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Chapter: 300

This big bow is certainly heavy.

This big bow is specially made for the stone bear to open a small stove. The body of the bow is made of steel plate, so that it can get more ejection force. In order to satisfy the bow body made of steel plate, the bowstring is made of the best tendons of four bison.

This big bow is wrong, that is, the stone bear, a guy with strange power, can pull it apart. Other people who can pull this bow have never seen the stone bear.

Even Dashan, the most powerful Archer of Xiaohe tribe, can pull the bow half way at most.

Chief junaluska felt that the bow was heavy and that it was necessary. This bow is really heavy for his physique.

The chief consciously didn't try to open the bow, which made him avoid a humiliation.

But he waved to the bone spear. When the bone spear came to him, the chief gave the big bow to the bone spear.

"Bone spear, you are the most powerful soldier in our tribe's royal court, including the four guard tribes. Let's see if you can pull this bow."

Bone spear blinked a little foolishly. The weight of the bow made him realize that if he wanted to pull the bow apart, he might not be able to do it.

However, since the chief spoke, bone spear held his breath and planned to have a try.

As a result, it was very embarrassing. The bone spear almost burst out the excrement. It only pulled the big bow a little more than half, far from the full bow.

However, this achievement has been better than the big mountain of Xiaohe tribe.

"Chief, I can't pull this bow..." although I was very ashamed, but the bone spear admitted it.

Chieftain junaluska's face flashed an imperceptible joy. He reached out and took the bow from the bone Spear's hand. Then he gave the big bow to the stone bear.

"Big bear, show us the big bow! Our people need a new legend. " With that, the chief gestured to the Kerry emissary with his eyes.

Stone bear where still don't understand the meaning of the chief, he took the big bow with a smile and said: "guarantee to live up to the mission!"

With that, the stone bear turned and walked out of the Royal tent again. As soon as he walked out of the Royal tent, all the people who had been watching outside roared together.

"Ruruka! Ruruka! Ruruka... "

The cry stunned the stone bear, even the chief junaruska, high priest bakaluzu and bone spear around him, but then their faces showed an irrepressible smile.

"Ruruka" is a kind of address in the Cherokee language, which means "brave".

Unlike the warrior, the brave is the most powerful warrior in the Cherokee race. Warriors are not easy to catch, but they are not uncommon among the Cherokee tribes who have been fighting for so many years. Like the bone spear, and the three soldiers guarding the second level, these super powerful soldiers can be called "Warriors".

But "brave" is different. Only the first warrior recognized by the overwhelming majority of the tribe is qualified to be called "brave".

Obviously, stone bear's success in challenging "divine immunity" just now has won the unanimous approval of the royal court and the majority of the four guardian tribes.

After all, everyone knows that even with the strength of the bone spear, he can never break through the challenge of "divine immunity".

But in front of this big man, but can easily break through, so who is the first warrior naturally self-evident.

Just now, the big tent of the royal court was open. Many people saw that the bone spear tried to pull the big bow which was too big. Of course, they also saw that the bone spear failed.

Now that big man with amazing figure came out with the big bow, everyone must be cheering.

The stone bear gave a little smile, and then said in a loud voice, "my dear people, who can help put a sheep on the distance of 600 steps?"

As soon as he said this, the crowd was in a commotion.

Obviously, this big man is going to shoot at a target 600 paces away with this big bow, which is just too shocking.

Six hundred steps is equivalent to a distance of 420 meters. At this distance, let alone hitting the target, even if a person stands there, it only looks the size of a finger. The most important thing is that no one here has ever heard of a bow with a range of 600 steps.

Not to mention 600 steps, even if it has a range of 140 steps, it is a strong bow to the letter.

Just when everyone was shocked, the horse clapped his horse, and he said in a loud voice: "come on, come with me!"

Immediately, a member of the royal family ran out. Of course, he was holding a wild sheep that had just been slaughtered in his arms.

A horse carrying two people away, soon, the two became smaller and smaller.

When the horse stopped, the two men got off the horse, hung the wild sheep that had just been slaughtered on a branch and began to wave their hands, the stone bear stepped forward, pulled out an iron arrow from the quiver, and then made a little strength in his arms, and the big bow was immediately pulled into a full moon.

So easy to open the bow, let the old face of bone spear suddenly red again.

The angle above the bow and arrow syncline is more than 30 degrees. At such a distance, we can only use this kind of near throwing method to shoot.

Of course, if the bow is at a 45 degree angle, the range can be increased, but there is no accuracy.

At a distance of 400 meters, if you use this angle to shoot, the stone bear will still have a 70% or 80% chance of hitting the target.

With a bang of the bow string, the dark iron arrow was shot out immediately. The dark arrow reflected a touch of brilliance under the sun. The next moment, under everyone's gaze, this brilliance is like a rainbow in the sky. In a very short period of time, it has crossed the distance of more than 400 meters and disappeared in a flash.

When Kuaima came back with the clansman and the sheep, all the people at the scene expressed their admiration.

The clansman who followed the horse excitedly said: "the arrow shot by the big man completely penetrated the wild sheep. It's terrible. If a person stood there, he would be killed directly by this arrow. This arrow is terrible

Chief junaluska also asked with a smile: "big bear, is that how you shot the two chiefs of Yuchi people?"

The stone bear shook his head with a smile and said, "no, at that time, the distance between those two guys and me was within 400 steps. If they stand at a distance of 600 steps, I have only 70% to 80% confidence that they can shoot with one arrow. But as long as they stand within 400 steps and I shoot them with this big bow, there will be only one result for them, that is death

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