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Chapter: 379

For Captain James Jones, what the stone bear said just now is undoubtedly a super big pie falling from the sky, and it's also his sister's pure gold pie!

Although the Powhatans have declined, the Powhatans, with a population of more than 20000, still occupy most of the land in Virginia.

Yes, although Virginia was the first colony of the British Empire in the new world of North America and also a colony directly under the British king, most of the ownership of this large area of land did not belong to Britain. Or its real ownership does not belong to the king of England.

Although Britain's national strength is growing, and even defeated the powerful France not long ago, in the new world, in Virginia, the local Powhatan is the real master here.

Even in this one and a half century, the British took control of a lot of land in Virginia either by fighting or buying. But Colonel Jones knew very well that it was because the Powhatans were now in decline, and they were unwilling to resist.

But if the Powhatans really want to fight, then the whole of Virginia will become very dangerous. After all, although it's not difficult for the British to beat the Powhatans, there are powerful Cherokees in the East and Kerries who have been flirting with the Spaniards in the south.

Who knows if beating the Powhatans will bring these two powerful indigenous tribes here?

Colonel Jones knows that. So, during his years in Jamestown, he has been trying to avoid disputes with the local aborigines.

For Colonel Jones, the Powhatans of Virginia were a thorn in his heart.

In fact, it's not just Virginia, it's all over the other 12 colonies. Most of the sites controlled by the British are near some cities. Far from the city, British control is still very weak.

Of course, Colonel Jones wanted to pull out the thorn of the Powhatans, but it was almost impossible to do so with the strength of his men alone.

But now suddenly there is a more powerful Indian tribe that wants to pull out the power of the Powhatans in Virginia. What is it?

"Lord guardian..." Colonel Jones felt that his throat became extremely thirsty in a moment. He could only swallow several mouthfuls of saliva to relieve the thirst" Do you mean that if I hand over aruyet, you will give me half of the territory of the Powhatans? "

"What? Is that not enough to impress you? " Stone bear's face is wearing a cool smile, but the tone has become a little cold.

For the Cherokee people, the territory of the Powhatans is a chicken rib. After all, they are deeply entangled with the British here. If the Cherokee people rashly put their hands into this land, it will inevitably cause the British to rebound.

Now is not the time to face the British, so there is no need to face the British for less than 10000 square kilometers of land.

It is for this reason that the stone bear decided to give Colonel Jones such a big pie.

"No! My dear big bear, you have given a very good condition Colonel Jones said with a smile on his face, "it's just that aruyet came to Jamestown with the royal family to seek asylum, and I have promised to give them asylum. This matter has spread among the Powhatans. If I give them away like this, they will not be able to resist the suppression of our two armies. But once you leave, it's estimated that the Powhatans will resist. Jamestown has such a small army. I'm worried... "

"What? Mr. Colonel, do you still want to fight with my troops for that aluette? " Stone bear asked playfully.

"How is that possible? My dear big bear, I mean we should find a better way to solve this problem. Well, at least we can't let the Powhatans blame us for everything. Do you think so? "

After a little meditation, Shi Xiong refused directly: "Mr. Colonel, I don't think you can solve this problem. Aluette is under your protection now. Even if we beat into Jamestown and take him away, the Powhatans will blame you for all the responsibility afterwards. So, as your friend, I don't think it can be done like this. You should think about how to deal with those rebellious Powhatans. "

After a pause, the stone bear gave his own conditions directly" To tell you the truth, Mr. Colonel, the main purpose of my coming here is to take away aruyet. As for the land of the Powhatans, I will not take it into consideration. Therefore, I don't need any land east of the blue ridge. We can take the blue ridge as the boundary. In the west is our Cherokee, and in the East is yours. However, my tribe needs an access to the sea, and I'm going to take over the pamangi territory. That's my last condition. "

The words of the stone bear made Colonel Jones fall into meditation.

The western border of Virginia itself is to reach blue ridge. Now this big man said that, it almost means that he gave up the whole of Virginia to Jamestown. And now that the Cherokees have defeated the Kerries, and now they have made such a promise, it means that even if they attack the bowatans, at least the Cherokees and Kerries they have been worried about will not.

To be fair, this condition is good enough. As for the fact that the Cherokees wanted an outlet to the sea, and that it was a pamangi territory, it was nothing to Colonel Jones.

The pamangi people are just a small tribe in the Powhatan alliance, with a population of less than 3000. If it wasn't for the aborigines living by the sea who can make sea salt and have close ties with the surrounding major tribes, Colonel Jones would have won this small tribe long ago.

As for the southern part of Chesapeake Bay, where the pamangis live, there is only a small colony now. What if it was given to the Cherokees?

As long as the Cherokee promise is returned, a small colony is nothing at all.

But what Colonel Jones didn't know was that the area where the pamangis live now will become the second largest city in Virginia in future generations. In the area surrounded by the Gulf, it is also an excellent harbor area. In the future, it will become one of the most famous deep-water ports in the world, the largest naval base in North America, and the headquarters of the Atlantic Fleet Command of the United States and the Atlantic Theater of NATO.

There will be a resounding name - Norfolk Naval base!

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