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Chapter: 378

"Chief, are you familiar with this vassichu? How does he know your name? " The bighorn sheep rode with the stone bear and asked in a puzzled way.

"Well, I'm familiar with it. Since two years ago, our tribe has been trading with Jamestown... Well, to be exact, it's trading with this Colonel Jones. By the way, the trading teams of vasichu from our tribe last time are his subordinates."

After a pause, the stone Bear looked at the more and more clear captain of the Royal Army of the British Empire in front of him, and continued to whisper: "however, I have never met this Colonel before. Before, it was his men who led the trading team."

Bighorn sheep suddenly nodded.

Large troops on both sides were standing in the rear, and only four people on both sides appeared in the open space between the teams. On the expeditionary side were the stone bear and the bighorn sheep, while on the British side were Colonel Jones and major Fogg.

The four horses stopped at a distance of no more than ten meters. They got off the horse and looked at each other. Then Shi Xiong and Colonel Jones burst into laughter. They were like two old friends who had not seen each other for decades. They took a few steps and then held each other tightly.

"Dear guardian, although this occasion is a bit inappropriate, I'm still very happy to see you with my own eyes."

"Dear Colonel Jones, I am also very happy to meet you."

Two people almost coincidentally said a compliment to each other, and then two people looked at each other, and coincidentally smile.

There was a faint shock in Colonel Jones's eyes. It was obvious that although major Hank and major Fogg had said that the aborigine who had been trading salt, cigarettes and drinks with him was a very strong man, his ears were empty and his eyes were real. Today, he saw the stone bear with his own eyes, and the size of the stone bear still had a huge impact on him.

Stone bear is the first time to see the greedy and cunning boss in the mouth of lieutenant Ferguson and major hank. But what makes the stone bear feel a little strange is that Colonel Jones doesn't seem to be a greedy and cunning person. On the contrary, this guy has a good appearance. Even though he is in his fifties, he is full of an elegant gentlemanly demeanor. To use a later appearance word, that is "Shuai pan"!

"You can't judge a man by his appearance, and you can't measure the sea." Stone bear thought to himself that if he hadn't heard from more than one person that the colonel was a greedy guy, it would be hard for him to imagine how greedy this handsome old man would be

Released his hand, the stone bear said slightly apologetically: "Captain, I have long wanted to visit you in the famous Jamestown, but my time has not allowed me to do so. It's really embarrassing to be able to see you here this time. "

"Ha ha, dear guardian, I didn't expect that we could meet on such an occasion. But if your troops are not here to attack Jamestown or to deal with our British compatriots, I don't think it's embarrassing for us to meet

"Of course not, dear Colonel, I led my army here mainly for the sake of aruyet, the chief of the Powhatans. Our chief junaluska hoped to meet with him, but he seemed to have some opinions about it, so our chief sent me here. My task is just to bring chief aruyt to the Royal Court of our tribe and meet with our chief. As for Jamestown under your jurisdiction and your compatriots, we will not invade. After all, we are good friends now, aren't we? "

"Ah? yes! yes! We are good friends now... "Said Colonel Jones with a smile.

Stone Bear looked at Colonel Jones with a smile and said, "Captain, I think we should clear up the misunderstanding now, so our soldiers should not face off like this any more? It's easy to affect our relationship. "

The captain nodded in agreement, and the big horn sheep and major Fogg sounded their horns and bugles.

Colonel Jones looked at the aboriginal troops more than 200 meters away, put down their guns, sat down and nodded with satisfaction. Then he tilted his head at the stone bear. The stone bear nodded knowingly at the bighorn sheep. Then he left Huofeng and went to school alone with Jones.

"Dear guardian..."

"Call me big bear. That's what my friends call me." The stone bear's pure London accent made Colonel Jones nod a little enviously.

"Mr. Big Bear, oh no, big bear, to tell you the truth, the aruyet chief of the Powhatans is now in Jamestown, and with him are the whole court of Powhatans. They came to Jamestown seven or eight days ago and asked me to protect them... "

"What price?" Stone bear asked simply.

Colonel Jones was stunned for a moment. It seemed that he didn't expect the guardian to be so direct. However, he said happily: "chief aruyet promised to give Jamestown a large area of land after this crisis."

After a pause, Colonel Jones said with a wry smile: "big bear, you should know that although our king demarcated some areas in the new world, you Indians live here. The only places we can control are our colonies and those cities. But every year, a large number of people from China come to the new world. They need more land for farming and breeding. So, we really need that land now... "

"A large area of land?" The stone bear murmured thoughtfully, then looked up at the Colonel Jones and said, "Colonel, I don't know how much land the chief of aruyet promised you, but I can tell you that I will definitely take chief of aruyet back when I come here this time. And one thing you should understand is that once I take chief aruyt back, then the Powhatans will become a loose sand. But I can tell you that the reason why I want to take chief aruyet back is not to occupy the territory of the Powhatans. Even if their chief is taken away by me, we will not occupy the territory of the Powhatans... Well, at least half of the land between our tribe and Jamestown will not be occupied by our tribe. Can you understand me, captain

Colonel Jones's eyes lit up.

"Big bear, you mean..."

The stone bear said with a smile: "yes, it's the same as you think. Originally, the Powhatans are already scattered. If they lose their leader again, I think they will become more vulnerable. And you, my dear Colonel, your soldiers are very elite. And I can also guarantee that the surrounding tribes will not interfere in your actions! "

"This, this is true?"

"Is it not enough to have my guarantee..."

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