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Chapter: 299

When the stone bear wanted to challenge the "divine immunity", all the people in the whole Royal tent, including chieftain junaluska, tribal high priest and jorakrulu, never thought that this big man could challenge success, let alone that the most difficult "divine immunity" in the thousands of years of the whole clan history would be accomplished by this big man in such an easy way.

If they didn't see it with their own eyes, if they didn't know the soldiers guarding the pass, all the Cherokee people who are watching at the scene today think that these soldiers released water.

It's true that in the whole history of the tribe, there were not those who did not succeed in challenging the "divine immunity", but those who did succeed were all the most prestigious figures in the royal court. Only when the soldiers who guarded the pass voluntarily admitted defeat would those few people succeed.

But in the present challenge, the "divine immunity" people bet that the soldiers guarding the pass were absolutely not waterproof, and they did not directly admit defeat.

But the most impossible task in the history of the tribe was trampled on by the big man in such an easy way.

It's not that the soldiers guarding the pass are not strong enough, but that the big man who broke through the pass is too strong.

It's not that our army doesn't work hard, it's the enemy's strength

Except for the 50 elite soldiers who followed the stone bear, who always believed that the guardian of high priest kabulu would be invincible, others were all silly.

Especially the Kerry emissary who was invited to watch the challenge was even more silly.

As the leader of the "mountain foot River" tribe, the first guard tribe of the Royal Court of the Cree nationality, bighorn sheep did not hesitate to tell the chief of the Cree nationality that the big man who burned Yuchi royal court and killed two Yuchi chiefs in succession was from the Cherokee nationality, He also told the chief about the fight with the big man and the fact that the big man had so many sharp firearms.

If you don't say no, the soldiers led by this big man are so powerful that the bighorn sheep feel terrible. Therefore, the chief must know the news so that the chief can make corresponding judgments and actions.

After all, the Cherokee and the Kerry are the two most powerful tribes in this area. If the Cherokee soldiers all have those firearms, then the Kerry will fall completely behind.

Moreover, the bighorn sheep also took the initiative to assume the post of Kerry emissary, and took more than a dozen soldiers to wander in the mountains for more than a month before coming to the Cherokee royal court.

Yes, the emissary of the Cree is the bighorn sheep who once commanded the Yuchi people to chase and intercept the expedition team.

Originally, things went very smoothly. When the bighorn sheep made a threat on the pretext that the Cree wanted to avenge the Yuchi people, the chief of the Cherokee also reluctantly agreed to hand over the big man.

I didn't expect that this big man used such a fierce way to challenge "divine immunity", and even succeeded in challenging

As the leader of the first guard tribe of the Royal Court of the Cree nationality, the bighorn sheep does not know the difficulty and authority of this challenge? Now that the big man's challenge is successful, no one can challenge it, and the big man who challenges successfully can not only veto the decision made by the Cherokee chief, but also add a demand.

I thought I could easily take this big man away, but I didn't expect that it would be such a result. Big horn sheep was also silly.

But no matter how silly he is, no matter how he doesn't believe in the scene in front of him, the big man has succeeded in the real challenge. No one can question this, and no one dares to question it.

When the stone bear put the two iron sticks into the girdle on Huofeng's back, and was fully armed again, jorak Lulu announced the success of the stone bear's challenge to "divine immunity"!

"Big bear, congratulations on your success in challenging divine immunity. Well, my sentence is completely invalid, and I can also agree to the additional request you made before the challenge. You deserve it. "

"Dear chief junaruska, thank you for your generosity." The stone bear gave a chest caressing salute.

After that, the stone bear turned around and gave a chest salute to the smiling high priest, "Dear high priest bakaluzu, thank you for your blessing before the challenge. With your blessing, I can succeed in the challenge."

High priest bakaluzu is the current high priest of the Cherokee tribe. This skinny man, who looks like he is in his sixties but is only in his forties, laughs and says, "big bear, you are the hope of our Cherokee tribe. I knew that when I presided over the funeral of the last high priest kabulu last year. And what you've done proves your ability. You're really good. It seems that what high priest cabulus said about the son of God is not false

With these words, high priest bakaluzu actually stood up and gave a chest stroking salute to the stone bear, which made everyone present startled.

Although the high priest bakaluzu is not as famous as the high priest kabulu, he has been the high priest of Cherokee for nearly a hundred years. Even if the current chief junaluska is very respectful and polite when he meets the high priest bakaluzu, now the high priest even salutes the big man, This is just too subversive

Although the big man succeeded in challenging the "divine immunity", he was not qualified to be saluted by the high priest.

In particular, the big man even calmly accepted the gift, which is really

Chieftain junaruska on one side, however, heard something from what the high priest had just said, especially the "son of God", which made his brow slightly frown.

But chief junaluska couldn't think about it, so he heard the high priest continue to ask: "guardian, is the big bow on your back the one that shot two Yuchi chiefs in succession? And these things on you... "

Stone bear glanced at the Kerry emissary standing on one side and nodded slightly: "yes, dear high priest bakaluzu, I used this bow to kill the two chiefs of Yuchi people and some of their tribal leaders. As for these things..." stone Bear looked at bighorn sheep again, "after today's matter is over, I'll explain it to you and chief junaruska in detail. "

The high priest also looked at the bighorn sheep and nodded with a smile, but chief junaruska next to him made a request: "big bear, can you show me your big bow? Then show the high priest and our people your big bow? Ha ha, I've lived for so many years, and I've never seen such a big bow. "

The stone bear immediately nodded, then took off the big bow, stepped forward and handed it to chief junaluska with both hands.

"How heavy!" Chief junaluska took the bow in both hands and immediately exclaimed.

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