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Chapter: 315

Although chief kolmak was very aggressive just now, as a big horned sheep who played with him since he was a child, he knew that it was the best performance of his good friend and boss.

Since he was a child, he has been fond of all kinds of performances. Whether it's cute or charming, he always comes at his fingertips. If bighorn sheep knows that in 150 years' time there will be a Hollywood in the westernmost place called Los Angeles, then bighorn sheep will surely understand that this good friend will have a special name in the future - born to play.

When his father, the last chief, appointed his successor, it was because he was so good at acting that eventually the chief's throne fell to his bottom.

And usually, once something big happens in the tribe, his friend will always rely on a variety of "play", let his subordinates do something willingly.

It has to be said that being able to perform for a lifetime is also a skill.

It's just that there are only two of us in the whole account, and I know how much money you have on your ass. why do you play this with me?

The bighorn sheep won't say that. After all, the dignity of friends needs to be maintained. The bighorn sheep can distinguish this.

"Colmark, maybe we trade muskets from Spaniards, and those Spaniards won't agree. But if we can develop a kind of equipment that can resist the fire of muskets, we can discuss with those Spaniards and use their muskets to test our new equipment. If our new equipment can resist the fire of muskets, or reduce the power of muskets to a minimum, then we are sure to fight the Cherokees. " Continued the Bighorn.

Chief kolmark nodded in silence.

He didn't know that the neighbor in the North was a very powerful tribe? Even though the Kerry people are already very strong, they do not have much advantage over their northern neighbor. The fundamental reason why the two powerful tribes have been able to maintain a delicate balance for hundreds of years is that both sides know each other's strength.

Of course, if the two tribes are really desperate to fight, one tribe will surely win the final victory, but even if it is a victory, it is absolutely a tragic victory, and the probability is very small. And the biggest probability is that both sides will lose, and then the two powerful tribes will be immediately annexed or expelled by the surrounding small and medium-sized tribes.

It is precisely because both sides know this truth and fear each other that the two powerful tribes have maintained a situation of non aggression for hundreds of years.

How could chief kolmak not know that the Yuchi people could not make the two powerful tribes fight.

However, as the chief of a large tribe, he has to express his attitude

Looking at the serious bighorn sheep, colmark suddenly felt a little guilty. He could only smile awkwardly and said, "then how about this matter for you? What you need is the full support of the tribe. "

Big horn sheep Leng for a while, then silently nodded.

The stone bear, far to the north of Dawu Mountain, will not know what happened in the accounts of the Royal Court of the Cree nationality.

He's having a headache, green Skylark.

Chieftain junaluska was very well behaved when they were there. However, chieftain junaluska also heard about the relationship between the sister and brother and the guardian bear, but they didn't mind that they were chekasa.

As a matter of fact, there are more than 200 chekasa people in gaoshu tribe. They are all women and children from Xiaohe tribe.

Chief junaluska, they are too happy to see so many women and children integrated into the gaoshu tribe. How can they oppose it?

As native Indians, in their mind, the war between tribes is not to kill each other as the main purpose, but to conquer and integrate each other, that is the biggest victory.

Population is always the most important thing for the North American Indian tribes in this era. This is also why after the wars between the Indian tribes in North America, they usually end up with the failure of the tribes to leave, and there are few cases of extermination.

The fact that the gaoshu tribe can integrate so many chekasa people without waging war is a great achievement in itself. Who cares about anything else?

Especially as the past, chief junaruska, how can they not see the green skylark's mind for the guardian?

As like as two peas, her twin sister is the lover of the guardian. Now that her sister is gone, is it not the right place to take over the sister's sister who is almost the same as her sister?

Because chieftain junaluska and high priest bakaluzu teased the green skylark in front of the stone bear. When chieftain junaluska and his party left the gaoshu tribe, the green Skylark got the "Shangfang sword". Originally, it was still a little secretive, and immediately became aboveboard.

Stone bear also knows the girl's mind, but his heart is full of white clouds, how can he start with white clouds' sister? Although my sister-in-law's ass is half that of her brother-in-law's, the problem is that the stone bear really can't get around this bend now.

Even if little stone's brother-in-law encourages the stone bear to take the second sister green Skylark to the stone bear's house, but the stone bear can't do it.

But the stone bear's retreat didn't make the green Skylark any retreat, on the contrary, it made the girl even worse.

Usually, whether cooking or washing, this girl almost all wrapped round, and do that called a no regrets. Originally, there were several unmarried girls in the gaoshu tribe who also wanted to fight with the guardian. As a result, the green Skylark came to fight with others one by one, which scared all the little girls to retreat one by one.

Then the green Skylark began to take care of the stone bear's job alone, and she did it like a drink.

What else can stone bear do except smile? For the green Skylark girl, the stone bear knows that if he refuses very hard, in terms of the girl's temperament, he will do something bad if he is not sure.

So it's just going to drag on.

Anyway, when the spring blooms next year, I will lead the team to fight again. Can't you hide if you can't stir it up?

And now the most important work is to train the 1000 soldiers from the Tennessee tribe as soon as possible. With the 1000 Tennessee soldiers and the 400 Musketeers from the high tree tribe, it is the foundation to conquer the Kerry people.

The stone bear has never doubted whether 1400 people can conquer the Kerry people, whose number is close to 100000. If there were only Musketeers, the stone bear would not dare to make a guarantee, but now it has a longer range and more powerful catapult, so the stone bear has a better grasp of conquering the Cree with such a little man.

I can't say it's 10% sure, but 90% sure!

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