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Chapter: 291

Monongahira was the site of the royal court chosen by the Cherokees after they moved south.

In the Cherokee language, Monongahela means "a place surrounded by mountains". Later, this large area was transformed into a national forest park by the Americans. In the west, the Monongahela River is one of the two sources of the Ohio River.

The reason why the Cherokee chose the seat of the royal court here in the process of moving south is that one is the result of the guidance of the high priest kabulu at that time, and the other is that the Cherokee accepted the lesson of being driven out of the Great Lakes region by the dravas and Iroquois at that time.

When the Cherokees lived in the Great Lakes region before, the royal court was on a plain with no geographical advantage. As a result, the coalition forces of the Iroquois and the delavais easily arrived at the Cherokee royal court, and eventually forced the Cherokees to surrender.

In order not to be easily attacked by the enemy, the Cherokees chose a plain area of about 156 square kilometers in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains and arranged their own court here.

This is an equilateral triangle of open space, such a flat piece of plain, in the mountains of the Appalachian Mountains is really rare. Around this triangular plain, there are peaks with an altitude of nearly one kilometer, and only three river valleys can get in and out of this plain.

From the perspective of war, this is a place where one man is in charge and ten thousand people are not allowed to open.

Of course, if we consider people's livelihood, this is also a very good place. Because there are two rivers in the plain. In fact, these two rivers should be regarded as one. After flowing out of the mountains in the west, the river will be divided into two. One river will continue to flow eastward, and the other river will turn southward. In this way, three valleys were created in the mountains surrounding the plain.

Because of the flat terrain and the water, this plain is rich in products. Whether it's picking, hunting or planting, the output here is always surprising.

Before the Cherokees came here, it was controlled by the Powhatans, and a very important tribe of the Powhatans was here.

However, the more powerful Cherokees came. They robbed the place like robbers and beat the Powhatans. They had to move eastward. Finally, the Cherokees occupied the magpie nest and occupied all the territory originally belonging to the Powhatans, Yuchi, chekasa, Missouri and Kentucky.

This triangle plain in the mountains was changed into "monongahira" by the Cherokees.

"It's a wonderful place, isn't it?" Standing at the exit of the valley, looking at the plain in front of him, raoshi Shixiong is very knowledgeable and can't help but marvel at this place.

You know, this is the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. Although the height of the mountains is not as high as that of Dawu Mountain in the south, it's hard to find such a large plain here.

The plain was like a masterpiece of God, and the Cherokees were lucky enough to be the owners of the land.

"Of course, guardian, our royal court is set up here, and with the four guardian tribes living here, it can be said that no one can break through here. Well, our white city alliance is in the East and the red city alliance is in the West. However, both the red city alliance and the white city alliance are far from the place occupied by Wangting. After you meet our chief, if there is nothing wrong, you can go to the Red City League Said jorac Lulu with a smile.

Along the way, the big man brought him too many surprises. Gradually, Jorah krulu could not help but slowly change his view of the big man. After five or six days on the road, when they arrived at the king's court, Jorah krulu and the stone bear had almost become good friends.

"Of course, my respected chief jorakrulu, if I can persuade our great chief this time, then I will definitely go to the Red City League to have a look."

Because Joe laclulu changed his view on the stone bear, he told the stone bear why he went to the gaoshu tribe this time.

In fact, it's nothing, just because chief junaruska wanted to bring the "culprit" of the Yuchi massacre to the king's court, and then give it to the Kerry emissary to take away.

Although the Cherokee people are the most powerful tribe in this area, they have always been hostile to the Cherokee people, whether they are the bowatans in the east or the Kentucky and Missouri in the West. This is the main reason why the Cherokee people have been allowing the cherkasa people to toss about in the southwest, instead of killing them.

Although the Powhatans, kentuckies and Missourians are not as powerful as the Cherokees in a single tribe, they can also compete with the Cherokees if they unite. Therefore, the Cherokees cannot relax their defense against these three tribes.

Although Kerry people live in the south of fog mountain, that is, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, their strength is really very strong. In fact, even farther south, Florida is the traditional sphere of influence of the Crees. If it wasn't for the Cherokee who drove the Yuchi to the south of Dawu Mountain, then the central and eastern Tennessee and the western North Carolina belonged to the Kerry territory.

Strictly speaking, the Crees are even more powerful than the Cherokees.

Had it not been for the barrier of Dawu Mountain and the constant conflicts between the Crees and the Spaniards, the Crees would have sent troops to trouble the Cherokees when the Cherokees drove the Yuchi away.

The Cherokees also know that they can't easily provoke the Crees. Otherwise, if there are Crees in the south, bowatans and kentuckies in the East and West, the Cherokees will have a hard time.

Even being driven out again by these tribes is a matter of great probability.

So since the Cherokees moved south to monongahira, both Cherokees and Crees have been restrained. The two powerful tribes have been at peace for more than 200 years.

But now, this restraint is completely broken by the stone bear.

Stone bear not only slaughtered more than 1000 Yuchi people, but also killed two chief of Yuchi people in more than a month, and burned Yuchi court.

Although this is a matter of Yuchi people, Yuchi people are a branch of Cree people. His younger brother was bullied so miserably by the Cherokees that the Kerry, as the eldest, of course quit.

So the emissary of the Crees came to Monongahela with anger. Chieftain junaruska, who did not want to make things worse, naturally wanted to present the initiator to quell the anger of the Crees.

Although it's a bit humiliating to do so, compared with the overall situation, it doesn't matte

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