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Chapter: 389

"Guardian, our chief junaruska seems to have a problem with you. You should be careful." On the morning of the third day after the celebration dinner, Shi Xiong and some members of the expeditionary army began to return to gaoshu tribe. On the way back, Da Jiao Yang, who was riding beside Shi Xiong, whispered.

There were not many people around them. Most of the recruits of the expeditionary army were selected from the four guard tribes. When the eastern expedition ended, they naturally had to stay with their families. Only some veterans from gaoshu tribe and waier tribe would follow the stone bear back to the foot of fog mountain.

The stone bear glanced at the bighorn sheep and said in the same low voice, "bighorn sheep, don't think that if I treat you as a new leader, you can slander our chief."

"Guardian, I, I'm telling the truth." Hearing this, bighorn sheep immediately became a little worried, but he lowered his voice again and said, "guardian, you should understand what I think. I can swear to the supreme Sun God and all the gods that my bighorn sheep will only follow you in this life, because you are the only one who can really convince me! I... "

Stone Bear looked at some fidgety bighorn sheep, waved his hand with a smile, and interrupted him in a low voice, "bighorn sheep, I know who you are best. I can let you be my deputy. That's what I expect from you. I believe what you said, but that is our chief now. So, you can say some words to me, but you must not let outsiders know these words. It's good for you and it's protection for you. Do you understand? "

The big horn sheep was stunned for a moment, then nodded with a bitter smile and said: "guardian, I understand what you mean, and I am very grateful for your respect for me. But that's why I have to say something to you. I just want you to be on your guard. Anyway, according to my judgment, chief junaruska seems to have a problem with you. "

Stone bear said with a smile: "this is normal. In the Far East, in our common ancestors, there is a saying called "high achievers". Although we have not yet reached that point, sooner or later we will reach that point. So, there are some things I'll pay attention to. "

"High achievers?" Bighorn sheep lowered his head and chewed this sentence carefully. For a long time, a smile appeared on his face.

After seven or eight days' journey, these expeditionary soldiers arrived at the Bank of the bend.

Compared with two years ago, when stone bear fled with Gao Niu, it took big foot to lead soldiers of gaoshu tribe to cross the river in canoes. Now, three floating bridges have been built on the big bend, which used to be regarded as a natural moat, but now it has become a smooth road.

When they arrived at the pontoon, there were three or four ox carts on each pontoon, carrying a lot of iron ore from the north bank to the South Bank of the river. The reason why three pontoons were built on the bend was that on the North Bank of the bend, David Addison discovered a larger iron mine and a coal mine with the same reserves.

Because the big bend is a natural barrier, before the development of long-range powerful offensive weapons or defensive weapons, the gaoshu tribe could not put such a dangerous river as a barrier, so under the arrangement of the stone bear, the mining of the iron mine and coal mine near the original Daqingshan was suspended, and the mining of the coal mine and iron mine on the other side of the big bend was fully carried out.

So there are three more pontoons on the bend.

Moreover, with the three floating bridges, the coal mine and iron mine on the North Bank of the great bend are closer to the original Daqingshan tribe. Therefore, the development of the coal mine and iron mine has become one of the important tasks of the gaoshu tribe.

Now the steel base of gaoshu tribe, which is the location of the original Daqingshan tribe, is more lively than before. Dozens of water tankers line up on the Bank of the river, providing continuous power for this thriving steel base. More and more local blast furnaces are like giant monster guards, spewing out a lot of smoke all day long. At this time, there are no environmentalists, and the smoke from the blast furnace can not have much impact on the world that has not yet started the industrial revolution

And a large number of gaoshu tribe people are busy here day and night, providing a continuous supply of steel for gaoshu tribe.

Just this lively scene is enough to make people feel satisfied!

Seeing the soldiers of the expeditionary army appear in the north of the pontoon, the people of the busy gaoshu tribe immediately cheered, and the melodious horn sounded, and then the same horn sounded in the distance.

The use of different horn sound to transmit information, this is also the stone bear did not get Mr. bird to come up with a long-distance way to transmit information. Although this method is sometimes very easy to transmit wrong information, it has to be said that this method of transmitting information is really fast.

From Daqingshan tribe to gaoshu tribe, the straight-line distance is at least more than 20 kilometers. It only takes less than a minute to send the message that the soldiers of the expeditionary army have returned home with the sound of a horn.

The people and ox carts waiting to cross the river made way for the soldiers of the expeditionary army. These victorious soldiers were the ones who should cross the river the fastest.

Amid the cheers of the people, the soldiers of the expeditionary army crossed the big bend from the floating bridge, and then they could see a paved concrete road extending from the steel base to the direction of the gaoshu tribe.

Now this concrete road has been completely repaired, from the gaoshu tribe to the steel base, if you ride a horse, it will only take half an hour. Even if you take the ox cart, it's only two hours. This is much shorter than the half day walk between the two tribes before.

Now on this concrete road, there are a large number of ox carts and even horse drawn four wheeled carts running fast every day. The gaoshu tribe, which has taken back all the small tribes separated from the tribe before, now has a large number of people. However, from the concrete road between the gaoshu tribe and the steel base, there are basically no people on foot. They now travel between the gaoshu tribe and the steel base by ox cart or horse drawn four wheeled cart.

When the expeditionary soldiers were ready to return to the gaoshu tribe along this concrete road, the people who had been on the ox cart or the four wheeled cart got out of the car one after another, and they wanted to give up their seats to the expeditionary soldiers who had returned triumphantly.

The two expeditions of the expeditionary army brought incomparable glory to the people of gaoshu tribe. Now that the soldiers have returned, they have no way to express themselves. They can only express their respect for the soldiers of the expeditionary army with the most simple action.

At the gracious invitation of the ethnic people, the original neat team soon turned into a long ox cart and carriage.

The long and winding motorcade slowly moved towards the gaoshu tribe along the concrete road, surrounded by a large number of cheering people

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