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Chapter: 388

The stone bear, who once again led the expeditionary army back to the Cherokee royal court, naturally caused a sensation in the royal court and the four guardian tribes.

In particular, the clansmen of the four guard tribes are brave and good at fighting, or they used to be elite. Now, in a short period of more than half a year, they have seen two chief of the big tribe captured by the soldiers of the expeditionary army. How can they not be proud?

During the last expedition to the Cree people, although most of the soldiers of the expedition were from waier tribe and gaoshu tribe, some of the soldiers from the four guard tribes were also sent. Therefore, among the meritorious deeds of the expedition to the Cree people and bringing back the high-level officials of the Cree people's court, one of the four guard tribes also contributed.

Most of the soldiers who formed the expeditionary army in the second eastern expedition came from the four guard tribes. Although they were recruits, they helped the guardian, known as the "son of God", to take over the Powhatans.

Although the present bowatan people are far from being compared with the Cree people, this tribe is at least the most powerful tribe in the eastern part of the tribe.

But such a powerful tribe was captured by the son of God in less than two months! If the four great tribes of the tribe understand the Internet words of later generations, they will praise loudly -- it is awesome!

When Shi Xiong led the expeditionary army back to the royal court, not only chief junaruska led the high-level of the royal court to welcome the return of the expeditionary soldiers, but also the high-level of the red city alliance and the white city alliance.

The expeditionary army sent out twice, and the Kerry and Powhatan were even, which shocked the tribal leaders of the red city alliance in charge of the war. Even the tribal leaders of the White City Alliance in charge of peace appeared.

The tribal high priest bakaluzu also appeared. According to the successful return ceremony of the last expedition, he led the sacrificial rites from various tribes to preside over a grand sacrificial ceremony for the soldiers of the eastern expedition.

And the beautiful girls in the four guard tribes of Wangting all wore the most gorgeous and beautiful clothes, with the most beautiful headgear and jewelry, to welcome these victorious soldiers.

These beautiful Indian girls naturally excited many young adult expeditionary soldiers. As for how many people would become a couple in the evening, the stone bear is not known.

After the grand sacrificial ceremony, chieftain junaruska personally announced that he would hold a grand bonfire dinner to welcome the victorious soldiers of the expeditionary army. The whole Cherokee court was completely in a carnival.

"This is the Cree who was defeated by you and then submitted to our tribe?" Outside the tent is a noisy bonfire dinner, while inside the tent is also full of wine and meat. Junaluska, who is sitting next to the stone bear, points to the bighorn sheep sitting opposite and whispers in his ear.

Bighorn sheep is a foreigner. Although he is now obedient, if he sits here in peacetime, he doesn't even have the qualification to enter the Royal tent. However, today is a celebration for the victorious soldiers, and the bighorn sheep is the right arm of the stone bear's eastern expedition. Although he has not made any great contribution, there is also hard work. So today, he sat down with the stone bear and the high priests junaluska and bakaluzu, as well as the leaders of the red city alliance and the white city alliance.

Stone Bear looked at the big horned sheep, pursed up slightly, then nodded his head and said: "yes, my chief, although the big horned sheep is from the Cree, and he fought with me twice at the beginning, this guy has great potential. I'm very optimistic about this guy, I think he will be able to take charge of our tribe in the future. "

The stone bear's voice is not small, and all of you can hear it. Suddenly, more than a dozen of Cherokee's high-level leaders are focused on the bighorn sheep.

Of course, the bighorn sheep also heard this. He put down the scorched chicken legs and wiped the corners of his mouth with his sleeve. Huo Di stood up and said in a loud voice: "Dear chief, dear high priest, and dear guardian and all of you, yes, I am the Kerry bighorn sheep who was defeated twice by the guardian. Now that I have completely and wholeheartedly submitted to the Cherokee people, I can make my vows to the great sun god. I hope I can follow the guardian to lay a foundation for our tribe in the future. I hope I can give all my strength to the powerful tribe. "

Big horn sheep's words are firm and decisive. The most important thing is that his vision is full of firmness, without the slightest bit of evasion and modesty.

This makes all the Cherokee executives around nod with satisfaction.

Stone bear said with a smile: "big horn sheep, you can sit down quickly. You don't need to show your loyalty on this occasion. You just need to show your achievements in the future battle."

The bighorn sheep nodded and did not speak any more. Instead, it picked up the half gnawed chicken leg and continued to chew.

High priest bakaluzu, sitting on the other side of the stone bear, said with a smile, "this bighorn sheep is a man of temperament, and I'm more optimistic about this guy!"

Chief junaluska smiles, but he still asks the stone bear in a low voice: "guardian, do you think it's OK to put an alien on such an important post? There are many excellent soldiers in our tribe, such as bone spear and Dahe. They are all excellent, and even the bighorn sheep was defeated by them after the training of the Kerry. Why don't you use a Kerry instead of our own? " Although he had a smile on his face, his tone was full of doubts.

Stone bear smile, also whispered: "my chief, this sentence I hope you just say to me, don't say to others. The expeditionary army was built by me. Naturally, I know who can use it and who can't. All this is for the sake of the lives of the soldiers of the expeditionary army, and also for the sake of future victory. Don't worry. Since I dare to choose bighorn sheep, I will take all the responsibilities for him. "

When chief junaluska heard this, although the smile on his face remained the same, his eyes flashed a light mixed with embarrassment, reluctance and even resentment

Almost everyone, including the stone bear, didn't see the flash of light in chief junaruska's eyes, but the big horn sheep, who was eating happily, glanced at the chief's eyes inadvertently

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