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Chapter: 390

Close to the gaoshu tribe, more and more people appeared. When the team reached the edge of gaoshu tribe, they saw a group of high-level officials of gaoshu tribe, led by high priest kabulu, standing on the side of the road to greet them.

Among these people, only one figure firmly attracted the sight of the stone bear, which is naturally the green Skylark.

But why is this girl so quiet? Just standing there with a smile on his face, said a good hug? What about a good kiss? Why is it all gone? It's not like this girl's character.

Looking back at the breakthrough between the two men after the last expedition, the stone bear can't help but feel hot.

Just how did this girl become so quiet? Is it true that the change from a girl to a woman is so great?

No matter, let's have a hug first! If you don't come to me, I'll go to you?

After getting off the horse, the stone bear didn't even have time to say hello to Hongyun, gaoniu and Dajiao. After three steps, he ran to the green skylark in a few strides and reached out his arm.

As a result, the green Skylark smilingly stopped the stone bear from embracing. In addition, there was a mischievous "son" who suddenly came out from between the two. The stone bear just stretched out his hands and looked at his daughter-in-law through the blind guy, trump.

Well, how can this woman stand like this? How can her hands always protect her stomach?

The stone bear is more confused.

The little green skylark is more brilliant. With a small mouth, it says something that makes the stone bear almost fly to heaven: "big bear, you are going to be a father. I have a baby in my stomach. Red cloud says it has been more than two months..."

"What? What are you talking about? " Stone bear is really confused this time. He even speaks his native dialect. But when he saw the green skylark's confused expression, he immediately asked in ethnic language, "daughter-in-law, do you think I'm going to be a father?"

The green Skylark understood this and immediately nodded heavily with a smile.

Now the soul of the stone bear really flew up to the sky. He just stood there and looked at the stomach of the green Skylark. He didn't move for a long time.

Even trump whined to ask for a hug, but he was kicked aside by a big foot of stone bear's subconscious

"Guardian, guardian..." the voice seemed to come from the horizon. The stone bear squeezed his eyes, shook his head, and turned to see that Hongyun was standing beside him, accompanied by Gao Niu and Da Jiao.

Of course, Bigfoot and Gao Niu are also smiling.

"Guardian, the green Skylark has a baby in its belly, which was known a few days ago. I've seen it, and the grandmother in the tribe has also seen it. It's true that there are dolls. " Red cloud said with a smile.

Bigfoot also said with a smile, "guardian, congratulations on becoming an Abba."

As for Gao Niu, although he had a smile on his face, there seemed to be a flash of tears in his eyes. Although he didn't say anything, he slapped the stone bear heavily on the shoulder.

There is no doubt that Gao Niu, the close uncle of the stone bear, is also very happy for his nephew to have a wife.

The stone bear took a step, squatted down carefully in front of the green skylark, touched her stomach carefully with both hands, and asked with a look still like a dream: "really? Do you really have a baby in your stomach? I'm really going to be a father? "

The green Skylark nodded again with a smile and was about to say something. Trump, who had just been kicked off by a foot, came tumbling over, put his arm around his father's neck, put out his tongue and licked his father's face. He was still humming in his throat. He seemed very dissatisfied with his father's kick off just now.

All of a sudden, the stone bear burst out laughing, put his arms around trump, scratched his head with both hands, and said with a smile: "don't lick it, you are going to be a brother in the future! Do you understand? "

Trump was dazed by his father's dizziness and looked at his father with a pair of small eyes. If I hadn't felt dad's happy mood clearly, I think this guy would have cried again.

In his past and present life, Shi Xiong has never thought about being a father, and never thought about what would happen if he had a child.

The results did not expect the eastern expedition more than two months, the green Skylark was pregnant!

All of a sudden, the news made the stone bear feel proud? Or happy? Or worry, perplexity, determination?

Anyway, it really became what was described in the novel. At that moment, it really had all kinds of flavors!

I had never thought about being a father before, but suddenly, the words "child" and "father" suddenly appeared in front of my eyes, and the deep blood inheritance in the gene seemed to break out in this instant.

Even the information about pregnant women and how to raise a fetus that I had seen in my previous life jumped out of that corner in a flash.

"Come on, daughter-in-law, let's go home and have a good rest. It's only more than two months now, and it's time for stability. You slow down, don't be so stormy, at this time the fetus is the most unstable time, sometimes a sneeze may lead to abortion... "The stone bear began to read in the ear of the green skylark, and even had no time to say hello to the red cloud, so he held the arm of the green Skylark and walked slowly to his house.

"What? What do you mean by fetus? The fetus is the baby in your stomach. It's just that it hasn't been born yet, so it's called the fetus... "

"Well, abortion is a very terrible thing. Generally speaking, pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy, is the most prone to abortion. Once miscarriage occurs, the baby in the belly will be lost, and it will have a great impact on the health of pregnant women.... "

"What? What are pregnant women? Well, aren't you pregnant now? Pregnant... Well, a woman with a baby in her belly like you is called a pregnant woman for short... "

"I'll tell you, daughter-in-law, in the future, you should not only be careful to avoid abortion caused by strenuous exercise, but also pay attention to nutrition supplement... Hmm? What do you call nutritional supplement, cough... This nutritional supplement is to eat more, eat more good, it's best to eat everything. Well, don't forget that you still have a baby in your stomach. That guy can eat very much, so if you don't have an even nutritional supplement, the baby in your stomach will be hungry. Would you like to make our baby hungry? By the way, so you have to eat more... "

Looking at the big, brave and invincible Guardian suddenly become so careful, red cloud, big foot and Gao Niu can't help but smile and shake their heads.

Gao Niu sighed heavily, "Dashi has a back at last. I'm relieved to be an uncle..."

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