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Chapter: 311

Chief junaluska's face was a little disappointed by Shi Xiong's explanation. He only saw the power of the grenade loaded with bitter and not sour medicine launched by the catapult, but he didn't know that there would be a great limit to make bitter and not sour medicine in this era.

In particular, even in the old world, benzene powder can only be extracted from coal tar, and its output is very small. And now the purity of benzene powder extracted from coal tar is not high.

It was not until 1834, more than 70 years later, that the method of extracting high-purity benzene powder from coal tar was invented by German Runge.

Therefore, even if there is benzene powder in the old world in this era, the power of bitter not acid produced can't be compared with the kind of bitter not acid that appeared one hundred years later.

However, in this period, this kind of medicine was fierce enough. Once it was used, it would be so fierce that even the European colonists would give up.

"If there is no such raw material, how much more can you make with this kind of medicine?" Chief junaluska is clearly not giving up.

"Not much." Shi Xiong said with certainty, "after all, a lot of benzene powder was consumed in the study of this kind of fierce medicine. Now the remaining benzene powder can only make 40 or 50 such grenades at most. However, the British major who traded salt with us has already left for the old continent. In the next six months, he should provide us with some benzene powder, but I can't guarantee the quantity. "

"Doesn't that mean we can't use this powerful medicine anymore?"

"Ha ha, chief, I can't say that. Even if there is no such kind of grenade, we still have the grenade and cartridge made of black powder. It's not as powerful as this kind of grenade, but it's more than enough to hit the Kerry. "

Stone bear explained with a smile, and then continued: "chief, tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll show you another weapon I've developed. Well, by the way, let's test a grenade filled with black powder. If it's too big, we'll just increase the charge. "

Shi Xiong's words are not nonsense. Because they have made handgrenades before, the stone bear knows that if the grenade is filled with more than 400 grams of black powder, its power is also very good.

After all, the shell of this kind of shrapnel is cast by fragment technology when it is cast. That is to say, when this kind of shrapnel explodes, the shell will explode according to the fragment grid reserved during casting. In theory, one shrapnel can produce 16 fragments.

Of course, if you want to continue to increase the destructive power, you can add a little iron sand when you load black powder into it, and the power will be greater.

Four hundred grams of black powder is enough to blow up the shell of this kind of grenade completely. At that time, the fragments of the shell or the iron sand filled in the shell will cause great damage to the enemy. It may not be as powerful as kuweisuan, but its killing effect is absolutely good.

The most important thing is that the amount of bitter acid is limited, but the black powder stone bear has it.

The fact also proved that Shi Xiong's inference was reasonable, because in the next day's test, the explosive effect of this kind of grenade filled with 400 grams of black powder was not as good as kuweisuan mengzha, but when it was filled with a small handful of iron sand, its lethality was not much worse than that of the grenade filled with kuweisuan mengzha alone.

The scattered iron sand and fragments also made a mess near the explosion point. If someone is concentrated near the explosion point, the number of casualties is absolutely considerable.

What shocked chief junaruska and his party most was the power of the heartless cannon. After all, it was a ten kilogram Zha cartridge explosion, which was filled with a lot of iron sand and pieces. The acousto-optic effect after the explosion and the situation near the explosion point changed chief junaluska's face.

Compared with the bitter acid fierce charge grenade, the ten kilogram black charge charge package launched by heartless gun is undoubtedly better!


"Dear chieftain junaruska, you can see the weapons we have, so if we have 400 riflemen, plus 100 grenades and 10 heartless guns, how many talents do you think the Crees need to break through our defense circle?" In the meeting hall of gaoshu tribe, a group of high-level officials of gaoshu tribe and chief junaruska sat together, and the stone bear simply raised this question.

Don't you always suspect that I can't lead a thousand people to conquer the Crees? Then I'll show you the thermal weapon in my hand, and see how powerful this thermal weapon is, which is at least one hundred years ahead of this era.

Now that you have seen it, it's time to give a definite answer.

In fact, chieftain junaruska had discussed this question with jorakulu and bonspear before the meeting. As a result, the answers given by jorakulu and bonspear made chieftain junaruska look very ugly.

Because the answer given by the two leaders is very simple - a thousand men team with such firepower is almost impossible to be defeated.

"If 5000 soldiers of the four guard tribes are allowed to compete with such a thousand people team, the 5000 soldiers of the four guard tribes will collapse if they can't get close to 300 steps of the thousand people team," said the leader of the bone spear tribe, one of the four guard tribes of the Cherokee court. The power of that small catapult is too terrible, and the firing speed is too fast. Our soldiers will collapse completely if they can't withstand such damage. "

The chief of the red city alliance, Jora cruru, said: "it's wrong that all the soldiers of the whole Cherokee tribe should gather together and then take turns to attack the position of the thousand man team regardless of their death. As long as the soldiers don't collapse, they can defeat the thousand man team. But I'm afraid the proportion of casualties we pay will reach a point that we can't afford at all... "

Although Jorah cruru did not give a specific judgment answer, the answer he gave made chief junaluska look even worse.

I'm kidding. To gather all the soldiers of the whole Cherokee people, that's close to 40000 people. How can all these people be gathered?

Even after the Cherokee had just moved to the south to fight with the Powhatans, they did not gather all the soldiers of the tribe together. And such a thousand people team needs all the soldiers of the whole tribe to deal with, which is really terrible.

Just because he had the answer in his heart, chieftain junaluska did not answer the question of the stone bear at all, but simply asked, "guardian, if I give you a thousand people, plus the 400 riflemen in your hand, are you sure you can defeat the Crees completely?"

Stone bear nodded with a smile. Although he was smiling, there was a very positive expression in his smile.

"Dear chief junaruska, I think you should have your own judgment. But since you have asked, I still want to tell you with great certainty that I am sure to beat the Kerry with 1000 people. If there are 400 more people, then I will be more confident. "

After a pause, the stone bear thought a little before continuing to say: "but I still need a few months of preparation time. Once I'm ready, give me another half a year, I can completely defeat the Kerry."

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