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Chapter: 346

Compared with the fat middle-aged chief, the stone bear is more interested in the haggard bighorn sheep.

Although this guy has been defeated by himself twice, and the two losses seem to be very heavy, in fact, Shi Xiong is quite satisfied with this guy. After all, this guy almost left the expeditionary team in the south of Dawu Mountain forever when he was commanding the collapsed Yuchi people last year, which is enough to prove his military talent.

As for the battle a month ago, this guy even thought of the wooden shield soldier. If it wasn't for the expeditionary army, they would have been defeated by this guy.

Even the stone bear had to admit that the wooden shield soldiers had no control over the Musketeers!

Of course, all the information about the Mudun soldiers was obtained by the stone bear from the Kerry captives after the last battle.

Not to mention, the wooden shield soldiers really made the stone bear sweat at that time.

To deal with this kind of ice, which is no different from the tortoise shell, it is wrong that the grenade is fired by the catapult. Otherwise, even those vasichu fortress guns will not work well in the face of this kind of arms.

At the end of the last battle, Shi Xiong also specially looked at the large wooden shields held by the Kerry wooden shield soldiers. Let alone, the existence of these wooden shield soldiers was no different from the large-area defense weapons held by the guerrillas in the expeditionary army and carried by the cattle cart of the logistics soldiers.

It's just that the large-scale defense weapons developed by the expeditionary army are used to restrain the bows and arrows of the Crees, while the wooden shield soldiers developed by the Crees are specially used to restrain the musketeers.

Although they are slightly different, they both have great restraint effect in dealing with long-range attacks.

To know that the stone bear used the shield wall woven with branches to fight against the French Alliance, he naturally knew how much the heavy wooden shield restrained the muskets.

With the huge defensive advantage of this kind of wooden shield, if the expeditionary army had not had a more powerful catapult, the result of the last battle would have been completely changed. The 700 riflemen of the expeditionary army had nothing to do with the two thousand wooden shield soldiers. And the final result of that battle was that 18000 Kerry soldiers would rush directly into the position of the expeditionary army under the protection of 2000 wooden shield soldiers, and then kill them all!

It was Shi Xiong who knew this, so he wanted to ask the guy who could think of wooden shield soldiers how he thought of wooden shield soldiers.

Because from this kind of wood shield soldiers, stone bear can see that the local commander is a person who has the same idea as himself - he will defeat before he wins!

Now, the stone Bear sees this guy, the second time.

"Tut Tut, how did you become like this? Is that how your chief put the blame on you for your last failure? " Stone bear didn't pay attention to chief kolmark, but frowned and asked bighorn sheep.

The big horn sheep looked up at the stone bear and said in a stuffy voice: "the defeat and victory were decided by the God and the opponent. The God stood on your side in the last battle, and your weapons are really powerful. I have no reason to explain the defeat last time. If you lose, you lose. I have nothing to say

"Oh?" Stone Bear looked at the bighorn sheep playfully, "how can I listen to your tone, you still seem unconvinced?"

"There's nothing unconvinced. I'm just a loser." The big horn sheep said faintly, but after finishing this sentence, he looked up at the stone bear again, "if this battle is under my command, I will let all our soldiers disperse, so that the terrible weapon in your hand will not cause so much damage, which I have figured out!"

This made the stone bear almost applaud the haggard man. Even the stone bear has to admit that this guy's method is really the best way to deal with the flowering bomb weapons such as the catapult. Isn't the so-called dispersion the core idea of the future scattered line tactics?

In the late 19th century, because of the wide use of afterloading rifles and firing cannons, the lethality of weapons was greatly improved, and the column tactics of dense formation could not meet the needs of combat.

In the Franco Prussian War, under the threat of French firepower, Prussian soldiers, in order to reduce casualties, dispersed their own soldiers into the formation of the line of scattered soldiers to fight. As a result, this tactic achieved great success, and the line of scattered soldiers tactics came into being.

Since then, the tactics of the line of scattered troops have been imitated and developed by the armies of various countries.

From the current situation of the Crees and the expeditionary army, the Crees were the Prussians in the Prussian War in the historical time and space, and the expeditionary army was the French soldiers with strong firepower.

Now, this bighorn sheep, who has failed twice, has figured out the most effective way to deal with muskets and flowering bullets. It has to be said that this guy is absolutely a military genius.

Shi Xiong himself admits that if he didn't come from the soul of later generations, he would never come up with this kind of tactics similar to the sandal line tactics in such a short time.

The most important thing is that this haggard man should be a person who is good at summing up, otherwise he would never come up with such a way. The emergence of the wooden shield soldier was obviously based on his failure to command the Yuchi people to encircle the expedition team. And this tactic of dispersing the soldiers as much as possible was the way he came up with after he saw the power of the blossom bomb with his own eyes.

A commander who only knows how to fight bravely is just a general. A commander who is good at summing up is the basic quality that must be possessed to grow into a commander!

So the stone bear is more and more interested in the bighorn sheep now.

But before the stone bear had figured out how to deal with the bighorn sheep, the nearby chief kolmark was not happy.

"Guardian of the high priest cabulus, I hope you will consider my proposal. According to our tribal tradition, you have won this time, so you can put forward what you want in terms of territory, population or other wealth. I will try my best to meet the conditions you put forward. Then, the war between our two tribes will be over. " Chief kolmark said impatiently.

Kermark's words made the stone bear frown. Then he looked askew at chief kermark and said, "chief kermark, if I want to add this man to my offer, will you give him to me?"

Chief kolmak took a look at the bighorn sheep around him. There was an unspeakable emotion in his eyes, which seemed to be a little reluctant and a little resentful. But he nodded happily and said, "that's no problem! The bighorn sheep was supposed to pay for the failure of the last battle. If we win this battle, then he will be executed to commemorate the people who lost their lives in the last battle. Now that you want him, I'll give him to you. He'll die anyway. "

Chief kolmark said lightly, with no emotion in his tone.

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