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Chapter: 292

"Guardian, I know what you think, but it's not so easy to impress chief junaruska. Especially the Kerry messenger didn't leave. " Jorak Lulu said with some worry.

"Ha ha, so what? It's the Crees. How can we be afraid of them? " Stone bear said very forthrightly, and then he turned his head and asked, "chief jorakrulu, if, um, I mean if our gaoshu tribe and your crooked ear tribe unite to send troops to the Kerry tribe, do you have the courage to send troops with our gaoshu tribe?"

"Ah? Sending troops to the Crees? Is it just the two of us? " Jorah krulu is a big man, but he was shocked by the sudden words of stone bear.

Stone Bear looked at jorak Rulu's confused look and shook his head slightly, but still said: "if you agree, we gaoshu tribe can dispatch at least 400 firemen, including 100 firemen cavalry. As for the soldiers of your tribe, we gaoshu tribe can replace a complete set of steel weapons for them free, including a steel knife, a steel spear, a bow and arrow, and two throwing axes! And I can say for sure that four hundred riflemen plus six hundred soldiers of your tribe only need one thousand people, and I am quite sure that I will burn down the king's Court of Kerry. If I am lucky, the chief of Kerry may also become our prisoner. Well, it's just like what I did to yuchren with 100 soldiers. "

Said, the stone bear legs a clip fire wind abdomen, fire wind suddenly long hiss a, will spread hoof to run wildly.

The voice of the stone bear sounded again: "chief jorakrulu, don't think how powerful the Crees are. In fact, if I want to, the Crees will be destroyed or subdued by me. I have never doubted that!"

Under the leadership of Huofeng, fifty soldiers of gaoshu tribe on horseback also began to run wildly. More than 50 horses ran with the momentum of thousands of troops.

And Jorah cruro was stunned in the same place, eyes flashing, do not know what he was thinking.

It's about three kilometers from the exit of the river valley to the location of the royal court. However, when they were in the river valley, the stone bears had already met four waves of interrogation. These three river valleys are the most important defense areas of the Cherokee court.

Once in the plains, the defense is not so strict.

However, the stone bear's marching momentum is too great. After all, at this time, even the king's Court of the Cherokee only has 40 or 50 war horses.

The momentum of these people in gaoshu tribe riding and running is really rare in this era.

Therefore, the four guard tribes guarding the royal court immediately sounded the horn, and groups of Cherokee soldiers began to gather quickly.

Seeing that soldiers began to gather in front of him, the leading stone bear raised his right hand and clenched his fist. The galloping horses immediately began to slow down. Soon, the galloping horses became trots.

This situation also let the front of the soldiers began to gather a little relaxed, at least this group of unknown cavalry did not show hostility.

When it was only about 100 meters away from the battle line of hundreds of Cherokee soldiers who had gathered in front of them, the stone bears stopped their advance completely.

At this time, Jorah cruru came with another 20 cavalry.

Seeing the soldiers guarding the tribe in front of him, Jorah krulu couldn't help but smile bitterly.

However, he rode to the soldiers on his horse and said aloud: "Jorah krulu, the leader of red city alliance and crooked ear tribe, has been ordered by chieftain junaluska to bring the guardian of high priest kabulu tribe, dashing bear, to meet chieftain junaluska."

The leader of these soldiers in charge of the first tribe was a big man with a big beard. He obviously knew jorak Rulu.

The big bearded leader rode up on his horse and saluted jorak lulu. Then he looked at the strong man who was obviously bigger than ordinary people in the distance and said, "big leader, this big man is the one who slaughtered Yuchi people with 100 people?"

In the Cherokee court, jorakrulu's identity is not the leader of the crooked ear tribe, but a higher leader of the red city alliance. That's why the bearded leader who guarded the tribe called him that.

Jorak Rulu nodded. "My dear brother bonspear, the big man behind is the guardian of high priest cabulus. He's a great Cherokee."

This bearded leader's name is bone spear. He is the leader of bone spear tribe, one of the four guardian tribes of Cherokee court.

"Well, look at this physique. He's really a good man. It's a pity... "Bone spear shook his head slightly and said, obviously, as the leader of bone spear tribe, one of the four guard tribes of the royal court, he also knew something.

"Well, my brother bonspear, let's not talk here. The chief must have known our arrival. I'd better take that boy to meet the chief as soon as possible."

Bone spear nodded, and then waved to the soldiers behind him. These elite soldiers immediately dispersed, leaving a way to the royal court.

After stone bear led 50 cavalry to here, he ordered these guys to dismount and lead the horses forward.

This is the location of the Royal Court of the Cherokee people. It doesn't matter if you were in the valley just now. Now that you are close to the royal court, you must dismount and walk to show your respect for the royal court.

The fifty soldiers who followed the stone bear had never been to the Royal Court of the tribe, so they all had a kind of excitement on their faces. The Royal Court of a tribe is very sacred to the people of the tribe.

Not far ahead, a large wooden house appeared in sight. In fact, as the Royal Court of the Cherokee people, the buildings here are not very special. Most of them are wooden houses, and the style is not much different from that of the gaoshu tribe, but the number is much more. Of course, the scale of Cherokee court is many times larger than that of Yuchi court that Shi Xiong once saw.

After all, there are nearly 3000 people living in Wangting.

A huge animal skin tent stands in the middle of the wooden house. Needless to say, this large and somewhat outrageous animal skin tent is the place where chief junaruska lives and also the place where chief junaruska usually works.

The 50 soldiers who followed the stone bear finally stopped outside the court. They and their horses could not enter the court without permission.

As for the stone bear, after giving the fire wind to Kuaima, he followed jorak Lulu on foot to the huge tent

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