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Chapter: 353

Time is a magic thing.

It's like the feelings between two people, sometimes with the extension of time and become weak; But sometimes it will become more and more strong as time goes on.

This is the case between the stone bear and the green Skylark.

The green skylark is different from her sister Baiyun. If Baiyun is like her name, like a cloud floating in the sky, which is hard to touch, then the green skylark is a fire Phoenix landing on the earth, hot and enthusiastic.

The stone bear is not a fool. How can the green Skylark not understand her mind? But before all his thoughts were occupied by the white clouds, even if the white clouds disappeared, the stone bear still can't forget, his mind is full of white clouds.

But even the stone bear didn't know when to start. The figure of the green Skylark gradually overlapped with the figure of the white cloud.

At first, the stone bear was a little scared. He thought it was a betrayal to Baiyun, so he kept running away. But as time went on, Shi Xiong found that he couldn't escape, so he decided to go out

But time and space still can't stop the two figures from completely merging. In addition, being used to life and death on the battlefield, the stone bear only felt that it was not a wise move to escape like this. After all, this is the new continent of North America in the middle of the 18th century, not the modern society of later generations.

Since that's the case, instead of making both people suffer, why not make yourself comfortable?

This is a human eating social environment. Even the stone bear can't guarantee whether he will be alive in the next moment.

Life is short. Why should we go against our heart and not have fun in time?

So, the night after stone bear came back, the wooden house where he lived finally ushered in a hostess.

In their eyes, a woman as beautiful and enthusiastic as the green Skylark can only be worthy of such an indomitable hero as the guardian.

As for those who are against it, for example, trump, who has been lying outside all night.

But does this guy's opposition work? It seems that there is no effect at all

No, it's OK. At least I can sleep in the room with my father. But this objection is bad, even the qualification to sleep from the house is no longer available. I was kicked out by my mother

All of a sudden, the days of killing and felling disappeared, and the kind of leisurely and interesting days came back to the stone bear.

Even if you want to fight the Powhatans, you have to wait until all the expeditionary troops come back. Moreover, the crusade against the Crees was a great success, and chief junaruska also attached great importance to the expeditionary army, so he asked the stone bear to expand the number of expeditionary army as much as possible.

This is inevitable. With the pace of foreign expeditions getting faster and bigger, the scale of expeditionary forces with new weapons must be expanded. Whether it is a tribe or a nation or a country, in order to continuously increase its own strength, the first expansion must be its own force.

So, it didn't take long for a leisurely life. Two thousand Cherokee soldiers from the North came to the gaoshu tribe, accompanied by a large amount of food.

Although this year's summer harvest, the gaoshu tribe has achieved a huge harvest, and the several tall granaries built in the middle of the tribe are enough to prove this year's summer harvest. But if there is no external supply, the gaoshu tribe's grain harvest alone can supply two thousand expeditionary troops, but with the two thousand Cherokee soldiers ready for training, That's a bit of a reluctance.

Therefore, if we want to expand the scale of the expeditionary force, we must keep up with it.

Fortunately, chieftain junaruska attached great importance to this matter, so the two thousand soldiers came with enough food to feed them for three months.

Now it is half a month before the autumn harvest. Looking at the crops in the field, the stone bear knows that this year is a more abundant harvest year than last year.

The 1600 expeditionary troops that had been operating on the CRI territory had not yet returned. They would have to wait until the other Cherokee soldiers came to take over. But it didn't delay Shi Xiong's training for the 2000 recruits. After all, there were also 500 expeditionary soldiers who came back with Shi Xiong.

These soldiers broke up and were divided into these recruits. After the crusade against the Cree, although they were far from an elite veteran, they could be called a qualified soldier.

With them, it will be very easy to train these 2000 recruits by adopting the strategy of bringing in the new with the old.

Moreover, in the half a year since the expedition, led by the four alchemists and with the help of lieutenant Ferguson, the production of muskets in the tribe has entered a high-speed stage. Now there are 15 muskets coming down from the "production line" every day. That is to say, if the "production line" of muskets goes all out to produce, 450 rifles can be produced in a month!

This "production line" was built by the four major alchemists according to the previous instructions of stone bear. From metal smelting to barrel casting to rifling depiction, as well as the processing of other parts and the final assembly of the whole gun, a set of flow operation mode has been formed. Fifty or sixty people working on this production line can guarantee to make such a large number of rifles in one day.

If the production of rifles goes up, the production of grenades and handgrenades will not go down. Now the tribe's "arsenal" has accumulated about 200 launchers and the corresponding black powder grenades, as well as a large number of improved grenades.

These weapons with huge explosive power are the real killer. As long as these 2000 recruits are trained, and then combined with the veterans, the 4000 odd expeditionary forces can be divided into four "Regimental Combat Units" to conduct expeditions against four different targets at the same time.

Yes, with the scale of the expeditionary army getting bigger and bigger, Shi Xiong plans to start to use the military establishment of later generations.

Taking these 2000 recruits into account, the number of expeditionary troops has reached 4100, which is almost equivalent to the establishment of a brigade in later generations. And the later military combat unit establishment is obviously very reasonable, both in terms of management and command is great, so Shi Xiong decided to abandon the previous military establishment and use a new military establishment.

Brigade regiment battalion company platoon shift.

When all the 2000 recruits are trained and qualified, the whole expeditionary force will become a separate brigade.

And the stone bear also gave this brigade a very awesome name - explosive bear brigade!

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