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Chapter: 3

In late autumn, the weather is usually good, so every day, the stone bear can vaguely see the sun sticking out from the top of the mountain on his left, and then slowly across the sky, all the way down to the mountains in the West.

The sun rises from the mountains on his left and then sets on his right. That's the whole day.

This process lasted for three times, and then the stone bear, who had been lying on a simple climbing plow made of branches, finally accepted the fact that he was crossing.

Three days is enough to make the memory of his previous life and the memory of his body completely merge together, and then the stone bear knows that even if he doesn't want to, the fact is that he doesn't want to be transferred by his own will, and he does cross.

In his previous life, because he wanted to visit and study in the Appalachian frontier Museum, stone bear made up for the history and knowledge of Tennessee Indians before he came here, so now he has generally understood his situation.

The memory from this new body has clearly told him that this era is the time when the "vasichu" people are busy - vasichu is the name of the North American Indians for the white people in Europe.

It was the time when a group of vasichus from England and a group of vasichus from France turned human brains into dog brains.

That's right. The reason why this body has been called "silly head" by others is that there is no way, because the former owner of this body is a mentally retarded person. A fool is not, but mentally retarded is for sure. Well, to use a more vivid metaphor, the former owner of this body is Forrest Gump, who is similar to the hero in the Hollywood movie Forrest Gump, whose IQ is only 75.

North American Indians often have three names in their life. One is the baby name when they were born, the other is the nickname when they were children, and the other is the correct name given by the clan.

For example, the nickname of this silly head is "big stone". The only reason for this name is that his mother gave birth to him when he was born next to a big stone, so his mother gave him a nickname "big stone" when he was born.

When he was 12 years old, he took part in the clan's first hunting battle because he had a fight with a half big black bear and successfully beat the half big black bear away, So the tribal leader "Gao Niu" affectionately named "Da Li Xiong" - which means "Da Li Xiong", a powerful man who can fight with giant bear.

As for the name "silly head", it was his childhood nickname, because the former owner of this body was a mentally retarded child like Forrest Gump, so the children around him put the name "silly head" on his head, and it was called from three to four years old to 16 years old. This nickname is even more famous than his clan name.

At this time, the stone bear was very clear that when he was visiting the Appalachian frontier Museum, he was really hit by a damn Cadillac, and then his soul went through more than 250 years of time and space, from 2019 to the mid-18th century, and finally attached himself to the dying Indian, replacing the mentally retarded man, He became the new "stupid head".

The reason why we can't determine which year we passed through is mainly because not only the former owner of the body doesn't know which year this year is, but also the whole tribe doesn't know which year this year should be A.D., and the tribe doesn't have its own chronology, so the stone bear doesn't know which year this year is.

However, according to the memory of the previous silly head, it is the time that the vassichuns from England beat the vassichuns from France, so the stone bear estimated that this year should be at the end of the famous "seven-year war", or even the end of the seven-year war.

Although this war lasted for a short time, it affected the whole Europe and the major overseas colonies of European powers. It was extremely fierce in Europe. In North America, a huge colony that Britain, France and the West had been fighting for many years, the war was also very fierce.

In the end, the rising Brits not only defeated the French on the European continent, but also beat the French in the new colony of North America.

If the memory of the former owner of the body is correct, this year is likely to be the last year of the seven-year war or the second year after the war.

This discovery makes the stone bear a little excited. Although he has been bumped through, he has come to an era that is not the worst. At least if this year is really the end of the seven-year war, then there are at least 20 years to go before the independence of the United States!

During this period, the thirteen colonies in North America were the weakest and the most active.

British nobles from across the Atlantic on the island of Great Britain issued a series of decrees, pressing the colonists of the thirteen colonies in North America.

And these people who come to the other side of the ocean and leave their homes all the way are ordinary people who can't live in Europe. Originally, they came to the new continent of North America with infinite hope to survive and make a fortune, but they did not expect that even if they fled to the new continent of North America, they would still be squeezed by those aristocrats from home.

Where there is oppression, there is resistance!

Even in this era, this sentence is still truer than pure gold!

Those nobles far away in the other end of the Atlantic will not let them go just because the criminals or the common people have fled to the new continent of North America. On the contrary, because of the continuous war in the European continent, these European countries have been unable to bear the burden. Now it is hard to find the new continent, and the common people of their own countries have established themselves there, and they are developing well, How can these European nobles let these common people go?

In the eyes of these European nobles, as long as they own the army, then even if they are thousands of miles away, they have to honestly exploit themselves!

As a result, this reckless exploitation finally triggered a series of resistance, and finally formed a huge wave that swept across the 13 colonies of North America, and then there was another country called the United States in the world!

This period of time, about 20 years!

In these three days, the stone bear with many memories of later generations made a decision. Today's North American Indians are not as miserable as those who lived alone in the United States. Compared with the wasichu, they are still more powerful. Even the wasichu need to win over these Indians.

However, these North American Indians are just a mess of sand. The Indians who have lived on this continent for tens of thousands of years have not formed a unified regime because of their infighting. In the end, they give the Americans the chance to break through each one by themselves!

The period from now to the time before the independence of the United States is the last and best period for North American Indians. Once this period has passed, there will be no shop in this village.

Now that I have come here and attached myself to an authentic Indian, why not take advantage of the last good time of this North American Indian to do something for future generations to remember myself forever?

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