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Chapter: 356

While the stone bear and major Fogg were having a good talk, several Spaniards were sitting together with some local aborigines on the peninsula in the southeastern corner of the new world, which is what the Spaniards called "Florida.".

From their costumes, we can see that these Spaniards have a high status, and the aborigines are the leaders of some tribes, and even one of them is a guy who can wear colorful feather headdress. In North America, the fortress where they talk is located on the Bank of St. John's River not far from Caroline Castle.

More than a hundred years ago, in 1645, the French took the lead in establishing a colony on the banks of the St. John's River, with Caroline castle at its core. But then the Spaniards reached for it. They defeated the French and destroyed Caroline castle. This area fell into the hands of the Spaniards.

At that time, the French did not dare to provoke the powerful Spaniards. They had to swallow the fact that Caroline castle was destroyed.

Although Caroline castle was destroyed, the Spanish did not let go of this rich land. The Spanish rebuilt the military fortress not far from the ruins of Caroline castle, and then firmly held the area, making it one of the few Spanish controlled bridgeheads in the new world of North America.

In order to protect it, the Spaniards even sent a fleet to garrison here, and the top commander was the 50 year old Spanish man opposite chief omara.

His name is Celeste Carlos, a major general in the Royal Spanish Navy.

Major general Carlos didn't directly agree to Omala's request, but asked with a smile: "my dear chief Omala, it's not impossible for our Spanish royal army to go out, but you know, once our army goes out, the logistics supply is very large, and this is not central and South America, this is Florida, Our logistics don't have much advantage here, so... "

Major general Carlos's left index finger was beating rhythmically on the table, adding a bit of tension to the negotiation.

"That's easy to say! Our tribe is responsible for food, drinking water and the guide we should have! " Chief omara said simply, "and afterwards I can allow your troops to stay north. Even if you like, the southern foot of blue fog can be your troops' area. And our people will have more business with you! "

"Is that true?" Major general Carlos's eyes were slightly narrowed.

"Of course it is! What I have said has never been broken Chief omara said with great certainty, "of course, I need your army to drive all those damn Cherokees to the north of blue fog... Well... If my mother has some disobedient people, I also hope they can disappear..."

Major general Carlos had a look of disdain in his eyes, but he was smiling and nodding.

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