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Chapter: 352

The next day, Shi Xiong and chieftain junaluska had a careful discussion on how to make the Crees return to their homeland, including the plan he had made before. They all had a good relationship with chieftain junaluska.

With the force of the expeditionary army, it is very easy to suppress the entire Cree. However, suppressing the Cree people does not mean that they can completely return to their hearts. People's hearts have been the most difficult thing to deal with since ancient times, even if there is jorakulu sitting there.

It may take decades or even hundreds of years to integrate a nation, so although the Cree is a tribe with a population of only 100000, it will take a long time to really integrate this tribe.

However, this requires the efforts of the whole Cherokee people. Without the support of the tribe, the expeditionary army alone can never make the Kerry people return to their hearts.

So the stone bear did not hesitate to tell his plan to chief junaluska and all the high-level members of the tribe.

It's most appropriate for them to do this kind of work.

For the plan of Shi Xiong, the high-level members of the tribe also agree and approve it. After all, these plans made by Shi Xiong are made in combination with a lot of history in the original time and space, which is quite targeted.

After a whole day's discussion with the tribal leaders, on the third day, the stone bear began to return with the expeditionary army.

When escorting the high-ranking members of the Kerry people to the Cherokee court, they once passed by the gate of the gaoshu tribe. Although it is still hundreds of kilometers away from the gaoshu tribe, it is still the gate. But the stone bears did not return to the tribe.

There's nothing more to do now. Naturally, these people are eager to return home.

Because of the lack of war horses, most of the expeditionary soldiers who came back with Shi Xiong still had to walk back to gaoshu tribe. A few people who had war horses, such as Shi Xiong, did not hesitate to go on their way. Anyway, this is already the hinterland of the Cherokee people, and there can be no enemies.

Even if there are enemies, the firearms in the hands of these expeditionary soldiers are not vegetarian!

In a few days, the stone bear returned to the gaoshu tribe with seven or eight soldiers, and was warmly welcomed by the tribe people.

This expedition, including the time of escorting the high-level of the Kerry people, took nearly half a year. When they went out to fight in the early spring and came back in the early autumn, the people of gaoshu tribe were very happy.

Trump, who has almost reached the neck of the stone bear, is extremely happy. He won't let go when he catches his father. It's hard for anyone to come. Even if the green skylark is coming, this guy dares to hold his father's thigh and show his teeth to the green Skylark

Compared with Trump's overbearing, Sheila is much more gentle. This female dog who has fed trump with her own dog is very clever to walk around her father. Her tail turns like a windmill.

And when the green Skylark appeared in front of the stone bear, in a trance, the stone bear seemed to see the white cloud coming to him

Stone bear's dullness didn't affect the passion of this pungent Indian girl. She kicked Tupu, who showed her teeth, once again, and then gave stone bear a warm and fiery hug, causing people around to cry and howl

The stone bear, who left the tribe for nearly half a year, was also made to rise by the fiery body in his arms. Arms slightly hesitated for a while, and finally tightly embrace the fiery body.

Green skylark's heart, stone bear how not clear, but this and that reason let him have been avoiding this hot emotion.

Do you still need to escape now? Do you need it? be like......

Stone bear himself doesn't know the answer, but he just feels that holding this body now seems to be very peaceful

"I thought you couldn't come back... If you really couldn't come back, I didn't know what to do... But fortunately, you came back, in my heart..."

The girl whispered in the broad and thick arms of the stone bear, and the stone bear was moved by a strange feeling.

The guardian has returned, followed by several soldiers in the tribe.

It has been half a year since they went to war in the spring. The people in the tribe are really looking forward to their return day and night. Now they all have to come back, the grand carnival is inevitable.

Especially after they learned from the stone bear that the soldiers in the tribe had not been hurt, the people's mood was more happy.

In the evening, all the people of the whole tribe attended the bonfire dinner except the soldiers on guard. Men and women, young and old, are dancing happily around the campfire. Some men even take off their coats and are playing wrestling or wrestling barebacked. As for the children, they are incarnated as tireless happy elves.

Even trump has become a star. Well, a food star

Bonfire dinner or something, this guy likes it best, because on this occasion, he can always enjoy all kinds of delicious food without worrying about the green Skylark

In a corner far away from the bonfire, stone bear, Hongyun, gaoniu, Dajiao and Lilei, the tribal leaders, gathered together and looked at the people around the bonfire from a distance, with satisfied smiles on their faces.

"Stone, do you want to go out?" Gao Niu took a sip of the wine and chewed down a piece of meat from a roasted leg of the lamb. He chewed and asked.

"I'll go out after a break." The stone bear poured a mouthful of wine and wiped the corners of his family's mouth. "When he was in the royal court, he exchanged opinions with chief junaluska. The chief's meaning was to speed up the expedition against the surrounding tribes with the help of the huge momentum created by conquering the Crees as soon as possible."

"Is there a goal?" Asked the red cloud. Although she is a high priest, regardless of the war, she is still very concerned about this aspect.

"Yes, it's the bowatans in the East." There's nothing to hide about this kind of thing. Even if we don't talk about it now, we can't hide it when all the expeditionary troops come back.

"Why not the chekasa or the Yuchi?" Li Lei asked.

"Yuchi people are completely finished. They don't need us to attack them. Maybe they will move out soon. As for the chekasa, this is not the time for us to do it. "

Bigfoot thought about it thoughtfully, nodded and said, "the guardian is right. We have defeated the Crees. If we clean up the Powhatans again, there will be no more tribes that can threaten us in the East and south. We can concentrate all our strength against the West and the north. "

Stone bear nodded with a smile and said: "Uncle foot is right. Chief junaruska and the new leader of the Red City League also think so. I also put forward my plan in the royal court."

"Don't you want to go to war?" The green Skylark sitting beside the stone bear asked uneasily.

The stone bear touched her head intimately. Instead of answering her question, he stretched out his arm and took her waist

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