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Chapter: 335

Bighorn sheep, as the closest partner and subordinate of kermak chieftain of the Cree nationality, can be said that the war against the Cherokee people was launched by him and kermak chieftain.

Although chief kolmak has lost his due spirit and enterprising spirit, his courage and intelligence have never been lost. So when he heard the explanation of bighorn sheep, the chief of a large tribe with more than 100000 people, he had decided to attack the Cherokee first.

Bighorn sheep, as chief kolmak's best partner and subordinate, was also the leader of the Royal Guard tribe who had once fought with the Cherokee people. Naturally, he became the highest commander of the Cherokee people in this expedition.

As the leader of the guard tribe of the Royal Court of the Cree nationality, the bighorn sheep does not lack the intelligence and wisdom, courage and patience. Especially after the fight with the terrible big man in Yuchi's territory, the bighorn sheep knows that there must be enough people to fight against the Cherokee's muskets, Then with the absolute advantage of the number of people, we can break down the formation of musketeers in one go, so as to win.

For this neighbor in the north, bighorn never worried. In the view of bighorn sheep, although the Cherokee are strong enough, they are not the opponents of the more powerful Cree. It's just that the Cherokees somehow have one more firearm unit, which makes the bighorn sheep a little scared.

The Spaniards lived in Florida all the year round, which was also the territory of Kerry people. So bighorn sheep knew the power of muskets, and they also knew that muskets were forbidden to trade with local aborigines. So bighorn sheep also wondered where the Cherokee muskets came from.

In the end, the bighorn sheep thought that it was the vasichus from the North who secretly traded with the Cherokees, but the number should not be very large.

It is for this reason that bighorn sheep had a fierce argument with colmark in the king's court. Kolmak wanted to start first and organize a group of elite Kerry soldiers to cross the fog mountain, and then hit the scattered Cherokees hard.

However, under the persuasion of the bighorn sheep, kolmak finally chose the bighorn sheep's battle plan, that is to gather more Kerry soldiers to crush the unprepared Cherokees with a huge number of advantages.

Now, with close to 20000 people gathered, the Crees are confident enough to crush the unprepared Cherokees.

What bighorn sheep didn't expect was that they met a group of Cherokees with firearms on their way.

At first, when the Cherokees came to harass them on horseback, bighorn sheep was really worried for a while, so he ordered the people to keep calm and not to go out to chase the Cherokees. After all, the other side has muskets and chariots, and neither firepower nor mobility can be matched by Kerry fighters.

Bighorn doesn't want its soldiers to make fearless sacrifices.

It's just that with the harassment of the Cherokees for three days in a row, bighorn sheep can see that the Cherokees are bluffing. Because bighorn sheep clearly saw that the harassment in those three days was the same group of people.

"Maybe that's all the Cherokees have, guns and horses!" That's what bighorn came to.

In addition, after the spies of their own side told us what they had found, the bighorn sheep thought that the Cherokees were bluffing. Because the result given by several spies is that there are only just over 2000 people on the other side.

This makes the bighorn sheep more certain of their tactics, that is, to crush the Cherokees with the number of people.

Although those damned Cherokees used a powerful weapon in the following day, bighorn sheep, who had seen the power of heartless cannons, firmly believed that these Cherokees had only this thing. The powerful weapon was not easy to get. The reason why Cherokees did it was bluffing!

So, even if a large number of people died in the harassment of the Cherokees that day, those people were the soldiers of the affiliated tribe, and the real elite soldiers of the tribe were all right.

What makes bighorn sheep feel a little angry and helpless is that he originally sent Yuchi people to pursue the harassing team. By the way, he attacked the front of the Cherokee people and explored the situation of these Cherokee people. However, those cowardly Yuchi people ran away without fighting.

If it wasn't for the fact that bighorn sheep didn't want to abandon the more than 2000 Yuchi people, he would have ordered these cowardly Yuchi people to be driven out of his own team.

However, the big horned sheep didn't plan to let go of these cowardly guys. Anyway, it's going to carry out a large-scale concentrated charge. You Yuchi people will follow the wooden shield soldiers in the front and be the first group of dare to die!

At that time, there will be wooden shield soldiers in front of you who can resist the fire, and behind you are the real elite soldiers of the Keri nationality. You Yuchi people who are greedy for life and afraid of death are sandwiched in the middle. Do you dare to run! Even if you want to run, there's no place to run!

However, the bighorn sheep also knew that although the Cherokees had killed more than 1000 people with such powerful weapons, the more time they could not panic.

The number of such powerful weapons must be very small, otherwise the Cherokees would have been able to fight with them long ago, instead of occupying the valley exit like turtles.

Since that's the case, we should reorganize the team, adjust the morale of the soldiers in the team to the best condition, and finally break down the Cherokee positions.

Maybe we can capture the muskets and horses of the Cherokees!

Bighorn sheep firmly believes that the Cherokees are doomed to be crushed by the huge population gap.

It was with this idea that bighorn sheep was in no hurry to direct the troops forward. When they came to the opposite side of the Cherokee position, they were also in no hurry to camp and repair. It was not until the morale and body of the tribal soldiers were adjusted to their best condition that the bighorn sheep ordered a collective charge.

As a commander, bighorn sheep will not follow the soldiers to charge together. He and several guards stand on a small hill which is not too high, watching from a distance the soldiers of his own side charge toward the Cherokee position with high morale.

Looking at the powerful wooden shield soldiers protecting the people behind like mountains, big horn sheep is proud of its excellent idea. See, with these powerful wooden shield fighters, the Cherokees on the other side dare not even shoot.

Seeing the soldiers of their own side rush towards the Cherokee position like a flood, those Cherokee people seem to be scared, but they don't have any resistance. This makes the bighorn sheep feel a kind of faint uneasiness when it is extremely excited.

Especially when he saw that the wooden shield soldiers at the front were almost touching the Cherokee positions, the bighorn sheep felt that the uneasiness was getting stronger and stronge

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