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Chapter: 366

Over there, chief omara is going crazy. Over here, major general Carlos, with half gray hair, says nothing.

It's not that major general Carlos doesn't care about his subordinates. He also cares. Can he not be distressed that all the Marines of the whole North American sub fleet were slaughtered right under his nose?

From his red eyes, we can see how much major general Carlos is distressed and angry at this time.

But what method does heartache and anger have? There is no way!

In the face of this new and powerful weapon, there is no difference between a fragile life and a piece of paper. Major general Carlos would like to call God down to save his men, but is that possible?

Major general Carlos has seen life and death. He is used to it.

During a naval battle, you can often see hundreds of soldiers on a ship sinking into the deep sea with a ship. In just ten minutes, a mighty battleship was torn to pieces by artillery

No matter the warship or the brothers on the warship, they are the flesh and blood of major general Carlos.

But what about that? This is war. War is bound to kill people!

It is also because major general Carlos is used to seeing this kind of system destroyed by people, whether his subordinates or his enemies, he has seen a lot. So, even now that his 1500 Riflemen are being slaughtered by the powerful weapons of the enemy, major general Carlos is not as excited as chief Omala.

Major general Carlos would like to rescue those brothers, but he also knows that whether those brothers can survive really depends on their lives.

Those who can survive are lucky. God is protecting them. I'm sorry if I can't survive. Even God has given up on you

However, major general Carlos is very distressed, but his main concern is not on the Marines. What he is most concerned about now is the extremely powerful weapons used by the Cherokees.

"What weapon is this? Is it the grenade thrown by the Grenadier? It looks like the explosion, but the Grenadier can't throw the grenade so far anyway! The distance of the first round of bombing was 200 meters. How could the grenadists throw the grenades so far? "

Major general Carlos stares at the battlefield which is still howling in the distance with red eyes, but his heart is full of ups and downs.

Grenadier is a common service in European countries in this era. It refers to the infantry that can throw grenades.

The grenades of this era are not like the grenades of later generations or the homemade grenades made by stone bears. The grenades thrown by grenadists in this era are really similar to those fired by artillery.

The size and weight of this kind of hand grenade are similar to those of small shells. The weight of a hand grenade is more than four or five Jin. Therefore, it is necessary to select the soldiers with excellent arm strength among the infantry to throw it.

As early as in the eighth century, when Leo III of the esurian empire of Byzantine Empire was in power, the soldiers of Byzantine Empire began to throw pottery pots containing Greek fire to attack the enemy. That should be the rudiment of the Grenadier.

After nearly a thousand years of development, it did not become a conventional branch of the armed forces of all countries until the last century, that is, the 17th century.

However, as grenadiers, these soldiers need to throw grenades at the enemy in front of their own front. Therefore, in the European army, the title of Grenadier is regarded as an honorary title in recognition of soldiers' heroic fighting performance, which also shows that grenadiers are the elite and outstanding among infantry.

In other words, the grenadiers are among the elites in the armies of all countries.

But the problem is that no matter how strong the Grenadier is, it is impossible to throw a grenade weighing four or five Jin at a distance of 200 meters!

So, the Cherokees must have a way of throwing grenades 200 meters or more.

Major general Carlos was even more puzzled when he saw that the explosion point of the latest round had reached more than 400 meters away from the Cherokee positions.

"Is it a catapult?" As a veteran in the army and the front line for decades, major general Carlos immediately thought of the catapult, an ancient and efficient long-range attack weapon.

"But the problem is that the catapult can't throw a grenade so far away!" Major general Carlos immediately denied the speculation.

Although the large-scale catapult can throw heavy objects weighing dozens or even hundreds of kilograms to a distance of two or three hundred meters, and it can easily throw grenades to a distance of four or five hundred meters, the large-scale catapult is usually very large, up to ten meters high. Once such a big guy appears, you can see it from a long distance.

The small catapult is absolutely unable to throw a grenade to such a long distance.

Not to mention the Cherokee's weapons, they still shot at dozens of doors.

"Is it a huge crossbow like a bed crossbow?" As soon as this idea came out, major general Carlos strangled it.

The size of a large crossbow is not small, and it needs a lot of people to control it. The most important thing is that the cost of this kind of crossbow is very high. The cost of a large crossbow is almost as high as that of a 24 pound gun. Moreover, this kind of crossbow can't be made by ordinary people. It needs extremely skilled craftsmen to make it.

It's impossible for a small native Indian to make such a large crossbow!

"How did the aborigines throw these explosive grenades so far away?" Major general Carlos is in agony.

"Bang Bang..." accompanied by a series of dull sounds, after a few seconds, the huge explosion sounded again.

This immediately let major general Carlos play an exciting spirit.

"What more advanced throwing weapons have these Cherokee natives produced? That series of bangs was obviously the sound that could only be made after the propellant was detonated. Did... Did the Cherokee natives develop a howitzer that could fire grenades? "

This sudden idea immediately excited major general Carlos.

As an old soldier, he saw a lot of things, especially about war. Major general Carlos only felt that the idea he had just come up with was the closest to the fact that he could not be sure how the Cherokee natives across the way threw the grenades that could blossom and explode so far away.

"A new type of gun that can fire a flowering grenade and has an effective range of 500-600 meters..." major general Carlos felt his heart suddenly contracted.

"If we can get this new type of gun and install it on the battleship, then our battleship can bomb the enemy's battleship at a distance of 500 meters or 600 meters, instead of attacking the enemy's battleship within 200 meters! The most important thing is that it's a gun that can fire a bomb. Now the warships of the navies of all countries are made of wood. What they fear most is this kind of bomb that can explode. Once all the naval ships of the Spanish Empire are equipped with this kind of artillery, the warships of other countries will only be beaten up. "

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