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Chapter: 365

Chief O'Mara was almost crazy. He smashed everything in his sight with his stick. When he smashed all the things he could, he began to smash the ground again, making small holes in the solid ground.

Finally, just as he tried to smash the wooden stick with the thickness of an adult's forearm on his head, one of his closest friends and the leader of a saimino tribe rushed up and took the stick from him

It's no wonder that chief omara is crazy. Anyone who sees his elite being slaughtered like a group of helpless turkeys has no way to save those subordinates. It's estimated that no one will go crazy.

That's right. The momentum of the simino Spanish allied forces is so strong when they attack the positions where the mad cow is stationed. They have never seen the power of the catapult. They are like the air of the sun, the sky, the earth and the sun, and then they want to make a hole in the earth.

Even chief Omala, who is standing behind, is very excited. In his mind, he even fantasizes about winning the Cherokees in front of him, commanding the semino army to sweep the whole Kerry territory, rescuing his mother tribe, and finally becoming a powerful chief who controls the two major clans of Kerry and semino, so as to climb to the top of his life

In this era, the chief of any tribe almost has such a dream - constantly expand their territory, constantly increase the population under their jurisdiction, and become the most powerful tribe.

This wish is about to come true, but what are those damned weapons that can make a huge noise and have great power? Are these powerful weapons the key for the Cherokees to sweep the Crees?

Crazy cow is thick on the outside and thin on the inside, and he has a lot of cowards. The most important thing is that this guy is very good at learning, so when he saw that the simino Spanish allied forces in a dense formation began to attack the position, he decided to learn from what the boss had done.

It was the first time for the expeditionary army to confront the CRI army head-on when they just crossed the fog mountain and came to the exit of the kabatto River Valley. In that battle, the boss was under great pressure. He put 20000 Kerry people in the distance position. He only ordered to open fire at a distance of 200 meters. As a result, under the tactics of pinching the waist and leading, only two rounds of volleys came from the catapult, which broke down 20000 Kerry elite soldiers

To say that he was not afraid when facing the charge of 20000 Kerries was nonsense. Anyway, even if he was a mad cow, his legs were swinging.

It's really hard to imagine how much pressure there is if you haven't experienced the scene of 20000 people charging together.

But the boss said that only when you give up can you get what you pay, you will get what you get.

Although facing the collective charge of 20000 people, I almost scared myself and many recruits of the expeditionary army to pee, it is undeniable that the tactics adopted by the boss in that battle were really wonderful.

Although this kind of soldier looks very dangerous, the harvest is really great.

Therefore, when the five hundred expeditionary brothers under the command of Kuang Niu were facing the collective charge of nearly six thousand simino Spanish allied forces, Kuang Niu also decided to play a heartbeat, that is, close to fight!

Mad cow believes that brothers can withstand this kind of pressure.

At the beginning of the battle of the cabato River Valley, more than 2000 brothers were not frightened when they faced the collective charge of 20000 CREIS. After more than ten battles, the brothers had grown from recruits to veterans, and they could not be frightened by the simino sibanya coalition.

Even if there are 1500 Spanish Musketeers on the opposite side, Kuang Niu believes that his brothers can calm down.

Those Spanish Musketeers don't look at holding Musketeers, but the boss said that the Musketeers held by those Spaniards are not much better than the firesticks. The effective range of those muskets is not even as far as the strong bow in the hands of the guerrilla brothers. They have to walk within 100 meters before they can exert the power of the muskets.

As for the weapons in the hands of the saimino people, it is not worth mentioning. The saimino soldiers are not even as powerful as the soldiers of the Cree nationality

Since that's the case, let's taste the power of the catapult!

So Kuang Niu was very decisive in the semino - Spanish allied forces rushed to the distance of 200 meters from the position, and then ordered to open fire.

However, Kuang Niu was greedy. He didn't use the tactics of pinching the waist, because Kuang Niu wanted to keep all the saiminoans who colluded with vasichu.

As a result, after the mad cow gave the order of full attack and extended bombing, both the seminos and the Spaniards were destroyed.

There are more than 4000 siminos and 1500 Spanish riflemen. It's like a fleet of super storms in the Atlantic Ocean.

No matter how they struggle, they are in vain in the face of this powerful storm.

The killing power of a single grenade may not be so great, but how about the centralized attack of 60 grenades in three grenade squadrons? It's not so powerful. Especially the inexperienced semino - the Spanish allied forces are still in such a dense formation. In front of the row of grenades, it's like a mouse licking a cat to death!

When the 60 door catapult started to fire at an average speed of about 20 rounds per minute, and the impact point of each round continued to extend to the distance, the semino Spanish coalition collapsed completely.

In fact, from the second round of the volley, the simino Spanish coalition has collapsed. How can they resist the volley of this kind of weapon if they have never seen the power of blossom bomb?

And when the catapults extended out in unison, the coalition couldn't even run away.

I'm kidding. The average firing speed is three seconds. The speed of the grenade in the air reaches the speed of sound. Let alone these allied soldiers who run on two legs, even in later generations, when the infantry encounter this kind of micro artillery extended firing, they have to kneel down and sing the song of conquest.

Are you really the king of war? Although this catapult can't compare with all kinds of artillery, in this era, these catapults are the king of war!

So, the semino Spanish alliance was immediately slaughtered, oh no, it should be said that it was the target of torture!

And how can chief omara, who watched his men being tortured and killed, bear it?

The first moment, the peak of life is near, the second moment, directly into hell.

For such a huge gap, chief omara didn't lose his mind immediately. He was very tough

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