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Chapter: 333

The gathering of Kerry people, let all the people of the expeditionary army know that today will be a day of killing.

With the assembly of nearly 20000 people, the movement was not small. In addition, thousands of Kerry people would cry out from time to time, which made it difficult for the expeditionary army not to pay attention.

Therefore, Shi Xiong rode Huofeng on the hill at the south end of the position early with his big bow and dozens of arrows on his back. Today, he will be the commander-in-chief to command the expeditionary army against the Kerry people.

Although Shi Xiong has never done this kind of work in his past and present life, he is after all a man who came from the era of the big bang of information, and he is also a half hanging army fan. In addition, he has seen many movies, TV and documentaries about war, so he is quite sure of directing this battle.

To the north of the expeditionary army's position, you don't have to worry about it. The broad river course of the katoba River and the turbulent River are the best protection for the position. To the south of the position, there are mountains ranging from 200 meters to more than 500 meters above sea level. Although these mountains are not very high, they are all very steep. In addition, there are 200 guerrillas holding strong bows on the top of the mountain, so it is impossible for the Crees to break through from the south.

Of course, with Kerry's tactical awareness, they probably could not think of the tactics of holding back and then encircling on both sides. When the North American Indians fought in this era, they only knew how to fight face to face.

Even when the big horned sheep was commanding the Yuchi people's pursuit expedition team, they finally made a big duel when they had the advantage. As a result, the expedition team directly defeated the Yuchi people with the huge advantage of firearms.

Now, although stone bear doesn't know who the commander of Kerry is, he believes that the commander on the opposite side will definitely make a decision to attack in an all-round way after seeing that the number of his own side is overwhelming.

Sure enough, not long after the stone bear climbed to the top of the mountain, a deep and melodious horn sounded on the opposite side. At the next moment, nearly 20000 Kerry soldiers, like a flood, began to attack the valley from the camp three kilometers away.

These Kerry warriors may have gone through a lot of battles before, so they now look much braver and smarter than Yuchi people.

At least these Crees know how to conserve their physical strength. Although they made an all-round attack, they didn't make a crazy impact like headless flies at the beginning, but moved forward slowly. So, even if it's a slow walk, as the saying goes, a person over ten thousand is boundless. The number of Kerry people is nearly 20000, and they spread out all over the mountains. Even if there is a distance of nearly three kilometers, it still looks very shocking.

The stone bear calmly raised the yellow flag in his hand and waved it three times in the air. The top commander of the lower position, jorak Lulu, began to issue the order of "prepare for the impact".

As the No.2 commander of the expeditionary army, Jora krulu will stay in the position when fighting. The stone bear will issue a series of orders in the flag language at a high place. In the position, Jora krulu will immediately translate the orders given by the stone bear into language and tell the leaders of each squadron of the expeditionary army, and then the soldiers will complete the orders given by the stone bear.

Compared with the CRI people's almost no command system, the command system that Shi Xiong thought out was simple, but it was very easy to use in the expeditionary army with only more than 2000 people.

During the previous training, the expeditionary army had verified the high efficiency of this command system.

After the distance of one kilometer, the Kerry people in the distance began to advance faster, and their front also began to concentrate in the middle, and the whole battle line gradually changed from the mountains and fields at the beginning into a huge triangle. At the front, the wooden shield soldiers holding the huge wooden shield.

Before, Shi Xiong didn't know that the Crees had arranged for 2000 soldiers with strong and tall wooden shields to guard against the fire guns of the expeditionary army. When he saw the more than 2000 wooden shield soldiers in the front of the Crees through the telescope, he was stunned.

He did not expect that the Crees would come up with such a move. Obviously, the commander of the Cree people obviously knew the power of the muskets, and even the commander himself felt the power of the muskets, so he made these wooden shield soldiers with heavy wooden shields.

Stone bear's heart can't help but think of the Kerry emissary named bighorn sheep who had seen in the Cherokee court.

"I didn't expect to see you again! Last time you directed thousands of Yuchi people to chase and intercept my expedition team, and almost left the expedition team in Yuchi people's territory. Now I'm afraid you're in charge of the Kerry people, right? If that's the case, let's see if it's your 20000 Kerry soldiers or my 2100 expeditionary soldiers who are really good! "

"Not to mention, the wooden shield soldiers you made will really reduce the power of my Musketeers. Now the lead bullets of musketeers can't pierce such thick wooden shields. But what you don't know is that I have more than 170 launchers besides firemen, right? The musket can't pierce your wooden shield, but the wooden shield in your hand is made of paper in front of the catapult! "

The stone bear thought with an inexplicable smile on his face, and then he raised two small flags with both hands, one yellow and one red, and began to wave them rhythmically. After seeing the stone bear's flag, jorak Lulu immediately raised his horn and cried out: "the Musketeers will not shoot for the moment, waiting for the firing order, and the catapult unit is ready to shoot!"

The Kerry people may have found the stone bear standing on the top of the hill waving a small flag. Immediately, thousands of people separated from the big army, went around in a small circle and ran to the hill where the stone bear was.

For these Crees, Shi Xiong didn't pay much attention. There were 200 guerrillas in front of him. Although these guerrillas did not become Musketeers or grenadiers, they were all carefully selected archers, and their average strength was even higher than that of the original expedition team.

Among these guerrillas, there are dozens of experts who can pull the strong bow completely, and most of the remaining soldiers have a range of more than 130 meters.

Originally, guerrillas had the advantage of range, but they were still superior and could increase the range of bows and arrows a lot. The Kerry people attack from the back, and their bows and arrows are much closer. In addition, the hill is relatively steep, so the stone bear has no doubt that there are these guerrillas. If the Kerry people want to attack the hill with just over 1000 people, it's just a dream.

The formation of Kerry's large troops became more and more concentrated. The more than 2000 wooden shield soldiers in front of them were in two rows, and there was almost no space between them. The wide wooden shields connected together protected the direction of Kerry's advance.

In order to get the maximum protection of the wooden shield, the Kerry formation in the rear becomes more and more dense.

This formation of the Kerry people makes the stone bear smile. But the Kerry people are getting closer and closer, and they have even broken through the longest range of the catapult, but the stone bear is still like a rock

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