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Chapter: 304

The time that high priest bakaluzu served as tribal high priest was not too long, only a few years.

The last tribal high priest got a strange disease and died suddenly. When he got sick, he was shaking all over and hot and cold. After a few days, he began to be in a coma, and then he didn't wake up. After a few days, he belched

Naturally, people in this era can't recognize cerebral malaria as a malignant infectious disease. It's just strange how this malignant infectious disease, which is usually found in Africa, spread to the new continent of North America.

Anyway, the last Cherokee high priest was killed by cerebral malaria.

Because the disease was so overwhelming, the last high priest had no time to appoint his successor from his shaman doctors.

Bakaluzu was a great witch doctor at that time. With his superb medical skills, he saved many people. As a result, the high priest died, and there was no appointed high priest to take over, so they jointly elected bakaluzu as the new high priest of the Cherokee people.

However, bakaluzu worshipped the legendary high priest kabulu very much. Otherwise, when Hongyun's mother died last year, he would not have personally come to the gaoshu tribe to preside over the funeral.

Now that the stone bear has sent out an invitation, he certainly wants to go with him.

The reason why the stone bear sent out such an invitation and said that the high priest kabulu might make some changes was also purposeful.

Long ago, stone bear instilled some things into Hongyun, such as how to become a real spiritual leader, how to better control the thoughts of the people, how to continue to publicize the reputation of high priest kabulu, and so on.

In fact, one of the purposes is to make the high priest kabulu the greatest sacrifice on this continent.

In order to unify the new continent of North America, it is not enough to rely on force alone. Although it can promote the unification in a short time, the Indians living on this continent must have a reliable spiritual leader if they want to maintain this kind of rule for a long time.

Shi Xiong thinks it's good for Hongyun to be the spiritual leader.

So when he came to the royal court, Shi Xiong once discussed with Hong Yun that if there was any trouble in the royal court, he would use the name of high priest kabulu.

Hongyun doesn't mind.

That's why the stone bear, in the name of high priest kabulu, invited chief junaluska to visit the gaoshu tribe.

Looking at the whole Cherokee race, there are only a few people who can move the chief, and the high priest kabulu is definitely one of the top ones.

Most importantly, at such a sensitive time, chieftain junaruska also wanted to hear from high priest kabulu.

In the same words, although high priest kabulu has not been in the royal court for a long time, the legend of high priest kabulu is enduring.

The magical prophecy is not for fun. The Cherokee people have been able to survive for so many years. In the most difficult time when they were expelled from the Great Lakes region, the high priest kabulu guided the tribe to complete the migration.

Chieftain junaruska is also very interested in what the stone bear said. If he can really conquer the Crees with a thousand people, as the big man said, chieftain junaruska will never miss this opportunity.

Just do this in the end, as a clan chief junaluska still need to verify from many aspects.

The opinion of the high priest cabulus is undoubtedly the most important.

Moreover, chief junaruska also wanted to see the contemporary high priest kabulu with his own eyes.

Therefore, the matter of chief junaruska carrying high priest bakaluzu and the high leaders of red city alliance and white city alliance to high priest kabulu tribe was settled smoothly.

Although the Indian chief of this era was not as good as the emperor of that country in the west of the Pacific Ocean, he needed a lot of people to accompany him.

In particular, protection is indispensable.

The importance of the chief to a tribe is self-evident, which is the symbol of a tribe. Even the smallest tribe is like this.

It's like if the stone bear hadn't shot and killed the two chief of Yuchi people in succession, the Kerry people wouldn't have been so angry.

If you kill all the other people's chieftains, or just kill two of them as soon as you kill them. As the boss of Yuchi people, it's strange if the Kerry people are not angry. It's worse than slapping Kerry in the face.

As the chieftain of the Cherokee people, junaluska's travel safety naturally needs the highest protection. Not to mention the people who followed him to the gaoshu tribe, such as the high priest, the big leaders of the red city alliance and the white city alliance.

It's no exaggeration to say that if the Crees can get rid of this team, the whole Cherokee will be in chaos for a long time.

However, it is almost impossible for other tribes to kill this team with their cold weapons.

A total of 1000 elite soldiers were selected by the four guard tribes and the royal court to accompany them. These soldiers alone are enough to wipe out small tribes like Yuchi people.

Not to mention that the route of this team was in the hinterland of the Cherokee people, and it was impossible for a large group of foreign troops to appear on this route.

As for small groups of troops, when they come, they will deliver food.

After walking out of monongahira, this huge team marched southward along the valley between the later Blue Ridge Mountains.

In order to meet the arrival of the chief and his party, Kuaima and ten firemen rode to gaoshu tribe early. After all, it was the arrival of the chief, and gaoshu tribe had to make preparations for reception.

Along the way, although all of them are mountainous areas, the valleys of the Lanling mountains are relatively gentle, and it is not difficult to walk.

However, because the number of the team is too large, so the speed of the team is not fast.

After seven or eight days of walking in this way, a big river appeared in front of the team, which was the barrier bend in the north of gaoshu tribe, that is, the Tennessee River of later generations.

Hongyun, accompanied by Dajiao and others, had been waiting by the river for a long time.

It's impossible to build a bridge on the big bend which is hundreds of meters wide and the current is fast. However, if so many people are transported by canoe, it is estimated that it will take at least half a month.

Fortunately, the stone bear has been preparing for crossing the river for a long time, so the Daqingshan tribe near Dawan has made many thick iron chains early.

Two heavy iron chains are drawn from the South Bank of the river to the north bank. After they are fixed on both sides of the river, the most important connecting chain of a floating bridge is formed.

With these two heavy iron chains as the connecting chain, only a thick log needs to be fixed every few meters in the middle, and then wooden boards are laid on the log, so that a simple floating bridge can be completely formed.

This kind of floating bridge has no problem for cars and horses with small carrying capacity.

Chief junaluska was also surprised when he saw this kind of floating bridge

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