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Chapter: 377

The stone bear expected that it would be easier to invade the Powhatans, at least than it was during the expedition to the Crees.

But the stone bear did not expect that the Powhatans, who had been able to face the British colonists, were now in such a decline that they could not even compare with the Crees.

More than half a year ago, when we were expeditionary to the Crees, even if the large troops of the Crees were defeated by the expeditionary forces, the Crees were really tough. From the first battle with the large troops of the Crees to the king's Court of the Crees, the expeditionary forces had almost no leisure. As long as they met the Crees' tribes, there was always a battle.

Although the scale of the battle was large or small, and the expeditionary army could always win easily by virtue of the crushing advantage of weapons, the Crees still had the courage to resist. This alone, the Crees are much better than the Powhatans.

Because along the way, the two newly formed expeditionary regiments received little resistance.

Not to mention the Powhatans, even the British colonists avoided early when they saw the expeditionary army marching in a uniform pace. In the eyes of these British people, this group of Aborigines are different from any aboriginal tribe they have seen before. They are not only highly disciplined, but most importantly, they are armed with muskets on their backs!

Where have the British seen this kind of indigenous people equipped with muskets? Others don't know the power of muskets. They are British colonists who have muskets in almost every household. How can they know the power of muskets?

The most important thing is that the emergence of thousands of musketeers can only be seen in big cities like Jamestown or Boston, but they are all regular British troops. When will the aborigines of the new world be equipped with Musketeers? And it's the kind of musket that's very powerful at first sight. The most important thing is that they are equipped with muskets in a systematic way, which is too terrible

We should know that the reason why the British can gain a firm foothold in the new world is not the advantage of the number of people, but the advantage of weapons.

Although the number of British colonists in the thirteen colonies of North America is almost the same as the total population of all Indians in the whole new world of North America, most of these colonists are farmers and poor people. If they don't have muskets, they can't be compared with the local aborigines who are good at fighting.

Even the regular army will not easily turn against the local aborigines.

Now, these Aborigines have formed a firearm team, which is really terrible.

The British colonists gave way far away, and the expeditionary army would not trouble them. But the Powhatans couldn't avoid it.

Once encountered by the expeditionary army, those who can run away will run away, but those who can't can only surrender obediently.

As for resistance! You're kidding! What did they use to resist the expeditionary forces of the two fortified regiments?

Not to mention the barrel throwing, just the 500 musketeers of each regiment can easily destroy the king Powhatan!

This makes the stone bear and the bighorn sheep who just started to act as the stone bear's deputy feel extremely depressed.

In the plan of the stone bear, conquering the Powhatans is only a incidental thing. The most important thing is to let these two thousand recruits see the blood, see how to fight in the real era of firearms, and take part in more actual combat.

As a result, I didn't think that the unworkable Powhatans had become so weak. Along the way, I saw that Jamestown was about to arrive, but the actual combat didn't happen several times, and the scale was very small, which made the recruits cry

The purpose of the guardian is very clear. As the second commander, bighorn sheep wants to find some self-respect in the Powhatans and vent the depression of being defeated by the expeditionary army.

But the fact is that it makes this guy even more depressed.

"Chief, the scouts report that the British Jamestown is not far ahead. It seems that we have aroused the vigilance of the British when we go so far in the past. Bobcat just reported that the British army has started to move out. " Like crazy cattle, bighorn sheep now calls stone bear "head" very fluently.

"Shall we give way? Those British people don't seem to be easy to get into. " Big horn sheep added another sentence at the end.

"Give way? Why should we avoid it? " Stone bear looks at big horn sheep with strange eyes. It seems that this guy's vision still needs to be cultivated" This is our territory. We are the masters here. Those vasichus are the outsiders. Why should we avoid them? "

This made the bighorn sheep feel a thump, but then he got excited.

"Chief, do you mean to practice hands with the British?" The bighorn sheep, who felt he had figured out, licked his lips excitedly, and the image of a militant appeared.

Seeing this guy's appearance, the stone bear couldn't help rolling his eyes. Then he looked at the guy he had been trying to cultivate with a more strange look. He said angrily, "you can't expect to train with the British. We can't fight with the British. They dare not fight now, and they can't afford it! "

The bighorn sheep scratched his scalp and looked down for a moment, with a look of disappointment on his face.

He's very smart. Of course, he can figure out why his boss said that. Not to mention the powerful force of the expeditionary force, even the number of soldiers, the expeditionary force is no less than the British garrison in Jamestown. The most important thing is that he was in the gaoshu tribe during this period. He saw the trade between the British and the gaoshu tribe with his own eyes.

Under such circumstances, the possibility of fighting is really very small.

Sure enough, after more than half a day's March, British soldiers appeared ahead. Of course, in front of these British soldiers, there were two officers on horseback. One of them, bighorn sheep, also knew him. It was the young British major officer who appeared in the gaoshu tribe some time ago and made a deal with the gaoshu tribe.

Well, that guy's name seems to be major Fogg

"Excuse me, are you Cherokee soldiers? Is your commander the revered guardian? This is colonel James Jones, the chief commander of the Jamestown garrison. I would like to have a face-to-face talk with the revered guardian

The tall Colonel Jones was holding a big tin horn in his hand. His voice was enlarged so that the stone bear could hear him easily.

The stone Bear looked at the bighorn sheep and said with a smile, "well, I can't fight, can I?"

Bighorn muttered disappointedly: "well, you won..."

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