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Chapter: 320

"In the whole winter training this year, about 400 of you will become Musketeers, but whether you can become a qualified Musketeer is not decided by me, but by your own performance! If you can do what they do, then you can be selected from these 1000 people and become a firearm! " The voice of the stone bear reverberates in this huge training base, and in the area not far away from him, the thousand soldiers from Wai Er tribe all stare at this team.

Although walking in unison can't be compared with walking in full stride, when four hundred people walk in front of the thousand people with neat steps and loud chants, the momentum still makes the soldiers of the thousand crooked ears look a little silly.

Where have they ever seen such a neat team? In the past, whether they were hunting or fighting with the chekasa people, they were always in a vast area. They had no array or tactics. Some of them had only blood and courage to die.

However, this kind of momentum, which is quite different from the blood and the courage of fearing death, makes these tough men look straight. In any case, they did not expect that they could walk out of such a momentum.

These guys are not fools. They are all fierce fighters who have killed people and seen blood. Although they don't know what the neat array is for, their instinct tells them that the neat array is very useful, absolutely useful.

Anyway, these guys know they can't walk out of such a neat array.

"See? This neat array is also a powerful tool. This kind of array is different from your previous prevailing worship of individual force, but it can integrate the force of all people, and integrate the scattered individual force into a powerful collective, so as to play a greater role. " The voice of the stone bear continued to reverberate.

"It's like these sticks." The stone bear's hand conjures a wooden stick with thick thumb, and people's eyes are all focused on his hands.

"You can easily break a stick like this." Said, the stone bear hands gently break, the stick was easily broken.

"But what about ten sticks like that? What about twenty such sticks? " Stone bear's hand suddenly appeared a wooden stick, which was almost thick and thin. There were about ten sticks. Although he finally broke the stick, everyone could see that it was much more difficult than the one just now.

And when the guardian's stick was added, let alone broken, he could not hold it.

"Any one of you alone is like a stick like this, so it's easy for a person to be killed by others. But when you are closely united, there is no gap or conflict between you, then no one can defeat you! "

Stone bear shamelessly changed the chopsticks theory of Huaxia a little and carried it over, but the effect was obviously very good. This can be seen from the expression of thinking on the faces of most of the thousand soldiers of Wai Er tribe.

"But it's a pity that if these soldiers of gaoshu tribe have formed a qualified wooden stick, you don't even have the qualification to become a wooden stick. You are far from becoming a wooden stick." The stone bear didn't let the soldiers go because they began to think, but poured a basin of cold water directly on them.

Sure enough, as soon as the words came out, many crooked ear tribe men showed angry faces. In terms of individual strength, the men from waier tribe are much better than most of the men from gaoshu tribe. Of course, they don't want to listen to such words.

"You must be unconvinced at this time, but that's what it is. If you can do that, then you are qualified to be a qualified stick. Look, look how they do it. Third Squadron, out

With a loud drink from the stone bear, 50 soldiers carrying guns were immediately separated from the 400 firemen, and walked to one side with neat steps.

"If you want to be a qualified soldier, the first thing you should do is to obey the orders of your superiors. Even if your superiors ask you to jump off the cliff, you should do it without reservation! Only a soldier who obeys orders is a qualified soldier The stone Bear looked at the crowd in front of him and continued to say aloud.

"Maybe you think this is a kind of nonsense and nonsense, but what I want to tell you is that if you want to follow me to conquer the Crees, the first thing you have to learn is to obey orders, obey orders without reservation, just like them!"

With that, the stone bear turned his head and yelled at the soldiers of the third squadron: "all of the third squadron have it, turn right, trot forward, and aim for the ditch 50 steps ahead!"

Fifty soldiers of the third squadron immediately turned right and began to trot. Even though they were running, they still kept a neat array.

And the ditch that the stone bear said was next to the thousand soldiers of Wai Er tribe. After the 1000 soldiers came to the training ground, they found a huge trench more than four meters wide and four meters deep. They don't know how the ditch came from, but they all know that it's hard to live in. If they can't fall down, they can break their legs and break their arms.

If there was such a big ditch in front of me in the past, I would never jump in. It's a fool who jumps down

This is what most of the crooked ear tribe men think.

But when they saw the fifty men of the third squadron jumping down the ditch without stopping, they could not help shouting.

Seeing one by one big living people jump down from the ditch without hesitation, these crooked ear tribe men are really shocked.

It's a big ditch more than four meters deep. Although the bottom of the ditch is covered with sand and thick leaves, it's a big ditch more than four meters deep, not a common small river

If one or two jump down because they can't hold their feet, then after almost all the soldiers jump down, they realize what the guardian just said about "ditch 50 steps ahead of the target", and they vaguely understand what the guardian said about "obeying orders without reservation" should look like.

"If the leader or Qu Kui orders himself to jump in this big ditch, maybe he will choose to jump in the end, but he can't jump down without hesitation like the men of the gaoshu tribe, and still jump in line!" This is almost all crooked ears tribe man's mind.

But not far away, the men who jumped down without hesitation were shocked by them

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