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Chapter: 313

All of the gaoshu tribe brought great surprise to chieftain junaluska, high priest bakaluzu, chieftain jorakuluru, chieftain bonspear and a group of soldiers who followed.

Although Jorah krulu had just been here some time ago, he didn't have time to see everything in the gaoshu tribe. In addition, the stone bear was wary of this guy at that time, so he didn't show him some hidden things.

Now the misunderstanding between the two people has been completely eliminated. After the stone bear successfully challenged the "divine immunity", Jorah krulu became a little fan of the stone bear. In addition, this time, the stone bear invited chief junaluska here to show them these things. Therefore, the high tree tribe shows these things, Let this group of Cherokee people at the top of the core of the direct dumping.

If the sharp firearms bring them great shock and surprise after shock, then the delicious, delicious and smoked ones in the tribe bring them the purest joy.

Whether it's drinks or cigarettes, they've never seen them before. Although they also enjoyed these things at the dinner party on the first night when they just came to gaoshu tribe, they all had things in mind at that time, so they didn't taste these good things carefully.

When the things in their hearts are completely put down, and then they come back to enjoy these good things, they can fully feel the magic of these good things.

A group of tribal leaders, including chieftain junaruska, used to smoke pipes. Where have they ever seen cigarettes. They have smoked pipe all their lives since they were small, and they never thought that their tobacco leaves could be processed in this way.

In particular, the flash or blow on the fire fold, is to let them surprise artifact. That look is no different from the expression of the people of gaoshu tribe when they first saw huozhezi.

Mo Mo Cao led a group of women to brew high-level wine, which made this group of high-level drink more enjoyable. Compared with Europeans, Indians living in the new world of North America are the real drunkards. They are definitely the kind of owners who don't die when they see wine.

Don't you see that even the stable high priest bakaluzu has been drinking several times for several days?

In a fine, delicious wine, Baijiu can hardly resist the charm of the descendants of "the combination of Fire God and water god". Even in the eyes of these people, it looks like a jade.

Nothing else, just drink!

Thanks to the harvest of summer and autumn crops of gaoshu tribe this year, otherwise the wine would not be enough for these guys.

If there is wine, there must be food and wine. The skills of stir frying shown by the women of gaoshu tribe to the high-level members of the tribe make these people's mouths full of oil.

In the words of the high priest bakaluzu - compared with these delicious fried dishes, the food we ate before was just for dogs.

A group of tribal leaders expressed serious agreement with the words of high priest bakaluzu!

Cigarette, wine and stir fry are the only three things that tie the steps of chief junaluska and his party.

Now that we have decided to live a few more days from the gaoshu tribe, let's take a look at the changes of the gaoshu tribe.

So the small nose rings on the noses of the tamed bison once again opened the eyes of chief junaluska and his party.

In any case, they did not expect that these fierce bison would be controlled by such a small iron ring, and they were clever and tight, which was really unexpected.

However, the labor ability shown by the taming of bison also made a group of high-level tribes secretly surprised. In the future, if you tame all the bison in the wilderness, oh no, even some of them, the strength of the Cherokee people will be changed.

So chief junaruska quietly remembered how to tame the bison.

Of course, they also see those exquisite salt that people can't bear to start with.

They have never seen such exquisite salt since they were young. Compared with the coarse salt particles or lumps traded from the pamangis, the white and delicate salt is the best gift from the gods.

But chief junaluska knew that even if he had learned how to make these exquisite salt, it would not be easy to promote it. After all, the method of making salt is easy to learn, but it's hard to find salt mines like xiaoyanshan.

However, stone bear was very generous to teach chief junaluska the method of salt making. Of course, it was very necessary to tell him not to spread it. Chieftain junaluska is not a fool. He naturally knows the advantages of this thing. How can he spread it?

This method is only in the hands of the Cherokee people.

As for coking, steelmaking, burning cement and glass, chief junaluska and his party could not learn them.

It looks simple, but it's not so easy to do. The temperature and time needed for coking and the temperature and decarbonization process needed for steel-making can not be explained by mouth alone, which requires a lot of practical work experience.

Anyway, chieftain junaruska and his party are very happy with this trip to gaoshu tribe, otherwise they will never know that such a magical tribe has appeared under their own rule.

Chief junaruska, in particular, knows that if this model of the gaoshu tribe can be popularized in the whole clan, then the rise of the Cherokee will be unstoppable. But he also understands that this model seems to be unable to be replicated and promoted in a period of time, which is really a pity

While chieftain junaruska and his party were indulging in the changes of gaoshu tribe, bighorn sheep, the leader of Dahe tribe at the foot of mountain, the first guard tribe of Keri royal court, returned to the Royal Court of the tribe with more than a dozen soldiers.

From the Cherokee royal court to the dakri royal court, they need to trek in the mountains for more than half a month, and then walk from the hills and plains for nearly ten days. The long journey made him tired to death, but when he arrived at the Royal Court of the tribe, he didn't take time to rest and went directly to the royal court to meet with chief kolmak.

As a chieftain who has been inherited for hundreds of years, today's Chieftain kolmak has lost the pioneering spirit of his ancestors, and now the chieftain kolmak has completely become a fat middle-aged man.

But after hearing the story of the bighorn sheep, the fat chief lost his temper and thought that his neighbor in the north had insulted the Cree. He even wanted to gather the soldiers of the tribe to look for face in the north.

If the bighorn sheep didn't have a high prestige in the tribe and persuade the fat man, maybe the war between the Crees and the Cherokees would have happened in a month

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