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Chapter: 319

Of course, Jorah krulu was angry. One was that he was worried that this would make the guardian angry. The other was that he didn't want his subordinates to lose face in gaoshu tribe.

No one else has seen the power of this big bow, but jorak Lulu has seen it with his own eyes. In the royal court, the guardian threw this big bow, which made all the powerful soldiers in the royal court lose face.

Even the tribal leaders who were as powerful as bone spear had nothing to do with the bow. Chief junaluska, who let bone spear open the bow, lost face once. Jorakrulu didn't want to lose face with him.

As a result, I didn't expect that one didn't notice that the men who were fighting on the front line all the year round still died

Looking at the men under his command, their faces turned red one by one. At last, jorak Lulu could only stifle his anger and turned it into a long sigh.

"In the future, we must respect and respect the guardian! The guardian's ability is not what you can imagine. This big bow is just a little reflection of the guardian's strength. Later, you will know how powerful the guardian is! Not only the guardian, but also the soldiers he trained are very powerful. " Jorak Lulu said very sincerely.

Seeing that some of the soldiers were not convinced, Jorah krulu glared at the soldiers. Then he said, "if you are not convinced, you can see how powerful the musketeers of gaoshu tribe are."

Seeing that the leader of his family said so seriously, the soldiers with unconvinced faces paid attention to it.

Later, they saw the strength of the Musketeers in the gaoshu tribe.

Stone bear left before that is to arrange this thing.

He saw that the thousand soldiers who came from crooked ear tribe with Jorah krulu were really elite, and they had absolutely seen blood. However, it is not so easy for such soldiers to convince them.

Stone bear has never thought that the big bow can make these soldiers all convinced, he threw the big bow just to get a aboveboard name.

Now the name has come into being, but if we want these elite soldiers to really be convinced, we have to let them see a more powerful existence.

This existence is the 400 riflemen of gaoshu tribe.

It should be said that the musketeers of this era have stricter requirements for actual combat and orders. In this era when the firing rate of muskets is generally only three rounds per minute, we can only rely on the firing method of platoon to ensure the density and consistency of bullets. If the muskets of this era can't guarantee the density and continuity of bullets, they are no different from firesticks.

Therefore, platoon is now the most popular way of fighting in the whole European continent.

It doesn't matter that my musket is slow. I'll take turns! If two rows are not enough, I'll get four, six or even more rows of musketeers.

The famous Spanish Square is the pinnacle of platoon.

Although Shi Xiong now has a back loaded rifles that are decades ahead of this era, the firing speed of the muskets still can't reach the level that the enemy can be stopped 100 meters away without using the platoon guns. Therefore, Shi Xiong's training for the tribal Musketeers is still platoon guns.

But if we want to fight the platoon well, if we want to fight the platoon continuously, we must have strict orders and a group of soldiers who strictly carry out the orders. In particular, the latter is the most important.

After all, the range of muskets in this era is similar to that of bows and arrows in the hands of North American Indians, and even if it is far away, it is limited. And when the Musketeers face a large group of Indians who are far more than themselves, with colorful patterns on their faces, and with bows, arrows, bone spears and other weapons in their hands, the psychological pressure is quite great.

However, in this era, the effective range of the gun was only 90 meters, while the range of the bow and arrow in the hands of the Indians was about 70 meters or so, and the safe distance between the two was only less than 20 meters.

Most of the time, the Musketeers can't even rotate the first two rows, and the enemy rushes within the range of their bows and arrows. Once the enemy rushes into this distance, the firemen will face casualties or even great casualties.

People are people because they think more. Animals in the face of life and death crisis also know how to escape, let alone people?

So at this time, once there are heavy casualties in the riflemen, then the whole riflemen will face the situation of collapse.

If you want not to collapse, one is that the soldiers are smart enough to strictly carry out the orders, the other is that the soldiers must have the courage and spirit to face danger.

The former is easy to say, and can be achieved through continuous training. But the latter is hard to say, it must be through constant combat, let them constantly face this situation can exercise out.

This is also why those veterans in World War I and World War II will be so calm in the face of life and death.

These veterans, who are used to seeing the death of their enemies and comrades in arms, have long been numb to their own life and death

The musketeers of gaoshu tribe are obviously not up to the level of veterans, but it's OK to train them to be a group of soldiers who strictly follow orders.

At the beginning of the expedition with 30 soldiers from gaoshu tribe to Yuchi people was undoubtedly very correct. These 30 soldiers took part in the expedition against Yuchi people and got full training from the perspective of actual combat. The most important thing is that these 30 soldiers, like seeds, take root and sprout among the 400 riflemen, and then they can lead and protect a group of rookies on the battlefield to grow rapidly.

These 30 soldiers have gone through several wars, especially in the days when they attacked Yuchi King court and finally escaped from Shengtian, they completely understood how to use the firearm battle, how to fight with the platoon guns, and how to keep calm when facing the enemy who is ten times or even more than ten times more than their own number.

Though they can't really transform into veterans through those battles, they can already be called qualified soldiers.

With these 30 soldiers as guidance, it is equivalent to having 30 excellent instructors among the 400 riflemen. Even if one person takes twelve, these four hundred riflemen can at least become a group of recruits who know what to do and what to do after months of strict training.

As long as they take part in a few battles, these recruits will soon grow into a qualified soldier, and then become a real elite veteran!

Although these 400 Musketeers can only meet the standard of recruits of later generations, compared with the soldiers of waier tribe, these 400 musketeers are undoubtedly the best among the elite. They will also show the 1000 soldiers from waier tribe what is discipline and what is prohibition!

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