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Chapter: 314

"Chief, we can't just do this to the Cherokees." In the open court account, bighorn sheep resolutely dissuades the angry chief kolmark.

"Why? Bighorn, tell me why we can't fight the Cherokees? Now the Cherokees are not feeling well either. There are powerful enemies in the East and west of their royal court. It is said that the Iroquois alliance in the north is also eyeing the tribe that used to be in the alliance. Now it can be said that it is the most dangerous time for the Cherokees. When will we not attack at this time? Those damn Cherokees occupy the best part of the Appalachian Mountains, which should belong to us, the Crees. "

Fat chief kolmak got up in a rage and began to pace back and forth in the wide tent.

Like the Cherokees to the north, the Royal Court of the Cree was a huge animal skin tent. It seems that the large tribes of North American Indians like to use animal skin tents. It's true of the Cherokee, and it's true of the Cree.

Looking at the angry chief, bighorn sheep can't help sighing to himself. This friend who has been playing with him since childhood seems to be getting more and more angry. The most important thing is that he is now more and more unable to listen to advice.

"Colmark, will you listen to me?" Bighorn sheep obviously didn't want to give up on the chief's persuasion and said it out loud. Although he was only the leader of the Royal Guard tribe, he was also the playmate of chief kolmak when he was a child. They supported each other from childhood to adulthood. Up to now, their relationship and feelings are naturally different. That's why the bighorn sheep spoke to the chief in such a tone.

The most important thing is that the big horn sheep drove out all the people in the big tent after entering the king's tent. Only he and the chief were left in the big king's tent.

The Bighorn's words stopped chief kolmark and turned to look at him.

"As I said just now, it was very smooth to go to the Cherokee people this time, and their chief also promised to bring back the big man who slaughtered the Yuchi people to me, but the big man was terrible, really terrible..."

"How terrible can it be? Didn't they just break through the challenge of their Cherokee divine immunity? It's not that you haven't dealt with that big man before. Even if that big man beat you before, you never said that. Bighorn sheep, are you really frightened by that man? " Chief kolmark impolitely interrupted bighorn sheep and began to question.

"No! It's not like that The bighorn sheep also stood up and walked to chief kolmak in two steps. His eyes were fixed on the chief's eyes and he continued: "it was the big man who brought them. What the soldiers showed made me afraid! Those soldiers are armed with muskets

"What's the matter? A few days ago, when you went to Yuchi tribe, didn't you also fight with the soldier led by the big man? At that time, you said the soldiers were terrible. They had vasichu's muskets. But what happened? Big horn sheep, have your courage and fearlessness been worn out

"No, colmark, the courage and fearlessness of the Bighorn have never been lost. I only said these words out of consideration for our soldiers! Kolmak, you haven't directly faced those Cherokees with muskets, but I have personally faced them. In particular, they have a powerful weapon that can send out thunder, and our soldiers can't deal with it.... "

"You said all that! Bighorn sheep, I need you to give me an explanation. Why do you want to stop me from launching an expedition against the Cherokees? "

"Not yet! Our soldiers need more preparation. Our soldiers need to be equipped with something more effective against Cherokee muskets, so that our soldiers will not be slaughtered by Cherokee muskets! In front of those damned muskets, the bone knives and spears in our soldiers' hands are not worth mentioning. If we don't make enough preparations, our soldiers can only be slaughtered in front of those muskets! I won't allow our soldiers to die in vain, colmark

"But no sacrifice, no victory. Have you forgotten that? "

"Colmark, I can't forget that. It's a piece of advice from our ancestors. However, sacrifice can not be indifferent to sacrifice, even if our soldiers sacrifice, they must sacrifice valuable. It's not sacrifice. It's death in vain. Colmark, you haven't seen the power of the Cherokee muskets, but I've seen them with my own eyes. It's really terrible. No matter how powerful you are, you are vulnerable in front of a firegun, which is no different from a turkey. Colmark, we can't let our soldiers die in vain. "

The Bighorn's words calmed colmark's anger a little. He hesitated and asked, "Bighorn, is the Cherokee's musket really so powerful?"

"More than you think! Last time I directed the Yuchi people to pursue the 100 Cherokees, more than 1000 Yuchi people surrounded them on a small beach. Originally, I thought that they could kill the Cherokees with a single effort. As a result, the Cherokees killed hundreds of Yuchi people with their muskets under my eyes, and they killed the Yuchi people completely. Although those Yuchi people are useless, there are more than one thousand people in the end. They were killed by only one hundred people. It's really terrible. I don't think our soldiers would be any better if they were against the muskets. Therefore, we must find a way to equip our soldiers with equipment that can withstand those guns, or we will die in vain! "

Colmarke was completely silenced by the Bighorn's words, and it took him a long time to ask, "so how can we guard against the Cherokee muskets? Also, can we find a way to trade some muskets from vasichu? The Spaniards in the South have a lot of muskets. They are active in our territory. Can we trade some muskets with them? "

The bighorn sheep shook his head and said, "chief, I'm afraid it's not easy to trade muskets with Spaniards. Those Spaniards won't trade muskets to us easily. It's like none of those vasichos would do that. I think we should think about how to resist those guns. "

"Do you have any idea?"

"I don't have a clue for the moment, but I think we can find a way if we think about it. Is that better than sending our soldiers to death? So, kolmak, we can't fight the Cherokees easily, we need time to prepare! "

This time, chief kolmark was completely silent.

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