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Chapter: 373

It is not difficult to make up for these two defects of Dreiser rifle.

The first thing to change is to fix the paper shell ammunition.

This kind of fixed charge paper shell ammunition invented by Dreiser, the primary explosive, that is, the fire cap, is installed behind the rear of the warhead and on the top of the head of the propellant.

Although the bullets of modern rifles used fixed metal ammunition, the principle is the same as that of fixed paper shell ammunition.

When the propellant in the cartridge case is ignited by the fire cap, the explosive will shoot the warhead out, so as to complete a firing.

It is also such a process to complete one shot of fixed loading paper shell ammunition.

The difference between the two bullets is the material of the case.

However, no matter what kind of ammunition is, it must be ignited by the firing cap. However, for the bullets used in modern rifles, the fire cap is at the bottom of the cartridge case. The paper shell bullet developed by Dreiser has a cap between the propellant and the warhead.

In modern bullets, when the needle hits the cap at the bottom of the bullet, the propellant will explode in the cartridge case, which has no effect on the needle. For this paper shell bullet developed by Dreiser, the front end of the needle needs to pass through the front end of the propellant to hit the fire cap. That is to say, after the paper shell bullet's propellant is detonated, the first one to be damaged by the propellant deflagration is the firing pin.

Such a thick barrel can't resist the high temperature and pressure produced by the deflagration of propellant, let alone a very thin needle.

Therefore, in order to make up for this defect, the first thing to change is the design of paper shell bullet.

With the technical strength of this era, it is impossible to produce copper shell bullet or copper clad steel bullet. In fact, even in the 21st century, there are less than 30 countries in the world that can produce copper bullets. There are only 13 countries that can produce shells and bullets at the same time!

So it's not so easy to get a bullet with a metal case. Shi Xiong suspects that he can't produce bullets with metal shells even if he can make antiaircraft guns

Although this is a bit exaggerated, there is no doubt that the production of metal cartridge case bullets is absolutely impossible in this era. Then, the production of paper cartridge case bullets is necessary.

Compared with metal cartridge case, the production process of paper cartridge case is not so difficult. The bottom is inlaid with a hard paper cylinder of a fire cap, and the charge is fixed. A round cylindrical lead bullet is inserted in the front, and a paper shell bullet is completed. Even if it's done by hand, a person can make a lot of bullets a day.

If you use the rotary back pull gun, because of the problem of processing technology, the tightness of the gun produced at the beginning is not very good, but it is much better than that of the rotary locking mechanism of Ferguson rifle.

In this way, the amount of powder to be loaded will be reduced a lot.

In the past, when using the San Etienne rifle captured from the French, because the French black powder ratio was not quite correct, the amount of propellant required for each bullet was about 123 grains, that is, about 8 grams. Now the Ferguson rifle used by the expeditionary army uses perfect formula black powder as propellant, so the amount of propellant per bullet is about 100 grains, about 6.5 grams.

If you use a rifle with a rotary back-pull gun, the amount of propellant contained in the paper cartridge case of each bullet can be reduced to 70 grains, or about 4.55 grams!

This charge is 30% less than that of Ferguson's rifle, but the effective range of the bullet is tripled!

This is the result of technological progress.

The charge of one bullet is 2 grams less, and the charge of 100000 bullets is 200 kilograms less!

Don't underestimate this figure. Is 100000 bullets a problem? In terms of the intensity of the independent war, 100000 bullets are not even enough for 2000 people to fight a low intensity battle

The charge is saved, not only the logistics can be easier, but also the soldiers can carry more bullets.

The most important thing is that if the fire cap is connected to the bottom of the paper shell bullet, the length of the firing pin can be reduced, and the direct damage of the propellant is no longer needed when firing, and the life of the firing pin will be prolonged a lot.

Stone bear doesn't know why Dreiser developed such a paper shell bullet. Is it so difficult to embed the fire cap at the bottom of the cartridge case? Obviously, it's no more difficult to embed the cap at the bottom of the shell than it is to embed the cap at the bottom of the warhead.

After solving the problem of bullets, the problem of needles will also be solved.

Moreover, because the fire cap is embedded in the bottom of the cartridge case, the firing pin no longer needs to pierce the propellant to fire the fire cap, so the firing pin can be designed not only shorter, but also thicker, so that the life of the firing pin can be extended many times.

These living stone bears just know the principle. If you ask them to do it by themselves, they can't do it.

But it doesn't matter. There are four alchemists!

These four guys are more and more capable now. They even have a boring machine for boring rifle barrel. There should be no problem in the production of just one gun machine. What the stone bear needs to do is to tell them the working principle of this kind of rotary back-pull gun, and then the four guys will work together to get the paper shell bullets and new rifle machines that meet the requirements in the shortest time!

Stone bear has no doubt about this.

As for how to reduce the problem of air leakage, it is not difficult at all.

Although because of the limitation of processing technology, it is impossible to produce the excellent airtight gun of modern rifles of later generations, there is no way to solve the problem of air leakage.

In the original historical time and space, in another 90 years, the French Anthony Alfonso schasebo will develop a back loaded gun, which is named "schasebo rifle".

The working principle of this rifle developed based on Dreiser rifle is no different from that of Dreiser rifle. However, when developing this rifle, shasaibo fully considered the defects of Dreiser rifle, and fixed the primer of paper shell in the bottom of cartridge case.

Stone bear wants to transform the Dreiser rifle design, in fact, is derived from the design of the shasaibo rifle.

However, the most convincing innovation of the shasaibo rifle is the use of a rubber sleeve on the surface of the bolt to prevent gas leakage, which greatly reduces the air leakage of the gun.

Although this method is not perfect, because the rubber will shrink and harden due to the effect of gas after each shot, and eventually lose its function, and need to be replaced at any time, this design is undoubtedly much more perfect than the needle design of Dreiser rifle which is always in hot water.

And in the current situation, the design of using the shasaibo rifle is undoubtedly more in line with the requirements of the stone bear.

After all, long before Columbus discovered the new world, the Indians living in central and South America began to use natural rubber, and it's not difficult to get natural rubbe

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