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Chapter: 293

Similar to the situation of most North American Indian tribes today, the chief of the Cherokee was hereditary. As long as there is no accident, a family member can inherit the title of tribal chief for a long time, and the name of each chief is the same.

Chieftain junaluska is the chieftain of the Cherokee people, who has inherited the title of chieftain for more than 200 years.

Junaluska means "guardian of the vast earth" in Cherokee. From this name, we can see that this title should last for a long time, definitely more than 200 years.

In fact, as early as the Cherokee people lived in the Great Lakes region, the title of junaruska existed, which was awarded by the Cherokee chieftains at that time to the first Guardian tribal leader of the tribe.

At that time, the Cherokee people lived in the Great Lakes region, surrounded by vast plains, and even if there were mountains, they were mostly small hills. Therefore, when the first Guardian tribe who made great contributions was awarded, the title of "guardian of the vast land" fell to the leader of the first Guardian tribe at that time.

Only two hundred years ago, the chieftain of the Cherokee people died suddenly, and there was no time to appoint his family's successor. Then the brave junaluska leader became the new chieftain of the Cherokee people, and has been handed down to this day

Now no one can explain the situation at that time. Anyway, the other three Royal Guard tribes supported junaruska as the new chief, so he became the new chief of the Cherokee people.

When talking with Hongyun, Shi Xiong once heard Hongyun mention this matter. At that time, high priest kabulu, who was the high priest of Cherokee, seemed to indicate that Cherokee was about to change. But he could not get the chief's trust at that time. So he took his people away from the tribal court and moved south to live at the foot of Dawu Mountain.

You should know that the location of the monongahira is almost the northernmost part of the territory controlled by the Cherokees, while the location of the gaoshu tribe is the southernmost part of the territory controlled by the Cherokees. Except for the core members of the gaoshu tribe, no one knows why the high priest kabulu had to move so far.

And the stone bear from later generations, after hearing Hongyun talk about it, he knows why.

However, it involves the inside story of the highest level of a tribe, and it's a little far away from the era of his own life, so Shi Xiong doesn't care about this kind of thing.

Today's chief junaluska is a man in his forties with a slight fat figure. His figure has been a little deformed due to his long-term care.

However, there is no way to do this. Who let the Cherokee people be the actual controllers of this land with an area of 100000 square kilometers? And the rest of the tribes around this land, with the exception of the Crees, are not able to compete with the Cherokees. And now the Cherokee don't plan to expand, so junaluska, as a chief, naturally becomes relaxed and fat

"You are the guardian of the high priest cabulu?" Junaluska calmly looked at the big man opposite, and asked in an emotionless voice after the respectful salute.

The stone bear stood up straight and looked up at the chief who had a fight with the greasy uncle of later generations. Then he nodded and said, "yes, dear chief naruska, I am the guardian of the high priest of kabulu

The high priest sitting next to chief junaruska, who also wore the seven color headdress, nodded and said, "chief junaruska, this young man is indeed the guardian of high priest kabulu. Last year, I met this young man at the funeral of the last high priest kabulu, a very good young man."

Chief junaluska nodded slightly to the high priest as a sign of thanks.

Whether it is a tribe or the tribe under the tribe, sacrifice is extremely important, and even most of the tribe's high priests have a higher status than the chief in a sense. In other words, the chief is the leader in charge of specific affairs, while the high priest is the spiritual leader.

So junaruska, even if he is the chief of his family, must show enough respect to the high priest.

Turning his head, chieftain junaruska looked at the stone bear again and asked, "since you are the guardian of high priest kabulu, which is a very high status title in our tribe, why do you collude with the chekasa people? Don't you know that the chekasa people are our dead enemies? In addition, for the sake of a tribe of the chekasa, you even attacked the Yuchi people. You not only killed the two chief of the Yuchi people, but also burned the Yuchi court with a torch. Big bear, I just want to ask you, why do you do this

"Dear chief junaruska, can I make an excuse for this?"

Chief junaluska nodded. After all, the big man standing opposite is the guardian of the high priest kabulu. The high priest kabulu's face will be given before the final judgment.

"Dear chieftain junaluska, I want to ask you a question. Aren't Yuchi people our enemies?"

"Yes, Yuchi people are our enemies, but that was once. Since we have driven Yuchi people to the south of Lanwu, and Yuchi people have been honest for 200 years, our hostile relationship with Yuchi people has eased a lot. Compared with Yuchi people, chekasa is our enemy. The most important thing is that you have already angered the Crees by doing so, and the current situation of our tribe is not suitable to make the relationship with the Crees stiff. Because once the Crees start a war against us, it will put our whole tribe in an extremely dangerous situation, which is not what I want to see. We need to maintain a peaceful relationship with the Crees, rather than taking the initiative to provoke them. "

After a pause, chief junaruska continued seriously: "you can't fight against Yuchi people for the sake of a woman or a woman of chekasa. What you have done has seriously touched the bottom line of Kerry people, so, dashing bear, you need to pay for your behavior."

"The price?" The stone Bear looked up at the sky and gave a ha ha. Junaluska's second sentence just now also touched the untouchable place in his heart, "will you give me to the Kerry messenger and take me away, and then watch me be killed by the Kerry? Is that the price I have to pay? "

"Now that you understand, I don't need to explain to you much."

There was a smile on the stone bear's face. "Dear chief junaruska, the real reason for this is not what you heard from the Crees. As the party involved in this matter, I think I am more qualified to make a judgment on this matter. Dear chief, this is your territory. This is the seat of our entire Cherokee royal court. I don't think you can hand over the guardian of high priest kabulu for the sake of a Kerry messenger. This will seriously damage your reputation and the reputation of our whole tribe. So, as a Cherokee, I won't agree with your verdict! "

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