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Chapter: 37

"Wood planer, I hope you can use the planer in your hand to plane these boards more smoothly. Our bellows need six flat boards as the shell! Pay attention, it's smooth, not the wooden board which is more ugly than the dog's bite like you made! "

Stone bear is very impolite to wood's second son said, this let not very good at speech wood plane shame almost put his head into his crotch.

For the stone bear's severe, wood man five don't say a word. The guardian said that this kind of bellows was too shocking for them. They dare not face a guardian who can design such a magical thing, not to mention the guardian's physique.

Looking back, Shi Xiong's face became calmer. He said to Gong Zuan, the little grandson of wood, "Gong Zuan, do you know what your grandfather means by calling you this name? Remember, your name is bow drill, and what is bow drill for? The bow drill is used to drill holes. "

Then the stone bear squatted down, pointed to the square hole in the upper part of the rear fender and said, "you can rivet two thicker square pegs into the top of the hole, and then drill holes in the upper part of the two pegs. Then drill holes in the top of the hanging board, and pass a round wooden stick through these holes. Won't this hanging board be made? When the wind plate in the air box is pulled back, the outside air will open the hanging plate and enter into the air box. When the air plate is pushed forward, the air in the rear half of the air box will hold the hanging plate, so that the air can not go out of the hole, but can only enter the bottom of the air box along the vent at the rear end of the partition, and finally exhaust along the vent. "

Stone bear's explanation made wood's eyes light up immediately. He couldn't wait to ask, "guardian, is that the swallow tail wing plate at the bottom of the bellows doing the same thing?"

"That's right. The swallowtail wing board does the same thing, but the hanging board moves up and down, while the swallowtail wing board moves horizontally. The reason is the same."

"Ha ha, then I know how to make this bellows!" Wood burst into laughter.

"Well, it's not enough to know how to do it. You must pay attention to the details. Our bellows is a tool that needs to be used for a long time, and there will be countless times of friction between the wind plate and the shell, so the wood board of the shell must be flat, otherwise the bellows is a waste. As the first carpenter of our tribe, I'm afraid you don't want to see that your work is a defective one, do you

Wood nodded and bowed, then turned to his second son wood plane and growled: "did you hear the guardian's words? Hurry up and trim all these planks for me. If there is any irregularity, I will break your leg! "

Well, I'm sure that's not what Wood said in Indian, but the meaning is almost the same

It seems that whether in China or in North America, it's natural for me to beat my son.

Before leaving, the stone bear poured the first bowl of Chicken Soup for the carpenter family after he came to the world.

"Wood, you have to remember that our tribe will need more and more tools in the future, and these tools are inseparable from the support of you and your family. Therefore, when you make this bellows, you must sum up the experience in the production process, and firmly remember these experiences. Craftsmanship can be inherited, but this experience is more important than craftsmanship. I'm looking forward to the first carpenter of our gaoshu tribe becoming the first carpenter among the whole Cherokee people and even all our aborigines in the future

Although the old wood has lived for nearly 60 years, how could he ever drink such rich chicken soup? So after the stone bear's bowl of chicken soup is poured in, the wood family, including old wood, is like beating chicken blood inside

Two days later, the big pit with a diameter of one and a half meters and a depth of nearly two meters in the east of the tribe has been dug. Now a group of people are digging a fire path according to the instructions of the stone bear.

This fire path leads directly to the stone house beside the big pit. The stone house is built entirely with stones. There is a thick layer of mud inside and outside, while the roof is built with wooden boards. However, there is a thick layer of mud under the wooden boards. The mud is supported by several stone pillars supporting several stone slabs in the house, so as to prevent the possibility that the heat generated during brick burning can ignite the wooden boards.

This house specially used for firing refractory bricks can't be called a brick kiln at all, but there's no way to build such a stone house under the current situation, which has reached the limit of the tribe. Moreover, Shi Xiong knows very well that if he wants these people to build a real brick kiln, he will have to be asked questions by these people to collapse!

Anyway, this stone house can also burn bricks, and the stone bear doesn't plan to make many refractory bricks. It's enough, so let's make do with this stone house for the time being!

But the coking pit outside can load about five tons of coal at one time. When coking, the coal is put in a big pit, and then the top is sealed with mud, leaving a pilot hole in the middle. Once the coal below is ignited, the pilot hole will be sealed immediately, and then the coal will be slowly refined into coke under the condition of lack of oxygen.

As for the fire passage being excavated, it is dedicated to pouring the waste heat generated during coking into the stone house.

Before the coking and ignition, the stone house will stack the dry refractory bricks. After the coking starts, the high-temperature smoke generated by coking will enter the stone house along this fire path to heat these refractory bricks, and finally burn these bricks into refractory bricks.

In fact, whether it's the coking pit or the stone house firing firebricks, it's all a compromise. They are even more primitive than the native coke kilns and brick kilns of the Chinese ancestors, but there is no way. The first batch of coke and firebrick can only be made in this way.

Keep everything simple!

However, compared with the coking pit and the stone house, the stone bear still has more simple things in his hand, that is, the clay furnace and the clay crucible made of kaolin that he prepared for the first steelmaking.

Looking at this simple stove and the frightening looking clay crucible, the stone bear can't help but despise the craftsmanship of himself and Kuaima

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