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Chapter: 322

In order to train a person to be a qualified soldier, the armies of later countries have summed up countless experiences.

But in these experiences, the training method of Chinese soldiers is undoubtedly the most successful.

Before the soul of the stone bear, the army of the children's soldiers is invincible. Perhaps the air force, navy and even strategic forces of the children's soldiers are still a little different from those of the old Americans and the old maozi. But when it comes to the army alone, no country dares to fight with the children's soldiers.

Whether it was the war of resistance against Japan, the war of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea, or the war of self-defense and counterattack against Vietnam, the children's soldiers defeated the armies of the two most powerful countries in the world at that time with one iron victory after another. No matter the Americans who invaded North Korea or the Soviet Union who secretly supported Vietnam, they all knelt down and sang the song of conquest in front of the children's soldiers.

The strength of the children's soldiers is not from the advanced nature of the weapons, but from the iron discipline and the perfect execution rate of their soldiers. To put it bluntly, soldiers from any country in the world can't be compared with their children's soldiers when it comes to obeying orders.

Therefore, Shi Xiong plans to train these expeditionary forces by training his children soldiers in his previous life.

Although he has never been a soldier or received professional military training, he has never eaten pork or seen pigs run. In that era of information explosion, Shi Xiong knows how to train soldiers.

In order to train qualified soldiers, standing in line is undoubtedly the most basic. Whether it's standing in a military position or marching in a line, in fact, the fundamental purpose is to let an ordinary person transform into a professional soldier.

And this method does not need any sophisticated training equipment, nor does it need any advanced training plan, this training method is a word, practice!

Two words: practice hard!

Three words: practice with your life!

At the end of October, the sun on the body has no heat, but can not stand for a long time in a position to stand still. Therefore, the 1000 men of Wai Er tribe trained on the first day were soaked with sweat.

The men who have never been trained like this are all depressed. When they fight with the chekasa people, they are always happy whether they kill or set fire to them. How can they be depressed like now?

But they all insisted one by one, because there were nearly 400 other men standing upright beside them.

These people are naturally the musketeers of the gaoshu tribe. Compared with the later men of wai'er tribe, they began to receive such training a few months ago, so this kind of standing posture of two or three hours is nothing for them.

"If any of you can't stand it, you can leave now. I won't stop you. I won't stop you!" The voice of the stone bear, like a demon, rings as usual. Similar words, almost every ten minutes.

"If you want to be a hero who conquers the Crees, you have to be trained like this! Don't ask why, don't think why, because there is no answer, because this is the only way for you to become soldiers or even heroes! If you can't hold on to such training, you will not be qualified to be soldiers, and you will lose the possibility of becoming heroes! "

"Look at the brothers around you! They can all stand, can't you? "

"Obey! Obey orders! Obey orders unconditionally! You have to do what I want you to do! Even if I let you eat now, you must not hesitate to eat

"What? Can't hold on? If you can't hold on, get out of here! There will be no idle people or useless waste here! "

"If you can't even stand well, why use 1400 people to conquer the creeds? Do you really think Kerry is made of paper? Therefore, only when you become stronger can you conquer the Crees and become the heroes respected by all the other Cherokee people! And if you want to do this, you have to obey my orders honestly and stand here! If I don't give orders, you must stand from here and not move! If anyone moves, that is to admit defeat! I don't need to admit defeat in my team! In my team, I only need real soldiers as tough as Dashan! "


Stone bear's voice, like magic sound, reverberates in the sky of the training ground, but no one quits even if his words are ugly.

It has to be said that once these men who have gone through the fight of life and death are inspired, they can still hold on. Especially around them, there are a group of men from gaoshu tribe who think they are far less powerful than them.

No matter what, you can't lose to the guys in the gaoshu tribe!

This kind of training method of stone bear is well known in later generations, but in this era, it's really the only way for scorpions to shit. So it's very easy to stimulate the blood in the hearts of these men who have never been exposed to this training method.

Only by inspiring the blood in these men's hearts can they persist. Only when they persist can they learn how to obey orders through constant words like brainwashing.

This is a relatively long process. There are still three months of recruits in China.

However, the stone bear is not in a hurry. The expedition to Kerry will at least wait until the spring of next year. It's not a wise thing to go on an expedition over foggy mountain in winter.

A long winter is enough for these men to learn how to obey orders.

Suddenly, there are more than a thousand more people in the tribe who can eat. If they were replaced by other tribes, even the royal court would not be able to afford it. But the gaoshu tribe has a good harvest of food, and these men don't just eat but don't work. Besides training, they need to go hunting.

Hunting is also a way of training and relaxation.

In addition, in addition to training, Shi Xiong also directly moved those team development training projects of later generations.

As long as it's the outward bound training projects that Shi Xiong knows, he has no shame to carry them all.

When soldiers learn how to obey orders, they should also pay attention to cooperation with their comrades in arms, and outward bound is undoubtedly a good training method. It is not only interesting, but also has a great role in promoting the sense of teamwork.

When I graduated from stone bear University, I took part in this kind of Outward Bound training. Now it's just as easy to use these outward bound projects in this era.

In any case, as the days of training go by, both the men of gaoshu tribe and wai'er tribe have been fighting each other completely. There is no longer any way for them to call each other. In the words of your tribe and our tribe, now in the mouth of these men, the unified names for each other have become "expeditionary brothers".

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