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Chapter: 349

The stone bear stayed in the king's Court of the Cree people for a few days and then went back with some troops.

Well, the so-called part of the army is 500 expeditionary troops plus a number of high-level members of the Royal Court of the Cree nationality.

The stone bear left behind 1600 expeditionary soldiers to Jorah cruru, of whom 600 will stay in the royal court with Jorah cruru. This part of the expeditionary army includes a squadron, that is, 50 grenadiers. The grenadiers in this squadron have 25 grenades and corresponding grenades. In addition, there are 100 riflemen, 100 guerrillas and 250 logistics troops.

It seems that there are not many people in this area. At least there are not many people in this area where the population is close to 10000. But with 25 grenades and 100 riflemen, it is enough to frighten all the people here.

After all, the CRI people who lived near the CRI Royal Court saw the war with their own eyes. They clearly saw that this seemingly insignificant catapult killed more than 1000 elite soldiers with just two rounds of salvo fire, and the huge and terrifying sound light effect, What's more, these Cree people took the catapult used by the expeditionary army as the bone spear in the devil's hand

Under the deterrence of these expeditionary soldiers, jorakulu will cultivate a new generation of Kerry leadership loyal to the Cherokee in the Kerry royal court. These leaders who are loyal to the Cherokee people are still nominally under the jurisdiction of chief kolmak, but chief kolmak has left the Kerry people's court for the reason of "visiting" the Cherokee people's court, and it is estimated that they will not come back in the future. Then, these newly cultivated leaders will become the new managers of the Kerry people's court in the future.

To win over and divide, to suppress and support, has always been the only means to engage in politics

As for the remaining 1000 expeditionary troops, they will be divided into two groups, led by their respective commanders, and under the leadership of many "Kerry traitors", they will "visit" those Kerry tribes who refuse to surrender

A team of 500 men equipped with grenade throwers and Musketeers is enough to suppress all the rebellious tribes.

In terms of internal affairs, there will be more Cherokee who are good at internal affairs. These people will help jorakulu. Shi Xiong believes that the chaos of the Cree will soon end.

On the outside, 1500 expeditionary troops suppressed it, and no one could lift any waves.

With the combination of inside and outside, the stone bear believes that the Kerry clan will soon win all of them.

It is because of this confidence that the stone bear does not hesitate to go. If even a small Kerry can not be integrated, then we can not talk about Unifying the new continent of North America in the future. We can just go home and have a baby with the green Skylark.

The speed of going back is not much faster than that of coming back, which is mainly due to the drag of chief kolmak and his party.

There is no way. This fat chief, who is very rare in this era, has poor ability to act. His overweight body is a heavy burden. No way, stone bear can only arrange him in an ox cart, slowly pull this guy away.

Chief kolmak can't die now, at least in recent years. The utilization value of this guy has not been completely squeezed, so now he has to give it to Buddha.

For this journey of thousands of kilometers, chief kolmak has no right to oppose, and he does not have the courage to oppose.

On the third day of departure, a leader named devil fish, one of the four guard tribes of the Kerry royal court, wanted to go back because of loud noise, and threatened to call the Kerry people on the road to kill the team.

What's the result?

The devil fish, a big man with high military value, was lifted up by the stronger guardian with one hand. Then, under the gaze of all the high-level Kerry people, the devil fish didn't break free from the hand of hapak, and was stifled by hapak

Chief kolmak even clearly saw that his eldest son's crotch was wet

For this kind of hard headed guy, the stone bear really doesn't mind the way of killing chickens to scare monkeys. Compared with the high-level of the Cree, the leader of the tribe called devil fish is nothing. No matter what devil he is, if he dares to stab, there is only one way to go in Laozi's hands.

The effect of killing chickens and frightening monkeys is very good. All the high-level officials of the Cree people are mute, and no one dares to speak loudly. Even the quiet communication between them has become less.

No one is a fool. Everyone can see that the guardian of the Cherokee is a cruel master. Anyone who dares to disobey this guy's orders will end up with only one way, that is, to be with the leader of the devil fish.

I'm afraid that guy is thinking about who to find for the devil fish leader

Therefore, although the speed of going back is not fast, it is very stable.

On the way, chief kolmak also witnessed the bravery of these Cherokees once again, especially the big and frightening bow in the hand of the terrible big man.

When the Cherokee arrived at their resting place, they would divide some people to camp and others to hunt.

A group of high-level officials of the Keri nationality once saw a wild ox rushing towards the camp. As a result, when it was 300 steps away from the camp, the big man on horseback untied the big bow on his back, bent his bow and set up an arrow, and nailed the running wild ox to the ground with one arrow.

After the bison was pulled back, all the high-level members of the Kerry people were horrified to find that the arrow shot through the skull of the bison at a distance of 300 steps

How powerful is this?

If it's used to shoot people, isn't it five or six hundred paces away to shoot people?

Stone bear inadvertently revealed this hand, let a group of Kerry high-level become more honest. When everyone looks at this terrible big man again, his eyes will show a lot of "awe" eyes.

However, these high-ranking members of the Kerry people also enjoyed the delicious food along the way, especially the barbecue and stir fry, which made chief kermark and his party very happy.

Although these people are the core leaders of the Cree people, they usually eat boiled meat in white water, with more salt at most.

But along the way, they really opened their eyes and appetizers!

Where have they seen barbecue before? Where have they seen the stir fry made with squeezed oil? Now thanks to the expeditionary army, these local steamed buns have finally had barbecue and stir fry!

Even if it's a big pot of food, they all eat like wild dogs who haven't seen food in half a month

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