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Chapter: 393

Bone spear left with a lot of worries. One of the sources of his worries was that he didn't finish the task the chief told him. More importantly, he was really worried about the guardian.

But it's no use worrying about it. The guardian, who can be called the only one, seems determined and won't send troops in winter.

In fact, for the strange order of the chief, Gu spear also felt that something was wrong, and Gu spear seemed to be aware of something, but he did not dare to think deeply, he was afraid.

Looking at the figure of more than a dozen bodyguards with bone spear disappearing at the end of the concrete road, the big horn sheep said with a playful smile: "chief, your chief seems to be suspicious of you. You have to pay attention."

The stone bear squinted at the big horn sheep and said: "just mind your own business. You'd better not get involved in this kind of business."

"Cut, chief, I didn't say you, you work so hard, that guy is still suspicious of you, do you think it's worth it?" The tone of bighorn sheep is full of something called "disdain".

The stone bear was silent.

"Chief, don't blame me for not reminding you. I knew your chief before you. When I met with your chief as an emissary of the Royal Court of Kerry, I realized that your chief was not a generous person, and this guy gave me a bad feeling. At the beginning, I just brought a request from the Royal Court of Kerry, and he directly arrested you from the tribe. A chieftain who can't defend his own people, tut tut.... "

The stone bear continued to be silent.

"Chief, don't think I'm too wordy, and don't think I'm provoking. I'm just talking about the matter. I have vowed to be loyal to you, so I have to think about your future... "

Bighorn sheep looked at the guardian who sat on the back of Huofeng in silence and said seriously: "chief, I think you should do some necessary work. What's your name in your words? Yes, prepare for a rainy day. On the surface, it seems that your chief is venting his anger because you broke his nephew's legs and refused his orders. But if you really want to think about it carefully, who dares to say that this is not the small bellied chief who is looking for reasons for himself? Chief, although the chief has nothing to do with you now, it's because you control the expeditionary army. But once you have something wrong, such as a small defeat, hehe, I'm afraid that your chief will take it back from you with interest at that time! "

The stone bear is still silent.

Bighorn sheep continued: "boss, actually I don't understand. With your strength and the status of gaoshu tribe, why don't you replace it? Gaoshu tribe is the tribe of high priest kabulu. There is high priest kabulu here. First of all, you have no shortage in name. Secondly, as for the soldiers of the four guard tribes of the royal court, I don't think they are any better than the four guard tribes of the Cree. After all, the grenadiers in the expeditionary army are all soldiers of the gaoshu tribe, and the muskets in the expeditionary army are all in the gaoshu tribe. As long as you control the grenade and muskets, no one can stop you. Chief, I think you should... "

"Big horn sheep, you've gone too far!" The stone bear didn't silence again this time, but lightly said a word, the big horn sheep immediately didn't say a word.

Two people pulled the reins and began to turn around and walk back. When they were about to reach the tribe, the big horn sheep said again, "chief, I remember you once told me a story about the great master. I don't know whether the story you told is true or not, but my chief, I think you should really be on guard against what happened to you."

However, to the disappointment of bighorn sheep, his guardian continued to be silent

It's like a child's family. After the bone spear went back, the incident subsided. The king's court didn't send any messengers to urge the stone bear to lead his troops out. It was like the Appalachian Mountains in this winter, and soon returned to peace.

What makes the stone bear happy is that the research and development of new rifles has made a breakthrough, and the good news from Colonel Jones is that the 500 war horses have been put together. In a few days, major Fogg will lead some soldiers from Jamestown to drive these war horses to the gaoshu tribe for trading.

With the joint efforts of Jack Williams and David adian alchemists, the development of new rifles has been overcome, and the fixed loading paper shell bullets fired with fire caps have been produced on a large scale with the efforts of Jean Agust and Bill Gates.

In fact, the research and development of new rifles is not difficult, the key lies in the large-scale industrial production process.

The three keys of new rifles, barrel, machine and ammunition, are the key to restrict the mass production of new rifles.

Because the lead bullet with cylindrical round head is adopted, in order to ensure the ballistic stability of the bullet when it is launched, the design of six rifles in the barrel of Ferguson rifle is no longer available. In order to make the trajectory of the bullet more stable and make the effective range of the bullet longer, it is necessary to increase the number of rifles in the barrel.

In this case, Williams transformed the wire drawing machine. With today's technology, the rifling in the barrel has increased to 14.

And under the guidance of stone bear, Williams began to use the rifling entanglement formula to calculate the rifling entanglement. However, because the bullet's warhead is not made of relatively hard copper, but of relatively soft lead, even if Williams found the best entanglement, it could be because the friction between the lead bullet and the rifling caused wear when it moved in the barrel, Therefore, the effective range of the bullet does not reach the theoretical maximum exit velocity and the farthest effective range.

In any case, after adding eight rifles and changing the twist of rifles, the new rifle with paper shell fixed lead bullets had an effective range of 760 yards, which was more than 700 meters.

This effective range is longer than the original Dreiser rifle in history. Although it didn't reach the effective range of the shasaibo rifle which can be called the terror of 800 meters, it is also unique in this era!

And because of the improvement of the gun and the use of the fire cap, the life of the new rifle's needle will no longer be as short as that of the Dreiser rifle. Even after adopting the design scheme of the new gun, this rifle can't compare with the shasaibo rifle in the range, but it is no less than the shasaibo rifle in other aspects.

Moreover, because the caliber of the new rifle is still 14mm, which is larger than the caliber of the shasaibo rifle 11mm, the bullet weight of the new rifle should be greater than that of the shasaibo rifle, and the lethality should be higher than that of the shasaibo rifle in the original historical time and space.

Anyway, the power of this new rifle is almost invincible in this era.

Stone bear named this rifle "1766 bear rifle"!

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