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Chapter: 386

To tell you the truth, stone bear did not expect that an idea he had inadvertently put into practice.

It is a great surprise that a thousand second-hand muskets that are about to be completely eliminated can be exchanged for 500 war horses.

Of course, it will take some time for the deal to be fully realized. After all, it takes time for Colonel Jones to collect horses, and the stone bear also needs to rely on these muskets to bring all the high-ranking members of the Powhatan court to Cherokee court safely.

Now that an agreement has been reached verbally, neither Colonel Jones nor stone bear will care about the time of one or two months, so according to stone bear's request, a group of high-ranking members of the Powhatan royal court hiding in Jamestown are directly escorted out by a group of fierce soldiers led by Colonel Jones, Then, in a dense forest outside Jamestown, the handover was completed with the stone bear expedition.

For Colonel Jones, the stone bear is definitely an existence worthy of investment, while the high-level of the Powhatan clan is nothing.

The Powhatans, who were able to beat the original British colonists and fought two wars with Britain, have completely lost the bravery of their ancestors. Now they are just parasites on the Powhatans. They have no investment value for Colonel Jones.

On the one hand, there is the promised Blue Ridge business, and the trade of the thousand Ferguson rifles. On the other hand, there are a group of moths. Colonel Jones naturally distinguishes which is more important.

As a result, the poor high-ranking members of the Powhatan royal family were so confused that they were sold directly by Colonel Jones.

Well, in fact, they don't even have the qualification to be sold. In order to please the stone bear, Colonel Jones directly gave away these high-level Powhatans

Stone bear will not do anything to these poor guys. Their courage has already disappeared. Stone bear is too lazy to use some means to these people.

But in this group of people, stone bear found a very interesting person.

This is a man in his thirties. He is all in a mess. At first sight, he doesn't look like a person with status.

But just such a guy, how can he get into the royal family of Powhatan?

Deeply curious, the stone bear carried the man out alone. When he was interrogated, he got a very happy news.

This slovenly man is not a Powhatan. To be exact, he is a member of a small tribe in the Powhatan alliance. This guy has a strange name - bird.

Ghost knows how his name came from, but according to him, it was his father's name, and his father also called it.

The surprise this guy brought to the stone bear is nothing else, but has a lot to do with his name.

This bird is a master of bird training! In particular, the ability he learned from his father to train carrier pigeons is what makes stone bear most interested and happy.

Now there are two things that stone bear has a headache most, one is the problem of war horse, and the other is the problem of communication.

After all, the British colonists alone raised many horses in the thirteen colonies. It's very easy to select the qualified horses among them. As long as the opportunity is right, it is not so difficult to obtain a large number of war horses.

Just like the deal with colonel Jones, a thousand retired second-hand rifles can be exchanged for 500 horses. When we get something to make money and trade with colonel Jones later, the problem of war horse will not be a problem.

As for communication, in this era when communication is basically based on roaring, it's almost fantastic to get a mobile phone or radio.

Even if stone bear knows a little about radio, he knows that he can't make even the most primitive radio with what he knows. Of course, if we find a group of European scientists who understand the principles of electromagnetism, we may be able to do it under the guidance of Shi Xiong. But Shi Xiong doesn't want to do that kind of thing.

It's a good thing to say in a battlefield if we only rely on the signal soldiers on horseback to transmit information, but if we transmit information a little farther away, it's Fraser.

Therefore, the stone bear has been trying to find a way to quickly transmit information.

Of course, he also thought about carrier pigeons, but he never found anyone who could train carrier pigeons.

Now, the bird suddenly jumped out, how can this not let the stone bear happy?

Bird is now a person, and his family members have long died in a plague outbreak a few years ago. This guy has a big life. When the plague broke out in his tribe, he was out of town and got away with it.

When he returned to his hometown, he found that all his family members were dead, and then he left the sad place. Later, by chance, he got the appreciation of chief aruyet, so he served as the person in charge of training carrier pigeons in the Royal Court of Powhatan.

Stone bear led the expeditionary army to the East. The reason why the Powhatans did not find the Powhatans' royal court was that the high-level officials of the Powhatans' Royal Court fled to Jamestown early to seek shelter. The most important person was Mr. bird.

Because birdie has long been a carrier pigeon in each tribe of Powhatan to transmit information. Although the carrier pigeon communication network established by birdie in Powhatan is not complete, it is enough to transmit the information of expeditionary army.

After interrogation, Shi Xiong learned that bird's ability to train carrier pigeons was learned from his dead father, who learned from several Englishmen in Philadelphia decades ago.

Birdie doesn't know how his father got the favor of the British and learned to train carrier pigeons, but according to him, when his father worked with the British, he learned a lot about training carrier pigeons

There is something about how the bird family learn to train carrier pigeons, and Shi Xiong doesn't want to know much about it. All he needs to know is that birds train homing pigeons, and now he's willing to work for the Cherokees.

It is very simple to make a bird die for the Cherokee. A few bags of cigarettes, a bag of high Baijiu and some delicious food are enough for the man to train his pigeon skills to lower his head.

As for how to train carrier pigeons and how to build a carrier pigeon communication network, let the birds take charge. Want people to give people, want things to give things.

As for the pigeon as a carrier pigeon, it certainly can not use the North American traveler pigeon. Although in this era, there are still billions of North American migratory pigeons, which are not as extinct as later generations, this kind of plump bird is good for eating, but it can't be used as a carrier pigeon.

However, pigeon species suitable for carrier pigeon, such as the original pigeon and European pigeon, have been introduced to the new continent of North America with the pace of the colonists. Now there are many European pigeons in the thirteen colonies, but it's a big deal to catch them directly.

As long as the bird can set up the carrier pigeon communication network that stone bear needs, then stone bear doesn't mind giving him a bright future!

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