately follow him.

When Kuaima and sharp stone arrived at the hill, they found that the stone bear was squatting on the ground smiling and licking his fingers.

The bruise on this guy's face hasn't completely subsided. In addition to his daunting physique, it makes people feel that strangers are not near. But at this time, he has a very strange smile on his face, and his look is even more frightening.

What they don't know is that the stone bear is really happy at this time.

Compared with finding kaolin, limestone and even iron ore, this hill is the real Jinshan!

Without him, this hill is actually a salt mountain! To be exact, it is a rock salt mine protruding from the surface!

Just now, after seeing the strange behavior of those herbivores, especially after hearing the explanation from sharp stone, the stone bear was quite sure that the hill was probably a salt mountain.

Those animals come to this hill every day to "chew stones", which is actually a way to supplement salt. Whether it's animals that eat meat or grass, or even Baba, they can't do without salt!

It can be said that as long as it is an animal in the world, salt is indispensable!

Animals don't cook salt and smoke by themselves, they can only rely on instinct to find some salt containing rocks or saline land, and then sweet food, so as to ensure the intake of salt in the body.

This hill is actually a natural salt mountain, so all kinds of animals come here every day to "gnaw stones". In fact, these animals are not eating stones, but licking stones to supplement salt!

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