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Chapter: 36

Hearing the explanation of the stone bear, kabulu looked at leader Li Lei. Both of them laughed bitterly and shook their heads. Obviously, they didn't understand the explanation of Dali Xiong.

However, they believed more in the words of the old kabulu's sacrifice. This powerful bear might have been favored by the sun god. Otherwise, how could he understand so many things? He used to put aside whether he was stupid or not. As far as all he is doing is concerned, none of the Cherokees or even the Indians has ever heard of anyone who would do it.

If it wasn't for the supreme Sun God's advice, who could this guy learn from?

The stone bear saw the thoughts of the most important people in the two tribes, and said with a smile: "leader Li Lei, sacrifice to kabulu, now it's useless for me to explain anything. When it's done, you will know whether the supreme Sun God has really instructed me."

Although the attitude of Shi Xiong was very gentle, the unquestionable momentum made the two people with the highest status in gaoshu tribe silent immediately.

At this time, the wood came running from a distance in a hurry.

Wood is the name of a tribe. He is the oldest man in the tribe. He is nearly 60 years old this year. At this age, not to mention the gaoshu tribe, even if we look at the whole Cherokee people, we are absolutely longevity people.

The main reason why wood can live so much is that it never goes out hunting or takes part in growing food. His only task in the tribe is to build houses or weapons and furniture for the people. Well, if the wooden bowls and basins used by the people of the gaoshu tribe can also be called "furniture", then wood does this kind of work.

Yes, wood is the most important carpenter in the tribe. And it's not just him, his two sons and two grandchildren, who are now carpenters in the tribe. This craft has been handed down from the ancestors of wood, and he also handed it down to his descendants.

Because there is no need to go out hunting, so the possibility of injury is avoided. In this era, once you are injured in hunting, it's OK to say that a slight injury, but if it's a little more serious, you can only pray for the protection of the gods. Even if you don't die, you're going to lose your strength. The tribal leader Li Lei is a living example.

Because there is no need to grow grain, heavy physical labor is avoided. Therefore, although wood is nearly 60 years old, it seems that his health is even better than that of ordinary people in their 40s.

"Guardian, can you come and see us? We still don't quite understand the bellows you said... "Wood's old face was a little red, and it seemed that it was a very bad thing for him to say that. But he couldn't help saying that when the guardian told him how to build the bellows yesterday, he patted his chest and said that he would be able to build the bellows.

But the fact is that the wood that can build wooden houses and make wooden bowls and basins is completely defeated in front of this bellows.

The outer shell of the box is easy to handle. Since some tools were exchanged with vasichus, some carpenters who were not easy to do are doing much better. However, the movable covers inside the box directly baffled the wooden masters.

Looking at the anxious expression of wood and not wanting to let others know, Shi Xiong nodded his head very considerately, "it's my fault. When I told you yesterday, I may have missed some places."

So considerate words, let wood's face immediately showed a smile, for the guardian adult's favor again.

The stone bear nodded at Li Lei and Hong Yun and followed the wood to the other side. There is no need for the stone bear to stare at the matter of digging pits and building brick kilns. It's easy to say that anyone can dig pits as long as he has the strength. As for the brick kiln, the stone bear didn't plan to make it too complicated. He just built the house and covered it with mud to make it airtight.

When Shi Xiong came to the wooden house where he lived, he found that his two sons and two grandchildren were there.

As a matter of fact, Mu Mu has been living in the same family for four generations now. His great grandson is two years old and has a four-year-old great granddaughter.

The names of Mu Mu's son and grandson are very interesting. In fact, the names of his family are very interesting.

It's like the name of wood. It's passed down from his ancestors. His ancestors, his grandfather and his father all call it wood. When he dies, one of his two sons will inherit the name of wood and become a new generation of carpenter in the tribe.

Two sons of wood, one is a cross saw, the other is a wooden plane, and his two grandsons, one is a chisel, the other is a bow drill

It's not that a family doesn't enter a family, but the whole family is a carpenter's shop!

The reason for this strange name is very simple. On the day when wood's eldest son was born, two vasichu came to the tribe. The first woodworking tool of wood, a woodworking saw, was exchanged from vasichu on that day.

Wood was very fond of this new tool, so he named his eldest son crosssaw.

Later, whenever vasichu came to the tribe, wood would exchange one or two tools from the white people, and then his second son and his grandson would all be named after these tools

It is said that every Indian has three names in his life. In particular, it is a very sacred thing to grant the correct name of the clan. They are all given by the tribal leader and the priest himself. This name will follow the life of the tribe.

However, neither Mu Mu's son nor his grandson had a proper clan name, or that's the name of their clan name.

Because the old wood is really like a hard elm and jujube stick, no one can tell him. In his words, the name of his son and grandson is more representative of their life than the correct name of any clan.

In the end, that's how the names came down, all the way up to now.

When the stone bear came here, the board of the bellows shell had been straightened out. Five of them were thinking about the hanging board of the air inlet.

A bellows has two air inlets, which are respectively on the front and rear baffles of the shell. These air intake holes must use freely movable lifting plate, so as to ensure that when the air plate moves back and forth in the air box, all the outside air is squeezed into the bottom box, and then the air in the air box is discharged through the air outlet.

It's obvious that the hanging board completely baffled the five of them.

However, when the stone bear saw their five shell planks, the corners of his mouth couldn't help smoking.

Look at this board. It's no better than a dog

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