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Chapter: 348

The stone bear will not take care of how jorakrulu deals with chief kolmak. How to win over most of the Crees has been worked out for a long time. As long as jorakroulu is skillful enough, this powerful tribe will be accepted.

The stone bear is not worried about this.

In other words, Shi Xiong is very confident in his ethnic integration plan, which combines 5000 years of Chinese history.

I'm kidding. Before crossing, there were 56 ethnic groups and 56 flowers, which were harmonious. In addition, it was an era of information explosion. Shi Xiong knew a lot of information, and he himself was studying history. It was easy for him to come up with a perfect integration plan.

In the history of China, the integration of all ethnic groups is one by one. Now it is only necessary to integrate one Indian tribe, which is much less difficult.

Of course, chief kolmak and the important members of the Keri will not stay in the Keri royal court. These people will go to monongahira, the site of the Cherokee royal court, with some returning expeditionary troops.

The stone bear will not be stupid enough to kill the core high-level of the Keri people directly. Once these people die, the Keri people will never return to the Cherokee people. So these people can't die, they have to save one life to hang all the Crees.

House arrest is the best way to deal with these people. Of course, while ensuring the lives of these people, Jorah krulu will also cultivate a new power class and a new leadership class among the Crees according to the plan.

Well, the so-called "puppet regime"

This kind of thing happened more and more in Chinese history. Even if Shi Xiong had never done this kind of thing, he was in the era of information explosion before soul wear. He had never eaten pork and had seen pigs run. This kind of thing should not be too simple.

Many things can be easily achieved with strong force.

As for those mindless Cree tribes, if they can't be trained, they will be destroyed directly.

On the one hand, it fosters a puppet regime loyal to itself, on the other hand, it suppresses those CRI tribes who dare to resist. This is the so-called "carrot and stick" policy.

As long as we stick to the established plan, then we don't have to worry about the Kerry turning over.

Of course, in order to better let the Cree return, food is essential.

One of the reasons why the stone bear's first conquest target is Kerry is that Kerry wants to find fault. As a tough man who wants to unify the whole North American continent, he has to make the necessary response to those tribes who dare to stab, that is, to pull out the stabs from those tribes who dare to stab.

The most important reason is that the climate is suitable and there are many rivers in the area ruled by the Cree, which are the basic conditions for food production.

Although the main grain producing area of the United States was not in the southeast, this large area was the main cotton producing area of the United States, but that was because the agriculture of the United States had formed a kind of inertia as early as the colonial era, and no one was going to change it.

As a matter of fact, this area ruled by the Cree people has a suitable latitude, which is almost the same latitude as the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Plain in China. Moreover, it is rich in fresh water resources, and the temperature is also very suitable. Therefore, if rice is planted, the yield will be very high.

The population of the whole Kerry people is only about 100000. As long as large-scale cultivation of rice, cotton, soybeans and other crops is carried out in this area, it is very easy to satisfy the desire of the Kerry people.

Moreover, if the Cherokee want to conquer the whole North American continent, they need a huge land as a food production base. In this era, there is no need to talk about Unifying the North American continent without food. And this area ruled by the Cree can be used as a good food base.

As for the third reason, the stone bear doesn't want to make trouble for himself when he goes to the Great Lakes region or the central and western regions!

It is for these three reasons that the stone bear will put the first goal of Conquest on the Kerry people, and he will defeat the Kerry people with a kind of decadent thunder means, and at the same time erect an image of "Cherokee extremely powerful" in the Kerry people's heart.

I'm kidding. The expeditionary army is only 2100 people, but it has beaten tens of thousands of elite CRI soldiers to scurry. If it's not powerful, what's powerful?

Only when the Kerry people are completely scared, they will not fight again. As for who dares to make small moves secretly, it is enough to send two squadrons of grenadiers. In this regard, the stone bear is very sure.

In fact, in today's era, not to mention small-scale Indians, even the armies of European colonists have to kneel down and sing conquest in front of such weapons as grenades! Do you really think that this kind of weapon that can run on the back, run faster on horseback, and carry out saturation intensive bombing at the speed of 20 rounds per minute on the ground is a joke?

At that time, in the Russo Japanese War, the reason why the small devils were able to beat the powerful Mao bear scurry was that they made a great contribution by throwing the cartridge. It's no exaggeration to say that in the mid-18th century, the catapult was an unsolvable existence all over the world!

With this kind of weapon, not to mention the Kerry, even if the Spaniard from Florida comes, the stone bear has the confidence to beat the Spaniard away.

Yes, the Spaniards in this era are really strong, but their strength lies in their navy. But no matter how powerful your Spanish Navy is, you can't carry a sailboat full of naval guns to fight us on land, can you? As for the Spanish army, that can only be ha ha.

Although the Spanish riflemen's generous array is excellent, if this large square array based on dense array really dares to fight the grenadiers, the stone bear dares to guarantee 100% that his grenadiers will be very happy.

The blossom bomb is the best against this kind of dense formation. Whether it's a square array of 1000 people or a square array of thousands of people, the last minute's saturation bombing with 20 Grenades can definitely make the Spanish human body feel the despair that bighorn sheep had experienced

"Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun", the saying of Taizu Ye has always been regarded as a wise saying by Shi Xiong, and after he came to this era, he has always taken it as his highest guiding ideology.

With a strong army, you can do whatever you want and not be afraid of anything!

No matter who you are, if you dare to stab, you have to be prepared to be hit by Laozi's musket and catapult.

This is the rock bear's strength!

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