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Chapter: 342

The territory controlled by the Crees was quite large. Later generations of Georgia, southern Alabama and southern South Carolina belonged to the Crees. If we take into account the territory controlled by the Yuchi people and the semino people who separated from the Cree people, in fact, the whole southeast of the new world belongs to the territory controlled by the Cree people.

This area includes the later states of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Florida.

The Crimean court is located in the southwest of Georgia, near Albany, Georgia.

After more than a month's arduous trekking and conquering all the Cree tribes along the way, the expeditionary army finally came to this flat area near the Flint River.

In the original historical time and space, the Crees were the earliest North American Indian tribes to accept Western civilization, and they were also one of the earliest tribes to initiate changes.

However, in 1811, a comet appeared, which some of the Cree conservatives thought was an ominous sign of Western civilization. So under the instigation of these conservatives, some Kerry people launched an uprising against the United States, which is known as "Kerry civil war".

Coincidentally, Britain began to invade the United States in 1812, so the two groups of Kerries joined the United States and Britain's camp, and fought against each other. It was not until after the battle of Horseshoe Bay on the Tennessee River in 1814 that the Kerry civil war ended.

The civil war caused heavy losses to the originally powerful Crees and a large amount of territory. Eventually, they became a small and weak tribe. Finally, they were forced to move to Oklahoma and Texas in 1830

This flat area, originally belonging to the Crimean court, has developed into Albany, the eighth largest city in Georgia

But at this time, in the spring of 1766, before the appearance of the Cherokee expeditionary army, the Crees were still the undisputed overlord in the southeast of the new world( PS: to explain a little bit, the creeks in this book are actually the creeks, but we all know that for some indescribable reasons, some names can't be written, so let's use the creeks instead. Although it has the same name as the Cree, the most powerful tribe of North American Indians living in eastern and central Canada, northern Great Lakes and Montana, we just need to distinguish them.)

In addition to the Yuchi and the simino in Florida, there are also some smaller tribes controlled by the Cree, whose influence even the Spanish and the British dare not underestimate.

If we follow the situation in the original historical time and space, the Crees will be strong for at least 50 or 60 years. Unfortunately, with the appearance of the soul wearer, stone bear just waved his arm and killed the French and the chekasa allied forces. Then he disguised himself and took advantage of the French. A big storm was brewing.

The French were definitely reluctant to go to the pit, so the French issued a reward order for the gaoshu tribe and the stone bear.

If it wasn't for Yuchi people's greed that they attacked Xiaohe tribe and killed Shixiong, the most beloved woman of the soul wearer, Shixiong wouldn't have launched an attack on Yuchi people in a rage.

If it wasn't for the strong attack power of the expedition team of the stone bear in retaliation against the Yuchi people and the fear of the Kerry people, the bighorn sheep would not have gone to the Cherokee court to ask for the murderer of the two chief of the Yuchi people to be handed over.

But who let the stone bear, the soul wearer, have the leading role aura? In addition, the stone bear itself is a person who can't rub the sand in his eyes. You dare to rely on your strength and want to kill me. It's strange if I can make you better.

Therefore, after the stone bear successfully challenged the "divine immunity" in the Cherokee court, he decided to start with the powerful Crees first.

Aren't you strong? Aren't you arrogant? Let's first taste the horror of thermal weapons.

It is estimated that if bighorn sheep knows the cause and effect of this series of things, he will certainly regret it.

If I had known that terrible big man was such a powerful person, the ghost would have gone to the Cherokee court to ask for someone. How good is it to be honest at home? Why do you have to tease that fierce guy like a fool?

Unfortunately, bighorn sheep, a very smart tribal leader, no longer knows this.

The army made up of 20000 elite soldiers collapsed without any reason. The most important thing is that 4000 Kerry soldiers died. No matter what, this responsibility can not fall on others. It can only be borne by the commander of bighorn sheep.

So when bighorn sheep and the fleeing CREI soldiers fled back to the CREI court, he was imprisoned. If the hapaks don't come to attack the royal court, or if the tens of thousands of troops concentrated near the royal court can defeat the hapaks, the bighorn sheep will be executed one day to pay tribute to the 4000 Kerry soldiers who died in that battle.

But now the rumor about hapak has already spread to the location of the royal family of the Crees, and all people are in a panic.

These Cherokees are not hapak, what are they? The army of 20000 elite soldiers is enough to wipe out a medium-sized tribe. However, it was defeated in front of only 2000 people, and 4000 people died at once.

Only the terrible and evil harpak can do such a thing.

All people are looking forward to this group of harpaks not coming to the royal court, but unfortunately, this group of harpaks still came here

Now, not only the ordinary Kerry people living in the place where the Kerry royal court is located feel fear in their hearts, but even the elite soldiers who come to support them are also worried. Even Kerry chief kolmak, though his face is quiet, seems to be playing a drum in his heart.

Who made the weapons used by these Cherokees comparable to the wrath of the gods so terrible?

Those fleeing soldiers were not only scared, they also spread the terror of those weapons to every corner of the whole Kerry. Now, even those tribal soldiers who did not fight with this group of hapak have a huge psychological shadow.

However, even as the chief of the Kerry tribe, colmarke was helpless. He could only offer heavy benefits to the soldiers who were urgently gathered from the south of the tribe, hoping that they could defeat the Cherokees who were in the city.

In this regard, chief kolmak also had hope in his heart. After all, the number of soldiers summoned in this emergency was more than 10000. Some of them have been fighting with the Spanish Musketeers

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